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Star Wars: The Mod Awakens 1.10

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

  1. Mopean

    Mopean Warlord

    Jan 10, 2010
    Las Vegas, NV, USA.
    I played for a little more than 10 hours since the new patch came out as the Imperial Remnant. Alas I was not quite the genius that Admiral Thrawn was because I found myself being squeezed on two fronts when I tried to expand, and I couldn't even bribe the New Republic into attacking one of the other Imperial successor states :D so I died. Reloaded though and eager to try again tomorrow. I have to commend the effort that went into this mod, it feels really Star Wars and scratches the itch that Empire at War just doesn't. :)
  2. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    Awesome! Glad you like it. I have an update coming soon that will address the long turn times. I've decided to do away with air trade entirely and instead allow players to "discover" new hyperlanes.

    e: There's also some cleaning up I can do with the civilopedia to make it look more professional. I've been playing El Justo's amazing AoI mod recently once again and am taking inspiration from that.

    I also really want to get started on the scenarios for this mod, particularly the Clone Wars scenario. Realistically the Galactic Civil War scenario will probably come first because I have more of the required units already available for use, whereas I still have to make a bunch of Old Republic and CIS ships. I'll get started on this after I finish a couple more Chiss units to flesh their faction out a little more and maybe even make it a playable faction.

    It's hard to find motivation to make new units when it's so monotonous and time-consuming and I'd rather be playing games in my free time. :lol:
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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  3. CivCat101

    CivCat101 Chieftain

    Jul 3, 2018
    Nice! Hyperlanes, cool unit and background textures, a whole host of new techs, and new Civs to boot! Amount of effort is on par with mods like 1989 and Escape from Zombie Island. DL'ing immediately!
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  4. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    7/26/18: The Speed Update

    Turn times have been dramatically decreased this update. First turns last ~100 seconds, and by turn 15 that drops to ~30 seconds.

    Most important additions this update are:
    1. removed trade via spaceports. Unconnected planets can now have new hyperlanes charted to them. Constructors are now automatically produced at a faction's capital.
    2. can no longer use enemy hyperlanes (I'm going to make a version in the future that has this ability enabled)
    3. added foot units
    4. added Corporations
    5. added World Devastators (the only units that cause collateral damage)
    6. disallowed Mutual Protection Pacts
    7. Superweapons like Starkiller Base now force happiness through terror (and Imperial administration buildings now produce unhappiness)
    8. the Resource Bug is now mostly gone
    9. some gfx and script.txt additions I know you'll like

    v1.7 full changelog:
    Spoiler :

