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Star Wars: The Mod Awakens 1.10

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

  1. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    Labels.txt for Civ3 Complete included in the download

    Meteor Man Proudly Presents
    A Mod for Sid Meier's Civilization 3

    The Mod Awakens


    25,000 BBY. For thousands of years, spacefarers have explored and mapped safe zones for faster-than-light travel through the galaxy: the hyperlanes. With travel came trade, with trade: prosperity, with prosperity: conflict, factionalism, war. On the planet Tython in the Deep Core arose the Je'daii, a cult dedicated to preserving balance between two conflicting sides of a mysterious energy field known as the Force. However, fighting soon broke out between adherents to the light side and dark side of the Force, in a conflict that would ingite multiple galaxy-spanning wars for thousands of years to come.

    Five thousand years before the events on Tython, a dark power reached its peak. The Infinite Empire of the Rakata spanned the galaxy through the use of the Infinity Gates. The Rakata used the Force to construct a massive industrial machine capable of creating Rakatan war fleets: the Star Forge. However, because of its use for violence and war it became corrupted by the dark side of the Force, which in turn corrupted its makers. In 25,200 BBY, the Rakatans were struck by a plague that robbed them of their ability to use the Force, restricting their technology and causing the collapse of the Empire. During the collapse and retreat the Rakata destroyed their Infinity Gates and Star Maps, but over the millennia the Star Maps have repaired themselves and stood waiting to be used to locate Rakata Prime and the hidden plans for the Star Forge.

    In 3956 BBY, Darth Revan traveled to the five Star Maps on Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban, Manaan, and Tatooine, located the Star Forge and in the ensuing Battle of Rakata Prime, the Star Forge was destroyed. But, on the surface of Rakata Prime, still locked in the Temple of the Ancients lie the plans for another Star Forge. All that is needed to spark another galactic war is a Sith willing to unlock the power that lay in wait on Rakata Prime.

    The year is now 12 ABY. Darth Sidious lay dead, the Galactic Empire has fallen, and the ruins are scattered around the galaxy, ripe for exploitation by the strong. In the Core Worlds, the fledgling New Republic shines as a lone beacon of democracy in the darkness of oppression that still shrouds much of the galaxy. A resurgent Confederacy has once again blossomed in the Outer Rim, determined to remain independent of Coruscant. Meanwhile, the Mandalorians have cast aside their brief experiment in pacifism and are rebuilding their fleets and expanding their influence once again. Most planets, many for the first time in decades find themselves independent, but just how long can they last?


    Star Wars TMA News:

    February 28, 2019: 1.9 has been released! Months in the making, this update has a variety of additions, fixes, and quality-of-life improvements. Enjoy!

    July 26, 2018: 1.7_01 The Speed Update! Turn times are dramatically decreased, at the cost of removing trade via spaceports. Unconnected planets can now have new hyperlanes charted to them!

    June 11, 2018: Version 1.6 uploaded! Downloads and changelog below.
    Spoiler Previews and More Information :

    Spoiler :
    Hello, fellow Civfanatics and welcome to Star Wars: The Mod Awakens!

    The story for this mod begins Christmas of 2017. I was browsing the forums in search of a Star Wars mod to sink my teeth into, and while there were a few from several years ago that I came across, none would scratch the itch I was getting: an itching for galactic conquest. Like many children, back in the day hundreds of hours were spent in Star Wars Battlefront II's Galactic Conquest game mode liberating the galaxy from tyranny or wiping out rebel scum. But I always wished there were more planets to conquer, grander campaigns to plan and greater battles to fight. Upon being disappointed with the Star Wars mods already on Civfanatics, I vowed to spend a little time and make a small Star Wars mod to fit my fancy.

    I got a bit carried away!

    Due to the fact that there does not exist many Star Wars units in the database, my initial plans for the mod were small. But then I proceeded to map the entire Star Wars galaxy. Instead of "one more turn" it became "one more planet" as I kept finding more and more important worlds to add to the map. Soon I realized my mod had grown a little larger than I had originally planned. Now that I'm making my own Star Wars units to fill out the roster, the sky is the limit with this mod.

    The basic premise of the mod is as follows: systems are represented by single planets and can be directly captured and defended by starships. Ground units are not needed to control planets, but are available to build mostly for flavor and are moderately-powerful, cost-effective units. Starships can travel through all space terrain, but move fastest through the hyperlanes, which are represented in blue on the map. (Hyperlanes cannot be pillaged, and if they're destroyed through bombardment, constructors can repair them. New hyperlanes may be charted to unconnected planets. Use the "Route To" order.)

    Galactic Map 1.9:


    The Major Factions:​
    Spoiler :

    New Republic - Mon Mothma

    The New Republic emerges from the Galactic Civil War in a position of economic and military strength, its numerous member worlds establishing it as the preeminent superpower in the galaxy. New Republic denizens are the happiest and most free of the galaxy's inhabitants, but not all is bright for this would-be successor to the Republic of old. Vast swaths of the galaxy still suffer under the Imperial banner, in one form or another, and most are either outright hostile or envious of the riches in the Core. New threats emerge in the form of the Republic's old nemesis the CIS and a newly militaristic Mandalorian state. The New Republic's military forces are strong but are forced to defend far-flung frontier worlds and are thus stretched perilously thin against any inevitable Imperial attacks, although temporary peace has been established for the time being. The last thing the New Republic needs are more enemies, but that might be just the thing they encounter, from the Unknown Regions or even from beyond the Galaxy itself...

    Imperial Remnant - Thrawn

    The Empire Thrawn returned to after his time in the Unknown Regions was but a shadow of its former self. Its once proud fleet had been whittled to a terribly dilapidated state by years of Rebel attacks in conjunction with internal strife between competing Imperial Warlords, topped off with ebbing morale and just plain desertion. Thrawn immediately set to work improving the professionalism of his forces, and, with the help of Commander Gilad Pelleaon, started a recruitment and propaganda campaign aimed at softening the Empire's image. He reversed a Palpatine-era policy, opening the Imperial ranks to non-human species, which effectively halted the serious "brain-drain" the Empire had been experiencing after the catastrophic defeat at Endor. Now, with an ambitious new starship construction program set in motion - one focused on the construction of capital ships instead of the superdreadnoughts which Thrawn considered particularly wasteful - the Grand Admiral sets his sights on acquiring raw materials in the Outer Rim for his war machine, a war machine fashioned as a durasteel dagger he intends to aim at the heart of the fledgling New Republic.

    Confederacy of Independent Systems - Count Dooku

    With the collapse of Imperial control in the Outer Rim, the reemergence of the CIS did not immediately seem a foregone conclusion: most of its leaders from the Clone Wars era had been killed or captured by the Republic in the closing months of the war. In fact, it was only with the reemergence of Count Dooku that the CIS was reformed, old cruisers refitted, and control over old Confederate strongholds reestablished. It was realized only later that the Dooku that had seemingly returned from the dead was in fact a clone of the late Count. But because the Clone was also as naturally gifted in the Force as the Count had been, he retained his position of power, determined to ursurp control of the Core Worlds and finally win the war which had been lost by his likeness decades before. The CIS fleet, though composed of starship relics from the Clone Wars, is still formidable and cost far less crew thanks to the Separatist reliance on droid technology. Droid starfighters deployed by the CIS are relatively weak but can be deployed in large numbers at low cost. Though surrounded on multiple sides by potential enemies, the CIS enjoys a moderately-sized base of power centered around the Arkanis sector in the Outer Rim, and from here they can strike Coreward against Prentioch's Dominion or, more conservatively, against Naboo to the west - though pursuing the latter may bring the CIS into conflict with the Eriadu Authority in the process.

    Eriadu Authority - Sander Delvardus

    From the shipyard planet of Eriadu, the influence of the Eriadu authority extends through the Outer Rim, giving a decent starting power base from which to expand. Coreward, the Imperial Remnant under Grand Admiral Thrawn blocks access to the Core but to the east and west lay weak independents and minor factions like Naboo and the Bothans. Extend too far west, however, and risk conflict with the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium invading from the Unknown Regions.

    Pentastar Alignment - Ardus Kaine

    The Pentastar Alignment occupies a position of relative strength in the far northeast portion of the Galaxy, mostly in the Outer Rim. Though no longer even nominally connected to the Empire, the majority of its armed forces come from the prior Imperial fleet. Unique among the Imperial Remnant factions, however, the Pentastar Alignment aquired a large number of old CIS starships left over from the Clone Wars, and field them frequently alongside newer star destroyers. Opportunities for expansion into neutral territory abound, and the Alignment should be able to establish a strong power base from which to attack the New Republic by expanding eastward towards the Sith homeworlds. If this expansion doesn't occur fast enough, however, it could bring the Alignment into conflict with the Mandalorians, who are not apt to let anyone get in their way...

    Corporate Sector Authority - Orman Tagge

    The Corporate Sector Authority sits on the rim of the Galaxy, governing the Corporate Sector from its capital on Bonadan. The military and economic potential of the CSA is limited in its current state, but the opportunity to expand is available, given the risk of conflict with the Mandalorians or the Pentastar Alignment. Proximity with the Sith homeworlds is not to be understated, and there exist certain advantages (and disadvantages!) to having your back against a wall...

    Mandalorians - Boba Fett

    For too long the martial Mandalorian people have been forced into submissiveness by a submissive government: no longer. The time has come to retake the mantle of their forefathers and expand Mandalorian power to the edges of the Galaxy. Fortunately for them, most nearby systems are independent and thus undefended, and they can rapidly expand their influence without hindrance from other major powers...at least initially. The Mandalorians also start in a locked-war with the independent planets, facilitating their early expansion. There will come a time they turn their attention to the riches of the Core and whoever owns it, be it Imperial or Republic. Alternatively, the Hutts are starting to look weak...

    Prentioch's Dominion - Utoxx Prentioch

    From its capital on Denon, the Dominion of Utoxx Prentioch is among those best positioned for a strike against the New Republic, but is also among those most incapable initially. On top of this, expansion is hampered by the presence of strong empires to the north, east, south, and west. However, Prentioch does start with control over the shipyard planets Chardaan and Gyndine, which help with starship manufacturing potential. Above all, good diplomacy should be practiced to ensure that the Dominion does not become embroiled in a two-front conflict, as that would almost certainly lead to its downfall...

    First Order - Kylo Ren

    Hiding in the Unknown Regions, building strength and consolidating, lay the remnants of the most fanatic of the Old Imperials. They viewed the scant liberal vestiges that remained in the Empire, left over from its days as the Old Republic, as the root cause of the Empire's downfall. They instead founded a new order, the First Order: first in the purity of its purpose and its people. And its purpose is, ultimately, the destruction of the New Republic. But first, the First Order must bring more of the galaxy under its heel to establish the power base necessary to defeat the New Republic. And this necessitates conflict with the remnants of the Empire...

    Restored Empire - Ennix Devian

    When the Empire fractured after the Battle of Endor, the Imperial assassin Ennix Devian decided to create a faction devoted to the ideals of Human High Culture. This was initially called the Kaarenth Dissension, dedicated to the "sacred Restoration of the True Empire of Palpatine." Behind the scenes they waited through the tumultuous years post-Endor until gathering enough strength to begin acquiring planets. Supreme Commander Devian has managed to put together a large, though aging fleet of Venators and Acclamators at the main base on RZ7-6113-23, all it needs is a target...

