Spring 2007 : 'Knowledge' Scenario


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Aug 20, 2003
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Spring 2007
Knowledge Scenario

Start in 3780 BC
Your tribe: MONGOLS
Difficulty: KING Level

This map/scenario includes a LOT of 'drawing' work,
i did go into ALL details to make the map look most interesting in every location.
This one bases on an older Desert Planet Scenario
(those days created with the groundbreaking excel map editor script),
it is now a bug-free re-draw with TERRAFORM 2.0.56.

the february version of this scenario had the inner seas error,
this is fixed now.

the scenario is intended to be interesting, nothing else -
even KING level shouldn't be too hard even to civDOS / civONE novices.


HOW this was done
i did use
CIV1 version 474.05 for creating a world,
TERRAFORM 2.0.56 to re-draw / change the map,
CivEd version 1.4 for changing the tribe
and again
TERRAFORM 2.0.56 to repair the conflicting visibility data bug
(a result of using CivEd 1.4)

Scenario files:
copy both files
- MAP and SVE File -
into your CIV game folder
select ' load a saved game ' at civ1 DOS


:egypt: " King Khan, Mongols at 3780 BC "


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This used to be the februari 2007 map, yes?
I will try this one very soon; don't worry. ;) (probably next week I will start it)
This used to be the februari 2007 map, yes?

but the february map did have the inner seas error (take this as a hint ;) ).

i like the views at this map very much.

maybe we can work together a harder, more interesting scenario (empereor or more enemy cities slightly replace of production fields and infrastructure) and finetune this to some kind of civDOS standard scenario?
It's really a GREAT map Goldberg, this night i have slept just 5 hours because i could not stop exploring the map!

The game is practically won already, i shall post my comments and game when it's done!
It's been really fun, thanks Goldy!
I did attach the original files now in opening post #1.


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Nice work @GoldBerg ! So many out there probably have no idea that there was a Civ1 scenario making community, I sure as hell didn't until I first joined this forum a few years back lol! However it of course makes sense when there's excellent map & game editors out there like JCivED (although this predates that so presumably you used one of the old editors). I'm definitely gonna have to cover your work in my big scenario preservation project I'm working on!

I understand why you guys used CivDOS instead of CivWin (bad graphics & sound lol) however these days we have Honza's awesome DOS graphics CivWin mod and my Soundtrack Overhaul CivWin mod so I thought it would be fun to convert your excellent scenario to CivWin using the CivCracker map & game editor (which can convert save files from DOS to Win). CivWin also supports custom save file names which makes scenario sharing and collection organisation much easier! I've added it (along with your original DOS save files and a info text file crediting you) in a 7zip file to the CFC Civ1 downloads area along with Moddb & Internet Archive to ensure your work is never lost. Should you wish to make any updates or changes to the files just let me know. :)

As you'll see I got the admins to create a new Civ1 scenario downloads area to put them in! I also saw people posting here a while back this old GOTM sub forum should probably be renamed to a scenario creation forum since there hadn't been monthly activities in a long time so I got them to partially rename this forum too. :)

Anyway here's some screenshots showing your work with both graphics sets. Map is revealed just for the pictures to show how cool your work is but kept the window small (instead of an HD one) to avoid big spoilers.

Converted scenario with DOS graphics mod:

Converted scenario with original graphics:
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