    -added transport capacity to the CIS transport (oops!)
    -fixed the worst of the resource bug offenders (It's impossible to competely fix the bug, unfortunately. There's simply too many strategic and luxury resources.)
    -fixed up the script.txt
    -fixed New Republic capital that somehow got switched to Commenor
    -added small smiley faces to the popheads.pcx to make it easier to distinguish moods
    -removed air trade. Instead, new hyperlanes can be constructed; a successful effort to reduce turn times
    -side effect of removing air trade means starfighters can no longer rebase on their own and must be transported between systems by capital ships - a win for realism
    -Class III Starports now increase production instead of connecting the planet to the galactic trade network
    -increased commerce yield of "Space" terrain
    -the Restored Empire has the correct government form now
    -reduced maintenance costs across the board
    -Ubiqtorate Stations are now only available to Imperial factions
    -added planetary improvement "Security Bureau Station" available to the New Republic
    -reduced corruption by ~20% on all difficulty levels
    -increased commerce yield from hyperspace tiles from 2 to 3
    -all techs are no longer tradeable
    -changed city screen background
    -changed appearance of governor and hurry production buttons
    -changed up the popheads.pcx
    -all government types can now pay to hurry production
    -some interface graphics additions
    -increased resource and tile bonuses for astronomical phenomena
    -the Seat of Government produces Constructors (workers) every 15 turns
    -Sector Commands now produce Constructors (workers) every 30 turns
    -Constructors can no longer be directly built
    -added 4 improvements "Lommite, Zersium, Firegems, Azurite Mining Colony"
    -added improvement "Spice Mines"
    -enabled conscription
    -added planet "Wayland" near Taris and Myrkr
    -added improvement "Heavy Industrialization"
    -added wonder "Mount Tantiss" on Wayland
    -added wonder "Tafanda Bay" on Ithor
    -added wonder "Tarkin Initiative" for Sith Empires
    -added improvement "Judiciary"
    -added planet "Ciutric"
    -added planet "Kol Huro"
    -"Space" terrain now yields 1 commerce and 1 production
    -"Diffuse Nebula" terrain now yields 2 commerce
    -added wonder "Harnaidan" to Muunilinst
    -added resource "Precious Metals" to Muunilinst
    -reduction of occurances where resources on a nearby planet allow construction of buildings where they should not be built
    -planet "Oseon" renamed "Osseon VII"
    -added planet "Balmorra" (and moved Kuat and Commenor to fit it)
    -added wonder "Balmorran Arms"
    -added wonder "Kuat Drive Yards"
    -added wonder "Corellian Engineerng Corp."
    -added wonder "Baktoid Armor Workshop"
    -added improvement "Vulture Droid Factory"
    -added improvement "Spider Droid Factory"
    -added improvement "CR90 Factory"
    -added improvement "Sphyrna Factory"
    -added improvement "AT-AT Factory"
    -added improvement "Imperial I Factory"
    -added improvement "Nebulon B Factory"
    -added wonder "Haor Chall Engineering"
    -added wonder "Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc."
    -added improvement "Munificent Factory"
    -added improvement "Recusant Factory"
    -added wonder "Incom Corporation"
    -added wonder "MandalMotors"
    -added improvement "Lictor Factory"
    -added improvement "Crusader Factory"
    -added wonder "Free Dac Engineering"
    -added improvement "Providence Factory"
    -added wonder "Sienar Fleet Systems"
    -added wonder "Mon Calamari Shipyards"
    -added wonder "Rendili StarDrive"
    -added improvement "X-wing Factory"
    -added improvement "TIE Factory"
    -added improvement "Dreadnaught Factory"
    -added improvement "MC30c Factory"
    -added improvement "MC80 Factory"
    -added improvement "MC90 Factory"
    -Mandalore is now a desert planet, as in canon
    -added pre-placed planet 'wonders' for building some corporations: "Balmorra, Kuat, Geonosis, Charros IV, Mandalore, Lianna, Mon Calamari, Corellia, and Rendili"
    -"Lictor-class Heavy Frigate" renamed "Lictor-class Dungeon Ship"
    -added tech "Corporatocracy"
    -dupicate wonders renamed (Palace of the Jedi > Coruscant, Valley of the Dark Lords > Korriban, Citadel of Ziost > Ziost, Genesis Pool > Syngia)
    -Imperial/dark side buildings such as the Ubiqtorate and Sith Temple now create unhappiness, which can be reduced through terror by building Starkiller Base, the Executor Project, or the Bellator Project
    -fixed the last "city"s instead of "planet"s in the civilopedia
    -added unit "World Devastator"
    -added wonder "World Devastator Project"
    -added improvement "Superweapon Enabler"
    -added wonder "Arc Hammer"
    -added unit "Dark Trooper"
    -added technology "Exoskeletons"
    -Tarkin Initiative now requires tech "Secret Installations"
    -added unit "Stormtrooper"
    -added unit "Heavy Stormtrooper"
    -added unit "Alliance Special Forces"
    -added "New Republic Trooper"
    -added unit "Mandalorian Supercommando"
    -added unit "ZX-10 Battle Droid"
    -added unit "BX-series Droid Commando"
    -added wonder "Crimson Aces"
    -added unit "Crimson Aces Mercenary"
    -added wonder "Churhee's Riflemen" (I've hit max number of buildings now)
    -added unit "Churhee's Riflemen"
    -added unit "Mercenary"
    -added unit "Militia"
    -"Orbital Defense Command" renamed back to "Planetary Shield"
    -introduced the concept of superweapons forcing citizen happiness through terror
    -added a bunch of Pirate and Slaver bases scattered around the galaxy in roughly accurate locations
    -Star Forge now produces an ancient sith battleship every turn instead of every two turns
    -reduced the size of the AT-AT
    -added planet "Bpfassh" to Eriadu Authority space
    -added unit "Pirate"
    -added unit "Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle"
    -fixed up the unit wookiepedia pages
    -disallowed MPPs (to reduce turn times)
    -all buildings that before cost 1 credit per turn for maintenance now cost 0 (to reduce turn times)
    -ground units can now only move 1 tile per turn under their own power
    -added PT/OT/ST quotes into the script as easter-eggs ;)