    Zsinj's Empire - Zsinj​

    Greater Maldrood - Treuten Teradoc

    Sorcerers of Rhand

    The Minor Factions:
    Spoiler :

    Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium - The Grand Shreeftut

    Chiss Ascendancy - Chaf'orm'bintrano

    Hutt Cartel - Jabba the Hutt

    Naboo - Queen Kylantha

    the Centrality - Tavell Green

    Bothan Alliance - Savielk Trey'dra

    Zann Consortium - Tyber Zann

    Black Sun - Prince Xizor

    Pyke Syndicate - Marg Krim​


    Screenshots (1.9)

    Spoiler Imperial Remnant (from 1.7) :

    Spoiler Fleet Techs :

    Spoiler Special Weapons Techs :

    Spoiler Galactic Administration Techs :

    Spoiler Society & Culture Techs :

    Spoiler Corporation Example :

    Spoiler Updated Wookiepedia :

    Spoiler Wookiepedia Artwork :


    Aesthetics-wise, there's also a few different Star Wars TMA Menus for different monitor sizes in the Art folder, as well as replacement music for the Main Menu. Remember to back-up your files!



    This Mod has been compiled by Yours Truly

    Many thanks to:
    Bluemofia - for his advice and units
    Civinator - for much appreciated advice
    King Coltrane - for his playtesting and advice
    Vuldacon - for his selfless help
    sepamu92 - for his base space terrain
    Jobiwan7 - units
    MarineCorps - units
    Pleb - units
    Chris85 - units
    Flamand - units
    tpasmall - units
    polyphemus - units
    Supa - buildings
    Pounder - hyperlanes gfx
    Delta_Strife - units
    odintheking - player setup screen
    georgestow - for the plain white interface gfx
    ExoticcTofu - (deviantart) turbolaser defense tech
    Fractalsponge (http://fractalsponge.net/?p=2170) - beautiful unit renders
    the Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy mod team,
    the Sins of a Galactic Empire mod team,
    and the Star Wars: Interregnum mod team for their unit renders

    the galactic map was put together by myself with much help from Star Wars Galaxy Map. A truly fantastic Star Wars source!

    I also did much of the SW interface additions. If only I were a Balthasar when it came to interface gfx... Several units were also made by me.
    sepamu92's base space terrain was modified to its current state by me.

    All of the in-game Wookiepedia is taken directly from The Wookiepedia. Many thanks to the contributors.

    All the music comes from YouTube, much thanks to those who uploaded.

    The mod would never have been realized without inspiration from an amazing online community. A special thanks to Civfanatics Forums.

    Special thanks also to Firaxis Games, Sid Meier and the Civilization franchise, for a game that has truly stood the test of time.

    Star Wars®, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders.


    Future Plans:
    Spoiler :

    At the Star Wars Unit Thread I have a list of Star Wars units that are planned. I'll get to them, eventually.
    There will be at least a few unit packs:
    1. Old Republic Unit Pack
    2. Yuzzhan Vong Unit Pack (?)
    3. Chiss Unit Pack
    Below is the list of units for each faction, with planned units in red:​

    New Republic
    • Viscount Star Defender
    • MC80a 'Home One' Star Cruiser
    • MC90 Star Cruiser
    • MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser
    • Republic-class Star Destroyer
    • MC30c frigate
    • Nebulon-B frigate
    • Nebulon-B2 frigate
    • CR90 'Corellian' corvette
    • T-65 X-wing Starfighter
    • RZ-1 A-wing Starfighter
    • BTL Y-wing Starfighter
    • A/SF-01 B-Wing Starfighter
    • Bulwark Mark III Battlecruiser
    • New Republic Trooper
    • New Republic Special Forces
    • Dauntless-class heavy cruiser (?)
    • Dauntless-class cruiser
    • Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier
    • MC40a light cruiser
    • Assault Frigate Mk. I
    • Liberator-class cruiser
    • MC80B star cruiser
    • Nebula-class star destroyer
    • Corona-class frigate
    • Majestic-class heavy cruiser
    • Endurance-class fleet carrier
    • Gallofree GR-75 medium transport
    • Bothan assault cruiser
    • Proficient-class cruiser
    Imperial Remnants
    • Executor-class Star Dreadnought
    • Victory I Star Destroyer
    • Victory II Star Destroyer
    • Imperial I Star Destroyer
    • Imperial II Star Destroyer
    • Vindicator-class Star Frigate
    • Dreadnaught-class cruiser
    • TIE/ln Fighter
    • TIE/IN Interceptor
    • TIE/sa bomber
    • Tector-class Star Destroyer (new graphics)
    • Nebulon B2 frigate
    • Allegiance-class battlecruiser
    • Victory II-class Star Frigate
    • Lambda shuttle
    • Stormtrooper
    • Heavy Stormtrooper
    • Carrack cruiser
    • Ton-Falk-class escort carrier
    • Eclipse-class star dreadnought
    • Secutor-class star destroyer
    • Procursator-class star destroyer
    • Mediator-class battlecruiser
    • Corellian Corvette (Empire livery)
    • Loronar Strike Cruiser
    • Strike-class medium cruiser
    • Vengeance-class dreadnought
    • Enforcer-class picket cruiser
    • Interdictor-class star destroyer
    • Lancer-class frigate
    • Gladiator-class star destroyer
    • Raider-class corvette
    • Bellator-class dreadnought
    • Galaxy Gun
    • Sovereign-class Star Dreadnought
    • Kandosii-type Dreadnought
    • Keldabe-class Battleship
    • Kyramud-class Battleship
    • Sagitta-class Star Destroyer
    • Lictor-class Heavy Frigate
    • Crusader-class corvette (new graphics)
    • Alorade-type heavy corvette
    • G1-M4-C Dunelizard Fighter
    • Davaab-type Starfighter
    • Firespray-class Interceptor
    • Marauder-class corvette
    • Mandalorian Supercommando
    • Interceptor IV frigate
    • M12-L Kimogila heavy fighter
    • M3-A Scyk fighter
    • Aurek-class tactical strikefighter
    • Lucrehulk-class Battleship
    • Providence-class cruiser
    • Providence-class carrier
    • Recusant-class destroyer
    • Munificent-class star frigate
    • Vulture-class Droid Starfighter
    • Droid Tri-fighter
    • Nantex-class Geonosian Fighter
    • E-STAP Droid Starbomber
    • Pinnace-class corvette
    • Bulwark Mark I Battleship
    • ZX-10 Battle Droid
    • BX-series Commando Droid
    • Captor-class heavy munitions cruiser
    • Separatist supply ship
    • Providence-class dreadnought
    • Lucrehulk-class droid control ship
    Old Republic
    • Arquitens-class light cruiser
    • Stalwart-class Rothana destroyer
    • Resolute-class Rothana battleship
    • Procurator-class star battlecruiser
    • Mandator II-class star dreadnought
    • Praetor-class battlecruiser
    • Centurion-class battlecruiser
    • Dynamic-class freighter
    • Foray-class blockade runner
    • Inexpungable-class tactical command ship
    • Paladin-class destroyer
    • Interdictor-class cruiser (Sith and Old Republic liveries)
    • Praetorian-class frigate
    Yuzzhan Vong
    • Koros-Strohna (worldship)
    • Suuv Ban D'Krid
    • Miid Ro'ik
    • Uumufalh
    • Matalok
    • Clustership
    • Ro'ik Chuun M'arh
    • Vua'spar interdictor
    • A-vek Iiluunu
    Chiss Ascendancy
    • Prosvoli Cruiser
    • Frouro Cruiser
    • Asdroni Frigate
    • Nuruodo Broadside Frigate
    • Ormos Fleet Carrier
    • Vigilance Gunship
    • Chaf Destroyer
    • Prolipsi Interdictor
    • Warlord Gunboat
    • Syndic Destroyer
    • Ascendancy Star Destroyer
    • Phalanx Destroyer
    • Peltast Star Destroyer
    • Intego Destroyer
    Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
    • D'kee-class Landing Ship
    • Fw’Sen-class Picket Ship
    • Sh'ner-class Assault Carrier
    • Shree-class Battle Cruiser
    • Wurrif-class Light Cruiser
    • Swarm-class Battle Droid
    • Ssi-Ruuvi Warrior
    • P'w'eck Peon

    Universal and Armored Ground Units:
    • Constructor
    • AA-9 Coruscant Freighter
    • DF.9 Laser Cannon
    • IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid
    • OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
    • SPHA-T
    • T1-B Hovertank
    • AT-TE
    • AT-AT
    • Anti-Starfighter Laser Cannon
    • Derriphan-class battleship (unbuildable; produced by Star Forge)
    • w-165 Planetary Turbolaser
    • Delaya-class Courier
    • Acclamator-class Assault Ship
    • Naboo N-1 Starfighter (Naboo only)
    • Naboo NB-1S Royal Bomber (Naboo only)
    • V-19 Torrent Fighter
    • Venator-class Star Destroyer
    • Hammerhead-class Cruiser
    • Katana-fleet Dreadnaught (Dark Force)
    • Searcher for the Dark Force (Delaya-class courier)
    • Slave-rigged Dreadnaught (upgraded from the Dark Force)
    • Militia
    • Mercenary
    • Pirate
    • Dark Trooper
    • Dark Jedi
    • Sith Warrior
    • Jedi Master
    • Sith Lord
    Hero Units:
    • Admiral Ackbar - Home One
    • Grand Admiral Thrawn - Chimaera
    • Han Solo - Millennium Falcon
    • Kylo Ren - Finalizer
    • Count Dooku - Invisible Hand
    • Boba Fett (?)
    • Yoda (?)
    • Luke Skywalker (?)
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (?)

    and in addition to these, I plan on making a few scenarios:
    1. Clone Wars
    2. Galactic Civil War
    3. Mandalorian Wars
    4. Yuzzhan Vong Invasion
    5. Empire of the Hand

    all of these will come eventually once I have all the needed units. The units are time-consuming to produce, so these will probably take a while.

    Also, though this mod is "complete," I do continuously add things to the mod, so expect many, many updates. Some things may need to be fixed for balance (tech costs, unit stats, etc).

    Additional notes:
    Spoiler :

    • Only pre-placed ecumenopoleis (city-planets like Coruscant) can exceed 12 population. A planet that is not an ecumenopolis cannot become one through the course of the game.
    • There are no longer any locked-wars between major powers (some factions start at war with the independents, however).
    • The Dark Force is a group of 25 Dreadnaught cruisers that if you can locate can be captured and refitted for your navy by upgrading. It spawns randomly around the galaxy, ensuring a different hiding spot each time.
    • There are a few end-game superweapons, available only to the Sith: The Star Forge, the Darkstaff, Starkiller Base, and World Devastators.
    • it is possible to switch from Dark Side to Light side an vice-versa by changing governments (improvements and wonders for one side will not work for the other when you switch, however).
    • all cities have starting culture in order to prevent planet razing. However, use of the No-Raze patch IS required to prevent razing.

    Civilopedia Notes:

    The Civilopedia is "complete" in that the vast majority of it is completed. What still needs to be done is as follows:
    • Tech descriptions. These are planned to be detailed.
    • Game concepts. Will put all this extraneous information in there.
    • Historical Archives. I have some major sections completed. I plan to put more relevant lore into the Archives, to tie the mod together thematically.
    Further Additional Notes:
    -I tried to make the production cost of units reflect their in-universe values, but these were obviously pulled from thin air and are not derivative of Star Wars economics at all. For example, the Imperial I Star Destroyer is purported to cost 150,000,000 credits in-universe, a mere 1000x the cost of a TIE bomber, at 150,000 credits. I ended up deriving unit costs from the length of the ship, then taking into account armor and armament.

    -unit speeds are based on in-universe hyperdrive classes

    -Most of the lore contained in the in-game Wookiepedia is from the "Legends" side of the canonicity, for a couple reasons. First, the volume of information contained in "Legends" is just far more rich than the "Canon" information. Second, this is a laid-back Star Wars mod that attempts to include a variety of interesting Star Wars planets, ships, buildings, superweapons, etc from all over the Extended Universe. Thus, attention to what was destroyed and when is intentionally lax. For example, the Darkstaff is present despite being destroyed in 19 BBY, and Count Dooku is the leader of the resurgent CIS faction.

    -The only known First Order planet, canon or otherwise, is Starkiller Base. We are told that the First Order "claimed the large, unexplored region to the west of the Core as its heartland, with the emergent power expanding across the vast swaths of space left untouched for millennia by galactic explorers." For gameplay purposes, I've added in some of these hypothetical planets in the Unknown Regions with Lucas-esque names that I have chosen. Also in the Wookiepedia, the system Attera is specifically mentioned, but its location not given, apart from "Outer Rim". Thus, I've chosen a plausible location for this system to match gameplay sensibilities. Also note that I've moved Starkiller Base SW of Ilum for gameplay purposes.

    -Tech levels start low, despite the purported start date of after the Battle of Yavin. This is because I want the player to be able to experience the upgrades between e.g. the Victory I > Victory II > Imperial classes. Similarly, the CIS has to research for better starships in spite of the Clone Wars taking place canonically decades prior. In short, it's for gameplay reasons. Maybe I will release a version in the future that features canon tech levels.

    -No one seems to know where Oba Diah is, just that it's somewhere near Kessel and Felucia. "Fly Casual" suggests it's on the Kessel Run. There's no more room on the Kessel Run in my mod. So, I placed it halfway between Felucia and Kessel, near Wobani.

    -Moons are not very accurate. They've been placed for gameplay purposes for the most part. Care was given to Iego, which has tons of moons, as do the gas giants.

    Known Bugs:

    1. Imperial music plays for the CIS diplo screen. (Unfortunately this can't be fixed and is caused by the fact that in Vanilla Civ3, the European and Mediterranean civs use the same music for the modern era.)
    2. Combat over planets sometimes destroys important improvements. I attempt to fix this by placing "infrastructure" improvements that allow the rebuilding of important improvements. If the infrastructure improvements are destroyed, however, there's no coming back.
    3. other small bugs related to the limitations of the Civ3 engine such as being forced to manually load starfighters back into transports after performing missions, etc. The Independent factions will sometimes sign military alliances with factions to help with their locked wars against the Mandalorians and the Imperial Remnant. (I view this as somewhat realistic, anyway.)​


    Mod Download:


    If you are playing via Civ3 Complete on Steam:
    Move the Labels.txt file located in the download to the mod's Text folder, overwriting the previous file. See the Readme.

    This modification for Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests is released as freeware, and by downloading, the user acknowledges that he/she will not use the mod for commercial purposes and/or will not re-upload the mod without the creator's explicit permission.

    Optional Downloads:

    You can fix the magenta strip on the border of the civilopedia pages by downloading the following and replacing the Conquests.exe (optional)

    However, that fix DOES NOT include the No-raze patch. If you don't want to see important planets razed, use the No-raze patch exe instead included in the main download.

    Current Version & Changelog:

    Spoiler Changelog & Legacy Downloads :


    -added unit "Secutor-class Star Destroyer"
    -added unit "Dauntless-class Heavy Cruiser"
    -added unit "Arquitens-class Light Cruiser"
    -added starting Orbital Shipyard to Csilla
    -Chiss Pirate units replaced with Militia
    -fixed: locked wars are back (the First Order, Mandalorians, and Empire of the Hand are all now at war with the Independents)

    1.9 (Steam labels.txt)

    -added an Introduction page and Faction Overview pages in the civilopedia
    -added "Baradium Missile Project"
    -added "Spice Trade"
    -added "Reunite the Republic" for the New Republic (a non-identical analouge wonder for the "Reunite the Empire")
    -added "Battle Droid Factory" which autoproduces B1 Battle Droids for the CIS
    -added unit "Turbulent-class Star Destroyer"
    -added unit "Sorcerer of Rhand" and upgraded versions
    -added unit "Baradium Missile"
    -added unit "Stalwart-class Destroyer"
    -added unit "B1 Battle Droid"
    -added unit "B2 Super Battle Droid"
    -added unit "Nuclear Missile"
    -added hero "Dooku - Invisible Hand" and upgrades
    -added playable faction "Zsinj's Empire"
    -added playable faction "Greater Maldrood"
    -added playable faction "Sorcerers of Rhand" (Sorcerers of Rhand)
    -added planet "Rhand" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Nihil" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Entropos" (Rhand) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Giaca" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Iol" (Independents) west of the Core
    -added planet "Koda's World" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Morcanth" (Independents) in the Unknown regions
    -added planet "Jaminere" (Independents) near Lianna
    -added planet "Plagen" (Independents) near Malastare
    -added planet "Glee Anselm" (Imperial Remnant) between Dorin and Ansion
    -added planet "Ord Grovner" (Independents) near Shadda bi Boran
    -added planet "Bovo Yagen" (Prentioch) near Aridus
    -added planet "Otavon XII" (Independents) near Corsin
    -added planet "Kiros" (Independents) near Ord Mantell
    -added large stellar void "Void of Chopani" near Sernpidal
    -added label "Void of Chopani"
    -added label "Perann Nebula"
    -added potential hyperspace route through the Great Hyperspace Barrier between First Order homeworlds and Jedha
    -added resource "Inhabited Asteroid"
    -added era-none tech "Force Users" (this is so the Sorcerers of Rhand don't see the Light/Dark side techs)
    -added era-none tech "Rhand"
    -added tech "Way of the Dark"
    -added tech "The Void"
    -added tech "Eternal Destruction"
    -added tech "Darksight"
    -added tech "Nuclear Weaponry"
    -added tech "Experimental Design"
    -added war trigger units to start wars with the Independents
    -added time limit - 600 turns or 50 years
    -added pre-placed culture to planets
    -added new wonder popup interface and larger wonder splashes
    -added new government type "Confederation" specifically for the Pentastar Alignment, so they no longer have communal corrupution/waste like the CIS
    -added some unnamed, uncharted hyperlanes in the Unknown regions connecting the Imperium/Chiss/Rhand space
    -added good "Kessel" (for Spice Trade)
    -added Repulsor Coils to planets Lantillies and Daupherm
    -added Planetary Garrisons for independent planets (hidden nationality units to entice the AI to attack the Independents)
    -added government "Monarchy" for Naboo
    -added graphical tech lines to the Technology advisor screen
    -added graphics for production in city screen and wookiepedia
    -added "Planet" to the end of the name of many resources and terrain types
    -added pre-placed irrigation
    -added some Imperial-Is to all the Imperial remnants' starting fleets
    -added names for all New Republic and Imperial Remnant capital ships
    -new domestic advisor interface
    -new trade advisor interface
    -new culture advisor interface
    -new foreign advisor interface
    -new graphics for the Tile Info interface
    -new wookiepedia margin artwork
    -new city screen graphics for "Sarapin Energy Shipments"
    -new city screen graphics
    -more factories given a higher production bonus
    -Victorys (Is and IIs), Providences, Venators, and Turblents each have +4 HP bonus rather than +5, due to small size or tech age
    -gave the First Order more territory in the Trans-Hydian Borderlands near Atterra
    -almost all capital ships can now bombard
    -moved Nebula-class Star Destroyer to require tech "Experimental Design"
    -increased carrying capacity of Bulk Transport, Acclamator, and Stalwart
    -inhabited asteroids can now be connected to the galactic trade network (The Maw still cannot)
    -hydroponics and starports can now be constructed on both Space and Hyperroute tiles
    -level-3 planet size increased to 15 pop
    -adjusted Fog-of-War
    -reworked Terrain defensive bonuses: most terrains have a 0% bonus. The values for certain defensive structures have been altered. See the Wookiepedia for details
    -completely reworked the civilization strengths
    -Star Forge now requires 3 of 5 Star Maps
    -adjusted faction colors
    -the Pentastar Alignment is now Militaristic/Commerical
    -the Imperial Remnant is now Militaristic/Scientific
    -Prentioch's Dominion is now Industrious/Commercial
    -all ground units now have the "Requires Escort" flag
    -changed around tile values - hyperroutes are more important
    -uncharted hyperroutes are now visible, slightly
    -Jedi Temples now produce +2 planet happiness
    -Acclamator is now obsoleted by the Stalwart (does not directly upgrade)
    -Dictatorship is no longer the 'default government'
    -tech entires now list the units and improvements made available by the tech
    -Jedi Republics can now support +2 more units per 'city'
    -unit "Tector-class Star Destroyer" can now carry ground units
    -"Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship" stats are now 40 attack, 70 defense
    -renamed "Crimson Aces Mercenary" to "Pirate Headhunter"
    -renamed "Imperial Remnant" to "Empire of the Hand"
    -renamed tech "Advanced Concussion Missiles" to "Assault Concussion Missiles"
    -building "Remains of Shawken Spire" replaced with resource "Shawken"
    -switched roles of "MC80 Liberty" and "MC80a Home One" (stats switch; Home One type is now the more powerful)
    -moved Atterra system to the vicinity of Telos
    -lowered the agression level of the Hapes Consortium
    -decreased the stats of X-wings to 4 attack, 4 defense
    -increased the stats of Vulture Droids to match TIE-fighters at 2 attack, 2 defense
    -decreased stats of Y-wing to 1 attack, 2 defense
    -decreased stats of Z95 Headhunter to 3 attack, 4 defense
    -slight adjustment of Sith Lord and Jedi Master A/D values
    -fixed autoproduction shipyards now require the same resources needed to construct the units
    -fixed the AI bonus units for higher difficulty levels (maybe? This seems to have strange effects)
    -fixed the capital of the Pentastar Alignment - is now Entralla as intended
    -fixed some endgame leaderhead bugs
    -fixed tech tree blurb for "Mercenaries" tech
    -fixed a terrain bug concerning voids
    -multitude of civilopedia fixes and additions
    -Hapes' flag now displays correctly on the advisors tab
    -minor resource graphic fixes (stars not blending with background, etc.)
    -removed maintenance for ground units
    -removed defensive bombard capability for ground units
    -removed invisible borders (they looked great but hindered gameplay for the human player)
    -removed ground unit stealth attack (except Jedi and Sith units)
    -removed population costs for capital ships
    -removed ability to "recover" artifacts for gold because the AI was doing it prematurely
    -removed "Churhee's Rifleman" unit and wonder
    -removed "Crimson Aces" unit and wonder
    -removed trade embargoes
    -removed the majority of barbarian camps to reduce turn times