    DOWNLOAD (Steam) 360 MB

    Plans for the Future:
    • Fleet Admirals - 'army' units that can only hold 1 unit and bestow a HP bonus and combat bonus. To add this, I need to add carrier units first, because units that have carrying capacity cannot load into armies. thus...
    • make more units! First on the list are Carriers. All other units will have their starfighter capacities removed (except Star Dreadnoughts) so they can fit into armies.
    • Additionally, the Chiss need a greater variety of units. If they get enough, I might be able to make them a playable faction with their own tech tree!
    • After them, I want to move to Old Republic ships so I can begin gearing up to create the Clone Wars scenario. :scan:


    Edit: Hotfix TMA 1.7_01 released

    now included in the main download

    v1.7_01 changelog:

    Spoiler :

    -sector command capitals are now wonders instead of small wonders so they won't be destroyed by combat
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
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  5. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    Apologies if I am necromancing an old thread, but seeing there was an update in Dec-18, I am trying my chance.
    I fired the 1.701 on Steam and this is a blast! I have an old 2012 laptop that struggles a bit with turns but this looks great.

    I can only hope that further updates will follow :) In any events thanks for the mod as it is!
  6. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    Oh my, it's only been a few months....you're hardly necromancing the thread! I have actually been working on a large update to the mod with a plethora of changes and fixes. I'll release it as soon as I can.

    Civ3 is simply not as played as it used to be so threads like this don't get much traffic, but rest assured I'm still working on the mod. :) I'm glad you're having fun with 1.701!

    I see that thread views have jumped a couple hundred following your post so obviously people are eager for progress. I'll have the next version up within a month if not sooner.
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  7. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    That’s great news :thumbsup:

    To be frank I am only playing Civ3 with your mod and another LOTR one.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  8. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    Progress report!

    The deadline for the update I have given myself is Friday the 28th of February, a week from today.

    The only thing that has stopped me from releasing sooner is I got caught up adding two other factions to the mod, among other things. Below is a teaser for some of the graphical updates incoming on Thursday:

    Tile Info:

    City Screen:
    Spoiler :

    Trade Advisor:
    Spoiler :

    Science Advisor:
    Spoiler :

    Updated Wookiepedia:
    Spoiler :

    ...and much more that I'm not showing. Stayed tuned for the release next week!
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  9. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    This looks awesome :) Thanks for sharing.
  10. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    Version 1.9 has been released! [party]:band::beer:


    If you're playing on Civ3 Complete or via Steam, place this Labels.txt in the mod's Text folder, overwriting any files:
    Labels.txt DOWNLOAD

    Here is the full changelog:

    Spoiler :