    -added unit "Sith Lord"
    -Great Citadel of Ziost now produces a Sith Lord every 20 turns
    -Hyperspace terrain now only costs 2 movement points (this enables limited movement via enemy-controlled hyperlanes, but also moderately increases speeds via uncharted hyperlanes - a compromise)
    -asteroid fields now have a defensive bonus of only 15%
    -hyperspace lanes now have a 0% defensive bonus
    -experimenting with invisible borders

    v1.7_01 (Steam)

    -sector command capitals are now wonders instead of small wonders so they won't be destroyed by combat


    Spoiler :
    -added transport capacity to the CIS transport (oops!)
    -fixed the worst of the resource bug offenders (It's impossible to competely fix the bug, unfortunately. There's simply too many strategic and luxury resources.)
    -fixed up the script.txt
    -fixed New Republic capital that somehow got switched to Commenor
    -added small smiley faces to the popheads.pcx to make it easier to distinguish moods
    -removed air trade. Instead, new hyperlanes can be constructed; a successful effort to reduce turn times
    -side effect of removing air trade means starfighters can no longer rebase on their own and must be transported between systems by capital ships - a win for realism
    -Class III Starports now increase production instead of connecting the planet to the galactic trade network
    -increased commerce yield of "Space" terrain
    -the Restored Empire has the correct government form now
    -reduced maintenance costs across the board
    -Ubiqtorate Stations are now only available to Imperial factions
    -added planetary improvement "Security Bureau Station" available to the New Republic
    -reduced corruption by ~20% on all difficulty levels
    -increased commerce yield from hyperspace tiles from 2 to 3
    -all techs are no longer tradeable
    -changed city screen background
    -changed appearance of governor and hurry production buttons
    -changed up the popheads.pcx
    -all government types can now pay to hurry production
    -some interface graphics additions
    -increased resource and tile bonuses for astronomical phenomena
    -the Seat of Government produces Constructors (workers) every 15 turns
    -Sector Commands now produce Constructors (workers) every 30 turns
    -Constructors can no longer be directly built
    -added 4 improvements "Lommite, Zersium, Firegems, Azurite Mining Colony"
    -added improvement "Spice Mines"
    -enabled conscription
    -added planet "Wayland" near Taris and Myrkr
    -added improvement "Heavy Industrialization"
    -added wonder "Mount Tantiss" on Wayland
    -added wonder "Tafanda Bay" on Ithor
    -added wonder "Tarkin Initiative" for Sith Empires
    -added improvement "Judiciary"
    -added planet "Ciutric"
    -added planet "Kol Huro"
    -"Space" terrain now yields 1 commerce and 1 production
    -"Diffuse Nebula" terrain now yields 2 commerce
    -added wonder "Harnaidan" to Muunilinst
    -added resource "Precious Metals" to Muunilinst
    -reduction of occurances where resources on a nearby planet allow construction of buildings where they should not be built
    -planet "Oseon" renamed "Osseon VII"
    -added planet "Balmorra" (and moved Kuat and Commenor to fit it)
    -added wonder "Balmorran Arms"
    -added wonder "Kuat Drive Yards"
    -added wonder "Corellian Engineerng Corp."
    -added wonder "Baktoid Armor Workshop"
    -added improvement "Vulture Droid Factory"
    -added improvement "Spider Droid Factory"
    -added improvement "CR90 Factory"
    -added improvement "Sphyrna Factory"
    -added improvement "AT-AT Factory"
    -added improvement "Imperial I Factory"
    -added improvement "Nebulon B Factory"
    -added wonder "Haor Chall Engineering"
    -added wonder "Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc."
    -added improvement "Munificent Factory"
    -added improvement "Recusant Factory"
    -added wonder "Incom Corporation"
    -added wonder "MandalMotors"
    -added improvement "Lictor Factory"
    -added improvement "Crusader Factory"
    -added wonder "Free Dac Engineering"
    -added improvement "Providence Factory"
    -added wonder "Sienar Fleet Systems"
    -added wonder "Mon Calamari Shipyards"
    -added wonder "Rendili StarDrive"
    -added improvement "X-wing Factory"
    -added improvement "TIE Factory"
    -added improvement "Dreadnaught Factory"
    -added improvement "MC30c Factory"
    -added improvement "MC80 Factory"
    -added improvement "MC90 Factory"
    -Mandalore is now a desert planet, as in canon
    -added pre-placed planet 'wonders' for building some corporations: "Balmorra, Kuat, Geonosis, Charros IV, Mandalore, Lianna, Mon Calamari, Corellia, and Rendili"
    -"Lictor-class Heavy Frigate" renamed "Lictor-class Dungeon Ship"
    -added tech "Corporatocracy"
    -dupicate wonders renamed (Palace of the Jedi > Coruscant, Valley of the Dark Lords > Korriban, Citadel of Ziost > Ziost, Genesis Pool > Syngia)
    -Imperial/dark side buildings such as the Ubiqtorate and Sith Temple now create unhappiness, which can be reduced through terror by building Starkiller Base, the Executor Project, or the Bellator Project
    -fixed the last "city"s instead of "planet"s in the civilopedia
    -added unit "World Devastator"
    -added wonder "World Devastator Project"
    -added improvement "Superweapon Enabler"
    -added wonder "Arc Hammer"
    -added unit "Dark Trooper"
    -added technology "Exoskeletons"
    -Tarkin Initiative now requires tech "Secret Installations"
    -added unit "Stormtrooper"
    -added unit "Heavy Stormtrooper"
    -added unit "Alliance Special Forces"
    -added "New Republic Trooper"
    -added unit "Mandalorian Supercommando"
    -added unit "ZX-10 Battle Droid"
    -added unit "BX-series Droid Commando"
    -added wonder "Crimson Aces"
    -added unit "Crimson Aces Mercenary"
    -added wonder "Churhee's Riflemen" (I've hit max number of buildings now)
    -added unit "Churhee's Riflemen"
    -added unit "Mercenary"
    -added unit "Militia"
    -"Orbital Defense Command" renamed back to "Planetary Shield"
    -introduced the concept of superweapons forcing citizen happiness through terror
    -added a bunch of Pirate and Slaver bases scattered around the galaxy in roughly accurate locations
    -Star Forge now produces an ancient sith battleship every turn instead of every two turns
    -reduced the size of the AT-AT
    -added planet "Bpfassh" to Eriadu Authority space
    -added unit "Pirate"
    -added unit "Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle"
    -fixed up the unit wookiepedia pages
    -disallowed MPPs (to reduce turn times)
    -all buildings that before cost 1 credit per turn for maintenance now cost 0 (to reduce turn times)
    -ground units can now only move 1 tile per turn under their own power
    -added PT/OT/ST quotes into the script as easter-eggs ;)

    v1.6 (Steam)

    -added music and diplomusic
    -changed victory type from "Coalition" to "Individual"
    -added the New Republic, Bothan Alliance, and Naboo to a Locked Alliance in the "Many Independents" scenario
    -fixed Chiss leaderhead background
    -reduced the cost of Sector Commands from 200 to 100
    -fixed CTD when viewing the civilopedia for the Hapes Consortium

    v1.5 (Steam)

    Spoiler :
    -Independents can no longer research techs and thus can not trade techs with players or the AI
    -fixed unit production spawn times
    -added planet "Timora" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Yag'Dhul" to the Inner Rim
    -added resource "Barren"
    -added planet "Moorja" to the Inner Rim
    -added planet "Ramordia" to the Expansion Region
    -added resource "Ramordian Silk"
    -added planet "Haruun Kal" to the Mid Rim
    -added resource "Cloudsea"
    -added planet "Venaari" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Ubrikkia" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Farquar III" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Parcellus Minor" to Prentioch's Dominion
    -added planet "Makeb" to the Mid Rim
    -added resource "Isotope-5"
    -added planet "Nexus Ortai" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Lutrillia" to the Outer Rim
    -planets in the Javin sector are now in the Outer Rim
    -added station "Koda Station" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Isde Naha" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Lipsec" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Keskin" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Lorta" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Riflor" to the Mid Rim
    -added resource "Tectonic"
    -added route label "Koda Spur"
    -added route label "Lipsec Run"
    -added planet "Aquilae" to Prentioch's Dominion
    -added planet "Kattada" to the Colonies
    -added planet "Kubindi" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Atzerri" to the Inner Rim
    -added planet "Zolan" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Benja-Rihn" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Rannon" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Manda" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Womrik" to CIS space
    -added planet "Somov Rit" to the Mid Rim
    -renamed "Ugarin" to "Unagin"
    -added planet "Rinn" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Nar Haaska" to Hutt space
    -added planet "Jilrua" to Hutt space
    -added uninhabited planet "Varl" to Hutt Space
    -added planet "Arda II" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Uyter" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Balamak" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Barkhesh" to the Outer Rim
    -added unit "Prosvoli-class Heavy Frigate"
    -added unit "Frouro-class Frigate"
    -added faction "Chiss Ascendancy"
    -fixed First Order Foreign Advisor icon
    -changed leader of CSA to "Orman Tagge"
    -added planet "Gravlex Med" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "RZ7-6113-23" to the Outer Rim
    -added faction "Restored Empire"
    -changed coalitions and faction colors
    -added wonder "RZ7-6113-23 Base"
    -added govt type "Imperial Charter" (for the Restored Empire)
    -expanded New Republic territory
    -added additional starting Star Destroyers for Imperial Remnant factions
    -added more laser cannons (and removed their maintenance costs)
    -added wonder "Shadow Academy"
    -added unit "Native Tarentatek" as gaurdians of Sith homeworlds
    -added wonder "Pyke Palace" on Oba Diah
    -added planet "Eol Sha" to the Outer Rim
    -added and labeled "Cauldron Nebula"
    -added planet "Delacrix" to the Outer Rim
    -added and labeled "Beetle Nebula"
    -added and labeled "Black Widow Nebula"
    -added and labeled "Bakisian Drift"
    -added and labeled "Ferrous Aurora Nebula"
    -added and labeled "Ruby Nebula"
    -added and labeled "Morath Nebula"
    -reduced size of stars on the map
    -added star types O, A, F, G, K, and Red Dwarf
    -changed map graphics for "Red Giant"
    -added binary stars
    -added globular clusters
    -added 2 types of open clusters
    -added stellar nurseries
    -added protostars
    -added 5 types of distant galaxies
    -added comets
    -added backgrounds for cultural and foreign advisors
    -added planet "Questal" to the Core
    -added planet "Zardossa Stix" to the Colonies
    -added planet "Tasariq" to the Inner Rim
    -added planet "Smarteel" to Wild Space
    -combined independent factions
    -removed defense units for independent faction
    -added system to force war between major factions and the independent faction
    -added hero "Han Solo - Millennium Falcon"
    -removed locked wars between major powers
    -added some starting Liberty-class and MC80a starships for the New Republic faction
    -added transport capability to the "Acclamator-class Assault Ship"
    -reduced transport capacity of "AA-9 Coruscant Freighter" from 5 to 2
    -terrain "Red Giant" renamed "Red Supergiant"
    -added red giants
    -added and labeled red supergiant "Primus Goluud"
    -labeled red supergiant "Shadda"
    -added Shadda Nebula
    -added 15 unique planetary nebulae to the galaxy
    -Starfighter Manufactory and Starship Engines Manufactory both require "Enabler" tech
    -sector capitals (such as "Fondor," "Chardaan," etc.) are now small wonders so they are not destroyed by combat
    -added "base" improvements for Rakatan Star Map so it can be rebuilt if destroyed by combat
    -added faction "Hapes Consortium"
    -govt "Military Dictatorship" renamed to "Dictatorship"
    -added planet "G'rho" to the Wild Space near Bakura
    -added planet "Lwhekk" to the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
    -added planet "Xoscorth" to the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
    -added faction "Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium"
    -added Swarm, D'kee, Fw'Sen, Sh'ner, Shree, and Wurrif -class ships for the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
    -government type "Mandalorian Tribalism" renamed to "Tribalism"
    -added Ssi-ruuvi Warrior and P'w'eck Peon units for the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium
    -added government type "Empire" (for the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium)
    -added planet improvement "Entechment Center" for the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium
    -updated popheads.pcx
    -added new scenario with larger empires and less independent planets
    -adding pre-placed starports to major planets
    -removed pre-placed "Environmental Control" improvements on ecumenpoleis

    v1.4 (Steam)

    Spoiler :
    -completely redone unit stats
    -added the Commenor Run trade route which connects Alderaan to Commenor
    -added planet "Andalia" to Hapes cluster
    -added planet "Terephon" to Hapes cluster
    -added Transitory Mists on the map
    -updated unit "Venator" graphics
    -added unit "Assault Frigate Mk. I"
    -added unit "Nebula-class Star Destroyer"
    -added planet "Roon" in the Outer Rim
    -added shipyard planet "Rothana" in the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Hypori" to the Outer Rim
    -added resource "Beskar" (doesn't do anything yet except increase production on Mandalore)
    -added unit "Interceptor IV-class Frigate"
    -renamed unit "Searcher for the Dark Force" to "Delaya Mk. II-class courier", same function as before
    -"Delaya-class" can now upgrade to "Delaya Mk. II"
    -added new city screen interface
    -added faction "Black Sun"
    -added faction "Zann Consortium"
    -renamed "Bothan Clans" to "Bothan Alliance"
    -added leaderhead graphics for "Naboo", "The Centrality", "Bothan Alliance", "Zann Consortium", and "Black Sun"
    -improvement "Energy Shipments" now no longer buildable
    -added unit "Z-95 Headhunter"
    -updated "Lictor-class Heavy Frigate" civilopedia
    -added new barbarian (pirate) names
    -now only starfighters with hyperdrives can re-base
    -added planet "Centares" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Tol Amn" to Hutt Space
    -added planet "Ugarin" to Hutt Space
    -added planet "Arkanis" to CIS space
    -added planet "Llanic" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Socorro" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Near Pando" to Hutt Space
    -added planet "Far Pando" to Hutt Space
    -added shipyard planet "Botajef" to Mandalorian space
    -added planet "Serenno" to the Outer Rim
    -added wonder "The Spike" on Serenno
    -added planet "Axxila" to Mandalorian space
    -added planet "Vandyne" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Tangrene" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Birgis" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Maltha Obex" to the Outer Rim
    -added space station "Bannistar Station" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Annoo" to the Zann Consortium near Saleucami
    -added planet "Skako" to the Core
    -Mon Calamari is now a shipyard planet
    -added the Maw Nebula around Kessel
    -added planet "Mon Gazza" to the Mid Rim
    -added Spice to planets Makem-Te and Mon Gazza
    -added planet "Deneba" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Nivek" to the Expansion Region
    -added uninhabited planet "Milagro" to the Expansion Region
    -added uninhabited planet "Jagomir" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet-type "Wasteland"
    -Death Sticks now actually show up on a few planets
    -added planet "Cantonica" to the Outer Rim
    -added the Malachor V debris field
    -added planet "Crakull" to the Unknown Regions
    -added planet "The Redoubt" to the Unknown Regions
    -added planet "Noris" to the Unknown Regions
    -added planet "Ool" to the Unknown Regions
    -added planet "Rhigar" to the Unknown Regions
    -added the Utegetu Nebula
    -terrain "Coast N/A" renamed to "Stellar Void"
    -terrain "Sea N/A" renamed to "Tangled Hyperspace"
    -added the Open Sea void near the Centrality
    -added the Tempered Wastes void near Rakata Prime
    -added ecumenopolis planet "Lianna" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Hosnian Prime" to the Core
    -added planet "Belazura" to the Colonies
    -added planet "Vendaxa" to the Expansion Region
    -added uninhabited planet "Syngia" to the Outer Rim
    -added resource "Sithspawn"
    -added uninhabited planet "Nentan" to the Mid Rim
    -added uninhabited planet "Lok" to the Outer Rim
    -added pirate base on Lok for the Lok Revenants
    -added debris field "Concord Dawn" to the Expansion Region
    -added uninhabited planet "Aquaris" to the Outer Rim
    -added pirate base on Aquaris for the Aquaris Freeholders
    -"Dreadnaught cruiser" now upgrades to "Slave-rigged Dreadnaught"
    -added planet "Cathar" to the Outer Rim
    -added wonder "Mustafar Fortress" for the Black Sun
    -added planet "Ralltiir" in the Core
    -attack bonus against pirates changed to 0
    -added uninhabited planet "Helska IV" to the Outer Rim
    -added "unload" ability to all starships that carry starfighters
    -added planet "Elom" to the Outer Rim, a source of Lommite
    -removed population cost for Coruscant Freighter
    -added unit "AA-9 Passenger Liner" for moving population
    -wonders like the Palace of the Jedi and the Valley of the Dark Lords now have to be discovered and built to recieve benefits
    -added wonder "Genesis Pool"
    -added Sith Alchemy
    -added sithspawn unit "Tarentatek"
    -Katana fleet no longer requires support
    -added stellar void beyond the edge of the galaxy and the hyperspace barrier surrounding it
    -added unit "The Darkstaff"
    -added superweapon "Wielder of the Darkstaff"
    -added unit "Circlet of Saresh"
    -added unit "Force Essence"
    -added inhabited asteroid "The Maw"
    -added wonder "The Maw"
    -added wonder "Maw Installation"
    -added improvement "Ubiqtorate Station"
    -added small wonder "projects" that produce the Allegiance, Bulwark Mk III, Lucrehulk, Bellator, Viscount, and Executor
    -added unit "Dark Holocron"
    -added unit "Eye of the Sun"
    -added victory point locations on important planets
    -added route label "Shiritoku Way"
    -added route label "Spar Trade Route"
    -added route label "Cerean Reach"
    -added route label "Great Gran Run"
    -added route label "Corellian Trade Spine"
    -added route label "Nothoiin Corridor"
    -added route label "Hydian Way"
    -added planet "Tibrin" to the Eriadu Authority
    -added planet "Cyphar" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Ogem" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Nkllon" to the Expansion Region
    -added planet "Ord Thoden" to the Unknown Regions
    -added planet "Nag Ubdur" to the Outer Rim
    -added Zersium to Endor and Nag Ubdur
    -added Lommite to Nkllon and Ord Thoden
    -added route label "D'Aelgoth Trade Route"
    -added route label "Ado Spine"
    -added route label "Rimma Trade Route"
    -added planet "Sharlissia" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Juvex" to the Eriadu Authority
    -added resource "Slavery"
    -added planet "Orvax IV" to CIS space
    -added planet "Omwat" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Kabal" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Sevarcos II" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Kirdo III" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Cotellier" to the Outer Rim
    -added resource "Nova Cystals"
    -added wonder "Nomad City" to Nkllon
    -a note that I've started putting resources immediately adjacent to planets that have multiple resources, or a characteristic planet-type (which act as resources) ex. Mon Calamari and Mygeeto
    -added planet "Farstine" to the Mid Rim
    -added route label "Triellus Trade Route"
    -planet populations are now a lot more stagnant and dependent on outside food shipments (a resource)
    -added route label "Giju Run"
    -"Atrisia" renamed to "Kitel Phard"
    -added planet "Giju" to Imperial Remnant space
    -added planet "Borosk" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Troska" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Janara" to the Inner Rim
    -added planet "Kiffu" to the Inner Rim
    -added label for planet "Kiffex"
    -added resource "Pink Crystalline"
    -added label for planet "NaJedha"
    -added route label for "Harrin Trade Corridor"
    -added route label for "Enarc Run"
    -added wonder "Canto Bight" to Cantonica
    -added route label for "Five Veils Route"
    -added route label for "Llanic Spice Run"
    -added route label for "Duros Space Run"
    -added resource "Planetary Nebula"
    -renamed terrain "Nebula" to "Diffuse Nebula"
    -added resource "Supernova Remnant"
    -added ecumenopolis "Metellos" to New Republic space
    -added planet "Kalist VI" to the Core
    -added planet "Constancia" to the Core
    -added planet "Azbrian" to the Core
    -added planet "Teyr" to the Colonies
    -added wonder "Teyr Rift" on Teyr
    -renamed unit "Hammerhead-class Cruiser" to "Sphyrna-class Corvette" and nerfed stats by 1/3 (now 100m vs 300m), available now only to the New Republic
    -added planet "Zirulast" to the Expansion Region
    -added resource "Picturesque"
    -added planet "Belasco" to the Expansion Region
    -added planet "Cicumtore" to Hutt space
    -added route label for "Corellian Run"
    -added route label for "Reena Trade Route"
    -added route label for "Shipwrights' Trace"
    -added resource "Frigid Pristine"
    -added planet "Tynna" to the Expansion Region
    -added resource "Aridus"
    -added planet "Aridus" to the Expansion Region
    -added wonder "Iron Tower"
    -added the Nanth'ri Pirates and Celis Mott
    -added pirate Drolen Antig
    -added pirate Nym
    -added route label for "Nanth'ri Route"
    -added route label for "Bothan Run"
    -added route label for "Trax Tube"
    -added planet "Molavar" to the Outer Rim
    -added route label for "Manda Merchant Route"
    -added planet "Kothlis" to Bothan space
    -added route label for "Hollastin Run"
    -added route label for "Shag Pabol"
    -added route label for "Ootmian Pabol"
    -added label "Thornhedge Pulsar" and added the Thornhedge Nebula to the map
    -added planet "Sriluur" tp Hutt space
    -added resource "Acrid" and added to Lok and Sriluur
    -added route label for "Pabol Hutta"
    -added route label for "Pabol Sleheyron"
    -added planet "Nar Kreeta" to Hutt space
    -added planet "Nar Bo Sholla" to Hutt space
    -added route label for "Pabol Kreeta"
    -added route label for "Ilosian Spur"
    -added uninhabited planet "Kromus"
    -added planet "Wobani" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Ringo Vinda" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Aargonar" to the Mid Rim
    -added planet "Vjun" to the Outer Rim
    -added route label for "Lesser Lantillian Route"
    -added route label for "Great Kashyyyk Branch"
    -added route label for "Randon Run"
    -added wonder "Bast Castle" on Vjun
    -added wonder "Dark Side Elite"
    -renamed improvement "Planetary Shield" to "Orbital Defense Command"
    -removed planetary shield map graphics
    -added unit "Dark Jedi"
    -added improvement "Sith Academy"
    -added unit "Jedi Knight"
    -added unit "Sith Warrior"
    -added unit "Battle Hydra"
    -added improvement "Sith Alchemy: Battle Hydra"
    -added unit "NR-N99 Persuader Tank Droid"
    -ground units can now stealth attack other ground units and are much cheaper, making them useful during planetary assaults
    -Jedi can stealth attack other Jedi
    -added planet "Maramere" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Aeten II" to the Unknown Regions
    -added resource "Stygium" to Maramere and Aeten II
    -added tech "Cloaking"
    -added unit "TIE/ph Phantom"
    -added planet and resource "Starkiller Base"
    -added playable faction "First Order"
    -"Unknown Regions" renamed "Wild Space"
    -added planet "Attera" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Vodran" to Hutt Space
    -added planet "Cetis" to First Order space
    -added planet "Chozastea" to First Order space
    -added planet "Yashuvhu" to Wild Space
    -added wonder "Project Starkiller"
    -added wonder "Starkiller Base Reactor"
    -added wonder "Starkiller Base Superlaser"
    -added wonder "Starkiller Base Parade Ground"
    -added wonder "Starkiller Base"
    -added ICBM unit "Charged Superlaser"
    -added unit "C-9979 Landing Craft"
    -added unit "Resurgent-class Battlecruiser"
    -added small wonder "Resurgent Project"
    -added "Kylo Ren" hero for the First Order
    -removed pre-placed "Extensive Orbital Shipyards" around planet "Ringo Vinda" (may now instead be constructed)
    -added planet "Umbara" to the Expansion Region
    -added resource "Shadow World" to Umbara
    -added planet "Telerath" to the Inner Rim
    -added route label "Quellor Run"
    -added route label "Trellen Trade Route"
    -added route label "Lorell Route"
    -added route label "Hapan Spine"
    -added route label "Perlemian Trade Route"
    -added label "Cron Drift"
    -added route label "Vaathkree Trade Corridor"
    -added route label "Commenor Run"
    -added route label "Namadii Corridor"
    -added route label "Rago Run"
    -added planet "Cal-Seti" to the Core
    -added route label "Metellos Trade Route"
    -added route label "Byss Run"
    -added route label "Shawken Spur"
    -added planet "Ord Antalaha" to the Colonies
    -"Junction" renamed "Feriae Junction"
    -added planet "Celanon" to Mandalorian space
    -added route label "Celanon Spur"
    -added planet "Er'Kit" to the Outer Rim
    -added route label "Braxant Run"
    -added route label "Entralla Route"
    -added planet "Cassander" to the Outer Rim
    -added planet "Fest" to the Outer Rim
    -added route label "Relgim Run"
    -added route label "Veragi Trade Route"
    -added route label "Way of Schesa"
    -added route label "Path of the Houses"
    -added planet "Columex" to the Outer Rim
    -added route label "Salin Corridor"
    -added label "Radama Void"
    -added route label "Shaltin Tunnels"
    -added route label "Listehol Run"
    -added route label "Overic Griplink"
    -added label "Monsua Nebula"
    -added label "Kaliida Nebula"
    -added label "Metharian Nebula"