    -added an Introduction page and Faction Overview pages in the civilopedia
    -added "Baradium Missile Project"
    -added "Spice Trade"
    -added "Reunite the Republic" for the New Republic (a non-identical analouge wonder for the "Reunite the Empire")
    -added "Battle Droid Factory" which autoproduces B1 Battle Droids for the CIS
    -added unit "Turbulent-class Star Destroyer"
    -added unit "Sorcerer of Rhand" and upgraded versions
    -added unit "Baradium Missile"
    -added unit "Stalwart-class Destroyer"
    -added unit "B1 Battle Droid"
    -added unit "B2 Super Battle Droid"
    -added unit "Nuclear Missile"
    -added hero "Dooku - Invisible Hand" and upgrades
    -added playable faction "Zsinj's Empire"
    -added playable faction "Greater Maldrood"
    -added playable faction "Sorcerers of Rhand" (Sorcerers of Rhand)
    -added planet "Rhand" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Nihil" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Entropos" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Giaca" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Iol" (Independents) west of the Core
    -added planet "Koda's World" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Morcanth" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Jaminere" (Independents) near Lianna
    -added planet "Plagen" (Independents) near Malastare
    -added planet "Glee Anselm" (Imperial Remnant) between Dorin and Ansion
    -added planet "Ord Grovner" (Independents) near Shadda bi Boran
    -added planet "Bovo Yagen" (Prentioch) near Aridus
    -added planet "Otavon XII" (Independents) near Corsin
    -added planet "Kiros" (Independents) near Ord Mantell
    -added large stellar void "Void of Chopani" near Sernpidal
    -added label "Void of Chopani"
    -added label "Perann Nebula"
    -added potential hyperspace route through the Great Hyperspace Barrier between First Order homeworlds and Jedha
    -added resource "Inhabited Asteroid"
    -added era-none tech "Force Users" (this is so the Sorcerers of Rhand don't see the Light/Dark side techs)
    -added era-none tech "Rhand"
    -added tech "Way of the Dark"
    -added tech "The Void"
    -added tech "Eternal Destruction"
    -added tech "Darksight"
    -added tech "Nuclear Weaponry"
    -added tech "Experimental Design"
    -added war trigger units to start wars with the Independents
    -added time limit - 600 turns or 50 years
    -added pre-placed culture to planets
    -added new wonder popup interface and larger wonder splashes
    -added new government type "Confederation" specifically for the Pentastar Alignment, so they no longer have communal corrupution/waste like the CIS
    -added some unnamed, uncharted hyperlanes in the Unknown regions connecting the Imperium/Chiss/Rhand space
    -added good "Kessel" (for Spice Trade)
    -added Repulsor Coils to planets Lantillies and Daupherm
    -added Planetary Garrisons for independent planets (hidden nationality units to entice the AI to attack the Independents)
    -added government "Monarchy" for Naboo
    -added graphical tech lines to the Technology advisor screen
    -added graphics for production in city screen and wookiepedia
    -added "Planet" to the end of the name of many resources and terrain types
    -added pre-placed irrigation
    -added some Imperial-Is to all the Imperial remnants' starting fleets
    -added names for all New Republic and Imperial Remnant capital ships
    -new domestic advisor interface
    -new trade advisor interface
    -new culture advisor interface
    -new foreign advisor interface
    -new graphics for the Tile Info interface
    -new wookiepedia margin artwork
    -new city screen graphics for "Sarapin Energy Shipments"
    -new city screen graphics
    -more factories given a higher production bonus
    -Victorys (Is and IIs), Providences, Venators, and Turblents each have +4 HP bonus rather than +5, due to small size or tech age
    -gave the First Order more territory in the Trans-Hydian Borderlands near Atterra
    -almost all capital ships can now bombard
    -moved Nebula-class Star Destroyer to require tech "Experimental Design"
    -increased carrying capacity of Bulk Transport, Acclamator, and Stalwart
    -inhabited asteroids can now be connected to the galactic trade network (The Maw still cannot)
    -hydroponics and starports can now be constructed on both Space and Hyperroute tiles
    -level-3 planet size increased to 15 pop
    -adjusted Fog-of-War
    -reworked Terrain defensive bonuses: most terrains have a 0% bonus. The values for certain defensive structures have been altered. See the Wookiepedia for details
    -completely reworked the civilization strengths
    -Star Forge now requires 3 of 5 Star Maps
    -adjusted faction colors
    -the Pentastar Alignment is now Militaristic/Commerical
    -the Imperial Remnant is now Militaristic/Scientific
    -Prentioch's Dominion is now Industrious/Commercial
    -all ground units now have the "Requires Escort" flag
    -changed around tile values - hyperroutes are more important
    -uncharted hyperroutes are now visible, slightly
    -Jedi Temples now produce +2 planet happiness
    -Acclamator is now obsoleted by the Stalwart (does not directly upgrade)
    -Dictatorship is no longer the 'default government'
    -tech entires now list the units and improvements made available by the tech
    -Jedi Republics can now support +2 more units per 'city'
    -unit "Tector-class Star Destroyer" can now carry ground units
    -"Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship" stats are now 40 attack, 70 defense
    -renamed "Crimson Aces Mercenary" to "Pirate Headhunter"
    -renamed "Imperial Remnant" to "Empire of the Hand"
    -renamed tech "Advanced Concussion Missiles" to "Assault Concussion Missiles"
    -building "Remains of Shawken Spire" replaced with resource "Shawken"
    -switched roles of "MC80 Liberty" and "MC80a Home One" (stats switch; Home One type is now the more powerful)
    -moved Atterra system to the vicinity of Telos
    -lowered the agression level of the Hapes Consortium
    -decreased the stats of X-wings to 4 attack, 4 defense
    -increased the stats of Vulture Droids to match TIE-fighters at 2 attack, 2 defense
    -decreased stats of Y-wing to 1 attack, 2 defense
    -decreased stats of Z95 Headhunter to 3 attack, 4 defense
    -slight adjustment of Sith Lord and Jedi Master A/D values
    -fixed autoproduction shipyards now require the same resources needed to construct the units
    -fixed the AI bonus units for higher difficulty levels (maybe? This seems to have strange effects)
    -fixed the capital of the Pentastar Alignment - is now Entralla as intended
    -fixed some endgame leaderhead bugs
    -fixed tech tree blurb for "Mercenaries" tech
    -fixed a terrain bug concerning voids
    -multitude of civilopedia fixes and additions
    -Hapes' flag now displays correctly on the advisors tab
    -minor resource graphic fixes (stars not blending with background, etc.)
    -removed maintenance for ground units
    -removed defensive bombard capability for ground units
    -removed invisible borders (they looked great but hindered gameplay for the human player)
    -removed ground unit stealth attack (except Jedi and Sith units)
    -removed population costs for capital ships
    -removed ability to "recover" artifacts for gold because the AI was doing it prematurely
    -removed "Churhee's Rifleman" unit and wonder
    -removed "Crimson Aces" unit and wonder
    -removed trade embargoes
    -removed the majority of barbarian camps to reduce turn times