    v1.3 (Steam)
    -added Conquests No-Raze Patch to the download
    -era "Planetary Defense" renamed "Special Weapons"
    -added techs "Hero I" through "Hero IV"
    -improvements "Slavery" and "Prison" now both reduce culture by -1
    -fixed long techbox graphics
    -"Imperial I Star Destroyer" can now upgrade to the "Imperial II"
    -all starfighters now have 2 movement so they can bomb and load on the same turn
    -added "Extensive Orbital Shipyards" to planet Rendili
    -added dummy improvement line that allows rebuilding of "Oversector Capitals" in case it is destroyed by combat
    -added resource "Orbital Shipyards" so that improvement "Extensive Orbital Shipyards" can be rebuilt if it is destroyed by combat
    -added "Admiral Thrawn" hero for Imperial Remnant
    -added "Admiral Ackbar" hero for New Republic
    -reduced "build often" tags so AI are not overwhelmed
    -unit "Acclamator" now can act as artillery and bombard as intended
    -auto-building "Cruiser Shipyards" renamed simply "Shipyard"
    -auto-building "Shipyards" now require "Orbital Shipyards" rather than "Extensive Orbital Shipyards" in order to be built ("Capital Shipyards" still require Extensive Orbital Shipyards)
    -added lommite mining planet "Dorvalla" near Eriadu
    -new graphics for planets with "Extensive Orbital Shipyards" that does not overlap with ecumenopoleis
    -Anaxes, Shawken, Brentaal, Tython, Ord Ibanna, and Xagobah moved away from nearby planets to prevent certain improvements being constructed on them
    -moved Sarapin to the correct trade route: Hydian Way rather than the Corellian Run
    -added wonder "Sarapin Energy Collectors"
    -added improvement "Energy Shipments"
    -added resource "Core Worlds"
    -added improvement "Core World Manufacturing"
    -unit "Lucrehulk Battleship" renamed "Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship", no longer available to the Pentastar Alignment
    -added wonder "Tipoca City" on Kamino
    -added wonder "Kamino Cloning Facility"
    -added improvement "Veteran Clones"
    -added unit "Bellator-class Star Destroyer"
    -overhauled starfighter/bomber stats; bombers are now threats to ships
    -advanced stafighters now require resource "Tibanna"
    -wonder "Reunite the Empire" now produces a "Bellator" instead of an "Allegiance" every 5 turns
    -cloning wonders unavailable to the CIS, but CIS ships no longer require population to construct

    v1.2 (Steam)
    -added wonder "COMPNOR"
    -added planet improvement "Imperial Propaganda"
    -slightly reduced A/D values for unit "Providence-class Cruiser"
    -increased A/D values for unit "Bulwark Mark I Battleship"
    -unit "Bulwark Mark I Battleship" now available with tech "Battlecruisers"
    -added unit "Bulwark Mark III Battlecruiser," available only to the New Republic
    -added civilopedia entries for some techs
    -"Star Forge" no longer restricted to Rakata Prime
    -"Star Forge" produces "Derriphan Battleship" every 2 turns instead of 3
    -added planet improvement "Jedi Library"
    -"Jedi Archives of Coruscant" now increases research output by +150% and places a "Jedi Library" on every planet
    -"Jedi Archives of Ossus" now grants 2 free advances and increases research output by +150%, available with tech "New Jedi Order" only for the Light Side
    -Jedi and Sith governments now require techs "Peace, not Emotion" and "Passion, not Peace" respectively
    -"Academy of Carida" now produces a "Victory II Star Destroyer" every 5 turns
    -Jedi/Sith techs now no longer rendered obsolete by each other, and wonders require their respective governments to function
    -"Reunite the Empire" now produces an "Alleigiance-class Battlecruiser" every 5 turns, places a "Prison" on every planet, and provides any technology known by at least 2 other factions for free
    -"Venator-class Star Destroyer" now 9/7 A/D and costs 350 production
    -"Jedi Temple" and "Sith Temple" now require techs "Peace, not Emotion" and "Passion, not Peace" respectively
    -larger ships are now available at the start of the game (eg. Victory I SD for the Empire, MC80 Liberty for the New Republic)
    -"Victory I SD", "MC80 Liberty", "Providence Cruiser", "Providence Carrier", "Keldabe Battleship" all now require no resources to build
    -"Munificent Star Frigate" now also available to the Pentastar Alignment
    -now possible to track down and eliminate Dark Force (top left corner of the map), thus conquest victories are enabled again
    -reduced the cost of all techs by 4 points
    -"Coruscant Freighter" now costs 1 population and can join cities, for use as a population mover
    -Star Dreadnoughts now cost 3 population to construct, Battlecruisers cost 2, Capitals cost 1
    -added resource "Ysalamiri"
    -added wonder "Spaarti Cloning Facility" which increases population growth of planets and allows healing in enemy territory
    -increased the HP for all ground units by +5 or +8
    -fixed some wookiepedia bugs
    -fixed "Celebratus Archive" large icon
    -fixed "Crusader corvette" by removing "rotate before attack" flag

    v1.1 (Steam)
    -changed space terrain movement cost from 4 to 5
    -added planet improvement "Praxeum," available only to the Light Side
    -added wonder "Valley of the Dark Lords" on Korriban
    -enabled espionage for Sith factions
    -added wonder "Palace of the Jedi" on Coruscant
    -enabled espionage for Jedi factions
    -added wonder "Great Citadel of Ziost" on Ziost

    v1.0 (Steam)
    -original upload


    Installation Instructions:

    Download the newest TMA.zip. Obviously you need to extract the contents with a program like 7-zip or Winzip.

    2. Extract/place 'Star Wars TMA' folder and 'Star Wars TMA.biq' in
    Program Files/Infogrames Interactive/Civilization 3/Conquests/Scenarios
    Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios
    depending on which version you're playing.

    If playing via Civ3 Complete on Steam:
    Extract/place 'Labels.txt' file from the second download in
    Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\Star Wars TMA\Text

    3. Place the NoRaze.exe file in
    Program Files/Infogrames Interactive/Civilization 3/Conquests
    Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete\Conquests

    4. Launch the game via the NoRaze.exe (Can rename to Conquests.exe, but back up the original!)

    5. Launch TMA 1.10 from the Scenarios menu!

    Note on loading times: The first few turns are very slow (~40-60 seconds) but after that the game should speed up a bit.

    Don't forget to pick your title screen! In the "Extras" folder, under "Title Screens" there are a bunch for different monitor sizes, so choose the one that fits yours and you like best! :)



    To make Civ3 fit widescreen resolutions, open Conquests.ini in Civilization 3/Conquests and add the line "KeepRes=1" (without quotes) to the end of the file.

    If scrolling no longer works in-game while in widescreen, try this: right click the conquests.exe (or the No Raze.exe), go to the Compatibility tab, run it in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7, and CHECK the box labelled "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". You might have to change the resolution you play at to something smaller than full widescreen because this will reduce the size of all HUD elements in-game. You'll also have to manually change to this resolution before starting the game. (This is how I play on my 3840 x 2160 4k res monitor.)


    "I want those rebels dead!" :evil:

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  2. AnthonyBoscia

    AnthonyBoscia Emperor

    Feb 7, 2010
    Here's where the fun begins.
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  3. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    downloading . How does the Dark Fleet randomly spawn ? This would be a trick ı would like to know .
  4. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    The 'Dark Force' is a civ, in a locked-alliance war with the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, and the Mandalorians (so these civs will be most likely to capture it). They have some 20 possible start locations scattered about the map.
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  5. Vuldacon

    Vuldacon Dedicated to Excellence Supporter

    Nov 14, 2001
  6. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Meteor Man, this is a very nice surprise! Thank you very much! :thanx:

    I had a first look at your scenario and you did a lot of good work in every aspect, that such a scenario can have.:clap: I will play it as soon as my time will allow it. :)
    As Vuldacon said, the pixel Magenta line results from bad programming by Firaxis. Antal1987 corrected it with his patch after a suggestion by PaGe and showed, that Firaxis would have been well advised to have him in their team. The Antal1987 Patch 3 is tested now many times in combination with the new version of my C3C epic mod and it seems to work very well. This patch also fixes the spoiled scientific age and can directly start a C3C game or scenario, as it contains the no-cd-patch. On the other side this patch also allows to settle cities in the next field to another city, what has its pros and contras.

    Later patches than version 3 have an enlarged fat cross for cities (what needs a complete readjustment of the settings of C3C as cities now can produce and research much better than they normally would do) and with some of the higher numbers of his patch framework I had some problems to run a game when I tested them longer time ago.
  7. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    Thanks for the information, guys, but I'm a little confused, for his post says that v4 has the civilopedia fix (rather than v3 which you say works, Civinator) and Vuldacon linked me v6. :confused: Which one should I download + distribute?
  8. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    You are right. It´s version 4. :yup:

    May be it´s the best to try whatever patch you like more. I decided, that for a normal C3C game I´m favouring version 4.
  9. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    Very good, sir, I'll download and make it known in the OP. Thanks for helping me with that annoying bug.

    Edit: I tried it and my antivirus blocked the file from loading. Any reason why it would do that?
  10. Vuldacon

    Vuldacon Dedicated to Excellence Supporter

    Nov 14, 2001
    Meteor Man... I had no problems with the v4 File in any way but if your Antivirus program is blocking it, simple edit your Antivirus program and tell it to ignore the files.
    That particular file only removes the Magenta Line from the Civilopedia.
  11. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    :yup: I just made another check with Kaspersky and the program says, that it is safe:
    Spoiler :

    Attached Files:

  12. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    I am just a little paranoid, haha. Thanks, guys.
  13. Happyhandz

    Happyhandz Chieftain

    Apr 2, 2018
    I vote 10/10 will play
  14. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    Awesome. Welcome to Civfanatics! :cheers:
  15. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    So I noticed that the v4 patch doesn't seem to include the no-raze patch as I can still raze, and only v1 has a +no-raze version :dunno:
  16. Vuldacon

    Vuldacon Dedicated to Excellence Supporter

    Nov 14, 2001
    As I said.. there is NOTHING to worry about with The Patch V4.

    It ONLY remove the Civilopedia Magenta line. dude to programing.

    You want other patches... try them out... I only verified the Patch V4 to remove the Magenta Line.as you wondered about.
  17. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone \ Cold / Fish

    May 19, 2009
    Inside my skull
    AFAIK, the human player still gets the option to raze (i.e. the "keep the city or raze it?" pop-up), but the AI won't raze captured towns (i.e. planets) over the hardcoded limit any more.

    So the human player just has to resist the urge to go all Moff Tarkin on his/her captures...
  18. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    Yes I know that now, Vuldacon. What I'm saying is V4 doesn't have the No-raze and the versions with no-raze don't have the civilopedia fix. And the no-raze is far more important.

    also, tjs282, it seems the AI does start razing at the beginning of the scenario, and I can't have that.

    added a link to the No-raze patch in the OP.

    I also updated the mod to v1.1. Changelog below.

    Spoiler Changelog v1.1 :


    -changed space terrain movement cost from 4 to 5
    -added planet improvement "Praxeum," available only to the Light Side
    -added wonder "Valley of the Dark Lords" on Korriban
    -enabled espionage for Sith factions
    -added wonder "Palace of the Jedi" on Coruscant
    -enabled espionage for Jedi factions
    -added wonder "Great Citadel of Ziost" on Ziost

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  19. King Coltrane

    King Coltrane King

    Aug 25, 2004
    Hi Meteor Man!

    First, I want to thank you for such a well done, fun mod! I haven't played Civ3 in forever, but it was such a pleasure to get back into it through your mod. I played 2 games, both on Luke Skywalker difficulty, one as the New Republic (though I didn't stick with that for very long), and one as the Imperial Remnant, which saw galactic conquest achieved. I just wanted type up some thoughts and reflections.


    The graphics are beautiful! I loved the art for each wonder, building, and unit. Well done and good choices on the art!

    Galactic Geography:

    I love how the hyperlanes connect the planets. It was very clear how to proceed and where chokepoints were. It was a fun strategic choice whether to defend a planet or a hyperlane chokepoint and wait for reinforcements.

    I also like the small sections that are divided by Nebulae, like around Korriban and Byss. I wish there were more of these! And honestly, it might focus some of the factions a bit. I saw Mandalorian ships near Rakkata hunting for barb camps. But I was thinking the Transitory Mists around Hapes could be an option (and maybe make Hapes into it's own faction).


    The few wonders that exist are really cool and give great flavor to the galaxy! I wish there were many more!

    That being said, with the exception of the Jedi Archives, most seem very underpowered. I wish there were more wonders that produced unique units or did something that felt dramatic. And after a while, there were no more wonders to build. Additionally, the "Restore the Empire" wonder is really overpriced. Each of the sector small wonders takes long enough after a certain amount of time that I dont see why the main Great Wonder shouldn't cost ~100 production instead of 600. I know it's a big deal, but by that point in the campaign a Victory 2 SD every few turns doesnt make much difference, and would take too long to get to the front. Maybe you should make this whole process into a space race victory instead of just another wonder.

    Also, the Star Forge is really underpowered as well. I love that it is there, but 2 movement battleships (that arent that strong anyway, which is fine!) at the edge of the galaxy will never see action on the front. I would recommend either giving those units the ability to rebase, or increase their speed, or something to make the wonder useful.

    The Jedi Archives on the other hand produce some odd effects (and is quite overpowered, which actually worked out well!) The major issue is that it gives the player (and AI I assume) both Jedi and Sith techs, which obsolete each other, making the 2 paths negate each other and simply provide a government. Granted, I enjoyed having Thrawn addressed as "Jedi Master" (I went for Jedi Republic), but it was sad that I couldn't re-establish the Jedi Order or the Sith Empire.

    An idea that you may want to put in: a wonder that produces the Eclipse. Yes, it would be overpowered, but given how uniform the militaries are until late game, I'd be ok with that. This era is ripe with Superweapons and crazy things. I would love to see more of them!


    Overall, I like the tech tree, though as I mentioned above, the Jedi/Sith conflicting tech requirements are an issue. (I would solve these by simply tying the wonders and buildings to the government types rather than obsoleting them with a different tech) I do think that the costs of each tech are a little high, which doesn't allow smaller factions to really play this part of the game until they expand more. Maybe this is intended.

    But I wish there was more to the tech tree! (This is a common theme. I love what I played and wish there was more!) The militaries could be fleshed out with more ground units, space units (especially fighters), and special techs like the Katana fleet upgrades.

    This is especially noticeable in the early game when literally everyone is spamming out Venators because there isn't much else to build. I wish that there were some early game ships to build which provided some differentiation. It strikes me as odd that the militaries for the whole galaxy are mostly Venators until about 20 ABY though. Shouldn't there be some Star Destroyers? Shouldn't we see more Imperial tech than Republic tech? I was sad to not see TIE Defenders, E Wings, K Wings, Hapan Battle Dragons, etc in a mod about this era. I'm sure you're familiar with it, but if you need inspiration, Thrawn's Revenge for Star Wars Empire at War (http://www.moddb.com/mods/thrawns-revenge) is another amazing mod set in this era.

    It may be worth considering doing some sort of tech timer idea like in Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire if you want emergent factions/ideas like Abeloth, the Black Fleet Crisis (yes I know the Katana fleet is there), the Yuuzhan Vong, the reborn emperor, etc. That would make certain events independent of player involvement.


    This is one of the most noticeably missing elements of the mod. Yes, there are jedi and sith temples. But that's it. Why can't I train Jedi as the New Republic? You could even make a mini game with jedi and sith hunting holocrons that give gold or production (on disband) or whatever. Just to add some fun. It would also be cool to allow jedi/sith to convert defeated units and "enslave" padawan/apprentices, which could be upgraded at major temples. I would also give them the ability to stealth attack ground targets, specifically artillery, as well as maybe a ranged attack that could take out 2 HP units. Again, yes they would be strong, possibly overpowered, but the rarity of them would make them extremely valuable. You could even have 3 tiers, with padawan/apprentice -> knight/adept -> Master.


    In a similar vein as the above point, having heroes would add a ton of flavor. Han, Luke, Thrawn, Zsinj, Daala, Wedge, etc. They could be units with specific/extra stats, or they could be "armies" that add a bonus to a specific unit. Or both! Maybe Thrawn would be an "Army" leader that gives a bonus to his flagship, while Han comes in the Falcon and has a movement bonus and can carry land units/jedi. Wedge could be at the head of Rogue Squadron at first (a super-fighter), but could upgrade to the Lusankya if a certain planet is taken. These are just ideas, but again, could allow for tons of flavor. Perhaps the "army leader" for the Mandalorians could be a super unit called "Mandalore", that you only get one of, but will eventually re-emerge if he dies.

    This would also allow minor factions to be centered around their heroes. The death of these heroes would be major events and would hamper their time of power, especially early on.

    Ground Forces:

    Currently, I feel like ground forces are a non issue. I never once built one. I like that they have to be overcome when assaulting a planet, but ill be honest, when I get to that point in the assault, I know I've won. They dont have the same power as even Venators, especially due to the minor HP they get. My 7 HP 11 attack Venator will easily defeat a 2 hp turbolaser with 13 defense. I think the purpose/usage of ground forces should change. Ground forces should be for attack, not defense. I love using my navy for most of the action, but I think it would be good to give ground forces the flag which allows ground units to destroy fortifications/buildings. This would be destructive to a planet, but these invasions WERE devastating to planets that suffered them. Ground units should also get stealth attack vs other ground units, so that they are specialized. I still dont totally know why you'd use these instead of just using capital ships though. But at least it would encourage their use a little more? Perhaps if there were fewer capital ships overall they would have higher usage. In canon, ground invasions were necessary to overcome/circumvent planetary shields. Maybe there's a way to model that?

    As for defensive units, at the least they need their HP bumped. 2 HP is too small to be more than a delayer. And that's what most of them should be. But a big hypervelocity gun shouldn't be the EASY part of an assault. I think you should add a shield/generator unit that has insane defense and reasonable HP to deter attacks on a well defended planet. This could somehow be tied to the Jedi/ground attack units. As is, there is basically no orbital bombardment anyway, so I see no reason not to have a high defense unit that would be strong vs ships. Perhaps the shield generator could be a building (which it currently is) which spawns these shields and gives an insane defense bonus (+400%?) but which is highest or second highest priority for bombardment, an ability which could be given to the jedi (strategic bombing) and ground units, making their assault necessary if you want to do an orbital assault. It would still be possible to take these planets, but would be costly unless you had a jedi commanding/a huge assault force.

    Sorry about rambling, but the TL;DR for this section is make ground combat rock paper scissors: Shield generator building gives super high defensive bonus and spawn Planetary Shield which has respectable stats and HP, which beat assault by capital ships; make jedi/sith/ground units have the strategic bombing flag in order to take out the shield generator building and make attacking the planet/shields by capital ships possible.