    3 new factions
    New Techs
    New Units
    New Superweapons
    New Interface Graphics (including new, BIGGER wonder splashes!)

    Enjoy! :)

    Some pics below
    Spoiler :

    I will take more pictures of gameplay and upload that when I get the chance.

    I also have yet to write the Tactics pages for the factions...it takes a lot of playtesting time that I don't have.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  11. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    :scan::borg:Yeehah! Great update, I need to give it a try this weekend. I would buy Civ3 to play your mod.

    Thanks Meteor Man
  12. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    I did play it for half an hour only yet, but this feels fantastic and the new factions are great. Thanks again for the update!
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  13. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    I am glad you're enjoying it! Hopefully the turn times are bearable. I find myself unable to resist the urge to add yet more star systems and factions, slowing it down further. I had to remove nearly all of the pirates I had scattered around the galaxy that I had painstakingly named after canon groups. :shake: Turn times improved markedly after that.

    I've gotten the urge to create more Star Wars units so I expect the next update will include some new ones.
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  14. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    That's good to hear.
    Yes the turns processing time has improved as well. I am grateful for that!
  15. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    It has come to my attention that the locked wars are missing from 1.9, so I have decided to release a minor update fixing this and include some additions I've added in the mean time.

    DOWNLOAD Star Wars TMA 1.10
    The Labels.txt for Civ3 Complete is included in the download.


    -added unit "Secutor-class Star Destroyer"
    -added unit "Dauntless-class Heavy Cruiser"
    -added unit "Arquitens-class Light Cruiser"
    -added starting Orbital Shipyard to Csilla
    -Chiss Pirate units replaced with Militia
    -fixed: locked wars are back (the First Order, Mandalorians, and Empire of the Hand are all now at war with the Independents)

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  16. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    Cheers! :)
  17. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    Regarding land units, maybe an attempt to beef them up could be to add to them:
    - +XX% defense vs. space units to simulate their ability to entrench meaningfully in their planets (enhanceable through research)
    - research-dependent constructions of extensive & expansive land-based assets that could add significant defense boosts against space ships (e.g. shields, fixed turbolaser defenses, ion canons) - in that perspective this could make assault by land units more meaningful in order to preserve spaceships?

    I have not had much time to play the mod meaningfully recently so apologies if some / all this already captured.
  18. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man En Route to M81

    Aug 6, 2007
    Unfortunately, I am limited by what game mechanics are in Civ3 Vanilla, as no one has been able to obtain access to the source code of the game. The mechanic you'd like to see (combat bonuses versus different 'unit types') doesn't exist. Unless you're aware of some way I could make that happen.

    This is somewhat possible, but there's two problems:
    1.) I have already hit the improvements maximum allowed by the game, which is a hard-coded limit.
    2.) These combat bonuses would apply versus all units attacking the planet, and not just space units.

    Again, these limitations are due to the nature of the game engine. I can't change fundamental facts about how Civ3 functions, unfortunately.
  19. RedMaul

    RedMaul Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2019
    Thanks for answering - I am stumped (I am barely computer-literate enough to use the Civ3 scenario editor here and there). So be it then :)
  20. Moff Jerjerrod

    Moff Jerjerrod Deity

    Jan 7, 2002
    Aboard the Praetor's pride
    Great scenario Meteor Man! I downloaded an older version of it a while back and loved it! I must give your new update a go. I used to be a huge star wars fanatic until the dark times of Kathleen Kennedy and Disney. Your mod will bring back the good old memories of pre-disney star wars! :thumbsup:
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