    Space Forces:

    As I mentioned earlier, there are a LOT of Venators. I was worried about whether I'd ever even build a Star Destroyer. But I have to say, the unit tech creep actually felt really good and I enjoyed it. I just wish everything started at Imperial era tech, not Republic tech. However, I think there may actually be too many capital ships. I almost never built frigates, cruisers, or fighters. I know this is somewhat addressed by auto-production, but I think more could be done.

    I think Capital Ships should have their HP and stats increased (I think an Imperial 1 SD should be 14 base HP, an have 25/20/4 stats. It should be a powerhouse rather than as commonplace and expendable as they are here. I would also increase their cost so that while valuable, they are hard to replace. I would also limit their production to either specific worlds (require a new resource and have these worlds outside the trade network until later) or only be produced by a building.

    This means that we need other units in the fleet.

    Cruisers should have decent stats and medium HP, so that they are good at fighting other starships, but are outclassed by capital ships. This should vary based on faction, as is already partially the case, with some factions having cheaper units (CIS), higher base stats (imperial), limited anti-fighter capacity (republic), or extra speed.

    Frigates should should have radar so they see further and anti fighter capacity, as well as a defensive bombardment. All of this serves support roles, with different factions having different strengths. Republic frigates (CR90) should have higher anti fighter abilities, while imperial forces would have higher defensive bombardment.

    Fighters/bombers serve almost no purpose. They are too weak, and the AI doesn't use them enough to justify building your own bombers, let alone fighters. To fix this, Bombers should have significantly higher bombard damage. Enough to hit 1-3 HP of a capital ship pretty regularly. They should max at 3 HP damage though. They should also be given a range of at least 2, as 1 is currently too small. I would also give them 2 movement (but no blitz) so they can attack and load into their carriers again instead of being stuck in space, which happens to both human and AI. Their damage should also be high enough that they can do some damage to the aforementioned shield units after the shield generator defense building is destroyed.

    Some examples of stats: TIE Bomber: 60 production, range of 2, attack 2, defense 4, bombard 15-0-3.
    Y-Wing: 80 production, range of 3, attack 3, defense 6, bombard 15-0-3
    In this case, TIES are cheaper, but less durable and have less range, which is a fair trade off, but makes both units strong against capital ships. ​

    This makes fighter superiority important. Important enough to build fighters. I would also give them pretty good bombard stats, but limit them to just 1 HP damage, so they are not outclassed by bombers in this role. They should primarily defend against bomber attacks and take out defending fighters. Their stats should also reflect this.

    Standard Fighter: TIE Fighter: 40 production, range of 3, attack 8, defense 6, bombard 10-0-1.
    X-Wing: 80 production, range of 3, attack 14, defense 12, bombard 15-0-1

    Interceptor Fighter: TIE Interceptor: 70 production, range of 3, attack 16, defense 16, No bombard.
    A-Wing: 70 production, range of 3, attack 18, defense 14, No bombard.
    Other options: TIE Defender: 110 production, range of 4, attack 25, defense 25, bombard 15-0-1.
    B-Wing: 90 production, range of 3, attack 12, defense 18, bombard 15-0-2.​

    In all this would completely change the balance of space combat, making fighters viable. You could still choose to focus on capital ships and naval strength if that is your faction's strength, as would be the case with the Remnant. Or you could go fighter heavy and focus on dedicated carriers (Quasars) and fighters, whether as a swarm (TIES) or higher quality (rebellion ships)

    This would just open up different play styles, while making space combat relevant to both space superiority and planet assault.

    Again, you could add in special units like the Falcon or Rogue Squadron with bonuses to certain stats.

    Diplomatic Situation:

    You may want to include more factions like the Hapes Consortium, or Warlord Zsinj, or the Greater Maldrood to add to the diplomatic game. Further, why not merge all "rim/core/etc" factions into a single faction? If they cant build units anyway, why not? If it discourages the AI from attacking, then I understand. I would love to hear the logic though.

    Emergent Items?

    I would love to see more "stuff" happen, whether in the form of crises like the Vong or simply that a faction gets a huge new ship or superweapon like the Eclipse or Suncrusher.

    This is less important, but could be handled through pre-placed buildings and tech timers, pre-placed capture-able units a la Escape from Zombie Island 2, etc.

    Starting Order of Battle:

    At game start, each faction seems to have a few ships from a higher level tech. I like this, but it still feels kinda empty. Some factions should start strong, like Zsinj having a Super Star Destroyer. Thrawn should have at least a few Star Destroyers instead of a single victory 1 SD. Maybe the Republic would have heroes and more planets, but have a pretty small military due to the post Endor demilitarization?

    Either way, I would just love for the early game to have an option beyond "turtle until you can expand past 3 planets". Yes, the defense of my planets was tense and fun! But I would love to see other options where a single ship allows for a pretty large threat and can be lost through poor management. Maybe this is too much. In which case you could have this ship be an immobile unit/ a hero that upgrades with the right tech, so that civs arent too strong at start. Whatever your goal, I would just love to see each faction have a more competent starting military, which must be carefully managed until industry and science allow for losses to be recouped.

    Dark Force/ Katana Fleet:

    I don't really get what's going on here. I get the idea behind the Katana Fleet spawning randomly (Though I didn't find it in my games), but is anything else supposed to happen with the Dark Force? I only ask because I couldn't get my conquest victory because of that single planet.

    Whew! That was super long! Thank you again for such an amazing mod with so much potential! Please let me know if I can help in any way. Thank you so much and great job!

  20. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man Cylindropuntia imbricata

    Aug 6, 2007
    New Mexico
    This is a great reply, thanks so much for the quality feedback! :goodjob:

    Spoiler Long Reply :
    I agree with your point about the nebulae, I also wanted to add more differentiation to the map like this. I shall do so. Transitory Mists were the next on the list in that regard. The Hapes Consortium would be cool; I would have to make a Hapan Battle Dragon unit first, which I actually can do because I have the model.

    I can do more wonders that produce unique units. Later you mention the Eclipse, which is a unit I can make (I think). I was thinking small wonders, maybe great ones for some really unique ships.

    I can see how "Reunite the Empire" is underpowered. I will look into maybe making this into a Space Race sort of victory, but I was holding out on that for maybe another project, like the Outbound Flight. Maybe I can have it plop buildings that produce units on every planet, to make it worthwhile. Maybe not. I'll look into it. I'll also reduce the price.

    I was worried about this, and agree. Maybe this is the wonder that can produce units empire-wide. I'm not sure. Actually here's what I'll do: the Star Forge only needs the "knowledge" from Rakate Prime (i.e. Rakata Prime is in the empire and connected to the galactic trade routes via spaceport) and can built anywhere in the Empire. I'll also make those Derriphan battleships get produced every 2 turns instead of 3.

    I'll have to nerf the Archives, then. Maybe instead I can have it place a science building on every planet for a major science boost, or something.

    More are coming! I'm working on the Bellator Dreadnought as we speak, actually. I'm trying to get it done and release it with an update tonight.

    Aha, I used the obsolescence with the techs because I didn't realize a different government type would similarly obsolete wonder bonuses. Brilliant. Will change.

    Tech was supposed to be relatively expensive because I expect players to amass somewhat large empires and get substantial science rolling but I'll tone down the costs a bit.

    Indeed, I'll look into fleshing out the tech tree. More units are coming so that will force a redesign of the Fleet techs. Special techs sound cool.

    I'm actually using Thrawn's Revenge mod for SoaSE to model ships like the Bellator for me :lol:

    I can make an E-Wing. It won't look that pretty but it will be functional. Hapan Battle Dragon I can do.

    I'll reduce the dominance of the Venator by nerfing the A/D values and increasing cost a bit, and I'll try to shift the unit line down, as in make more units available from the start (like Victory SDs).

    Could you explain a little about what a tech timer is?

    I thought it would look weird to have men with lightsabers fighting Star Destroyers. Maybe I'm wrong, it probably wouldn't be that bad. I was thinking of having flagships captained by jedi/sith that have special A/D values or abilities.

    Hunting for holocrons sounds like a good idea, if I can somehow come up with a holocron unit.

    Great idea, here. If you can make the units. I don't know of any Thrawn units, or anyone minor besides Luke, Vader, and Han. And I can't make them because that animation is outside the realm of my current abilities. They could be commanders of special ships, though, like the Millennium Falcon or the Chimaera.

    I could do this, but know that the AI will never use them. They won't use land transports, which is what any transports would be, as space terrain is technically "grassland." The whole reason I'm using the "capital ships take planets" route is because the AI sucks at amphibious invasions and I wanted some actual challenge when fighting wars.

    I will definitely bump the defense and HP of defensive ground units. I can't make a "shield" unit, the ones on the database really don't fit. I don't really like the concept of ships fighting shields and taking damage :lol:

    I can implement the strategic bombing flag idea for jedi/sith flagships. Thanks for the great input!

    Oh, decisions, decisions.

    Will definitely bump A/D and HP stats for capitals, as well as cost to make them more valuable. Probably won't have them only be produced by buildings. Limiting their production to specific worlds is a great idea, however, and I will look into this. Maybe what I can do here is have the autproduction shipyards for SDs and capitals require the "Extensive Shipyards", so that they can only be produced at the major shipyard planets like Fondor, Sluis Van, etc. Will look into this.

    I'll bump their stats. I was trying to keep map speed based on their warp drive speed, and cruiser are not any faster than capitals in that department, usually. I'll create more discrepancy between the factions.

    Very good ideas, will implement.

    Very good ideas regarding the fighters. I was hoping the sheer number of squadrons you can carry into the battle would make up for their weakness (and closer reflect canon numbers) but I guess that's not the case. I'll make the changes.

    Zsinj was actually Thrawn's faction originally, but I replaced him with the Grand Admiral. I suppose I throw more factions in there for greater flavor.

    The independent factions are split for a couple reasons
    1. it gives the player context for the many planets in the galaxy, so you learn the layout of the regions of the galaxy as you play and they gradually disappear into your empire. So that it's Endor: Outer Rim planet or Kuat in the Core rather than simply Endor and Kuat.
    2. it doesn't matter gameplay-wise when it comes to the locked alliances. I can't force every faction to be at war with the independents like I want to, whether it's 7 independent factions or 1. So make it 7 so the map looks cool.
    I didn't want them to build units because I wanted the main factions to quickly expand without hindrance from already large empires surrounding them.

    I don't know how to introduce a faction late into the game, if that's even possible. Any ideas?

    Superweapons are on the way, though. I was toying with the idea of a Galaxy Gun that is basically an extremely long-range heavy artillery piece. But you'd have the AI destroying hyperlanes for the lulz. More superdreadnoughts are on the way, though.

    Ok, good points. I'll beef some empire factions at start, maybe the Mandalorians.

    Sounds good, more competent starting military.

    :lol: damn dude, I'm sorry that sucks. I forgot about that little fact. The Dark Force only has a planet because what would happen is they would get immediately "defeated" upon capture of the Katana fleet and the player would only capture 1 dreadnought instead of the intended 25. I'll look into whether I can do this with a dummy "settler" unit instead.

    Did you go looking for the Katana Fleet? It shouldn't be too hard to find, it won't be in the Unknown regions.

    Thanks so much for your awesome review! :thumbsup: Just what I needed. Clearly works needs to be done.

    I can say that some of the most important fixes will be in the next update for sure. The rest will come in the next one.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018

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