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Einburg Orders


Spoiler :
Player: Jehosua
Race: Human
Tradition: Theocracy
Leader: Prince Maximillian von Auberg
Prestige Rank: 1
Prestige Exp: 5/10xp
Military Skill: 3
Military Exp: 30/50xp
Stability: 6
Growth Rate: 7%
Total Population: 325

Civilian: (+22 civilians, +30 immigrants, +150 crowns, -300 food)
  • Civilians: 300
  • Workers: 150
  • Unemployed: 150
Slaves: ()
Military: (0 crowns, -25 food)
  • 25 Free Templars (25 blessed weapons)
  • 0/25 Templars
  • 200 crude weapons (440 stored)
  • 50 simple weapons (55 stored)
  • 25 blessed weapons (0 stored)
Trade Routes: None (0 trade routes, 0 markets)
Modifier: Human Theocrats ()
Currency: 300 (+153)
Food: 600 (-225)
Wood: 1,200 (+150)
Stone: 500 (+125)
Metal: 400 (+75)

  • Athanasius von Strauss, Cleric level 1 XP 0/10 (Unarmed, Captain)
  • Balthazar Altmann, Sorcerer level 1 XP 0/10 (Unarmed, Magistrate at Einburg)
  • Einburg (capital, town): 150 workers, 150 crowns, 100 food(poor), 150 wood(rich), 125 stone(rich), 75 metal(moderate). Temple


Hunter's Lodge: 500 wood, 25 population

Lumberyard: 200 wood, 100 metal, 25 population.

Fortifications: 300 stone, 100 wood, 100 metal

Mine: 200 wood, 100 metal, 25 population.

Fishing Docks x2: 200 wood, 50 population.

Recruit 25 templars: 125 currency [+ 50 food upkeep per turn]

~ Athanasius von Strauss remains assigned as captain
~ Balthazar Altmann remains assigned as magistrate



Initial reports indicate the presence of dangerous wildlife in the region which, combined with the nascent state of the colony makes the prospect for a far-flung expedition premature at best. The templars under Athanasius von Strauss are instead to garrison Einburg and patrol the immediate surrounds thereof, with priority on protecting workmen ranging beyond the rising fortifications of the town, and subdue any dangerous wildlife or abominations that are encountered. In this manner the immediate territory of the principality is to be secured and made safe for further development and the stage set for a future expedition to uncover the secrets of this new world.

~ equip Athanasius von Strauss with a blessed weapon.
~ equop Balthazar Altmann with a simple weapon
~ re-equip templar bereft of a blessed weapon with a simple weapon (trainee :p)



The destruction of Riylod is an act of providence for by an act of God the Immaculate has laid waste the rising infidel power and extinguished a threat to Holy Church and the Confederation. May this clear sign effect the conversion of souls and the repentance of the dwarves that forsaking their errors they might embrace the true religion. The question remains however should Einburg accept refugees from Riylod as an act of Immaculean charity?

After much consideration the Prince has with a heavy heart established a general prohibition (a limited exception aside) on refugees from Riylod settling in Einburg on a number of grounds, propounded in an edict nailed to the doors of the temple.

These reasons include.

1) The people of Riylod worship a demon, a false deity that has long led the race of dwarves astray. To permit resettlement of these infidels in Einburg would be to introduce this blasphemous doctrine into the principality which cannot be approved due to the danger it would pose to the good of souls.

2) Given that any dwarven settlers loyalty and affection would remain with Riylod rather than with the prince and the Holy Confederation, to allow them rights of settlement would be to introduce a potentially subversive element into the colonial population that may betray the principality to foreign powers, notably that colony of Riylod that persists in the new world.

3) Einburg is a human principality, to introduce a significant population from another race may induce racial strife the colony can ill afford.


His Highness has however noted that if a refugee sincerely desires to pledge loyalty to the principality, renounces all ties to Riylod or its erstwhile colony and professes the Immaculean faith and is confirmed solemnly and by oath as a member of the Immaculean church, then they may be considered for settlement on a case by case basis. Such a petition would be considered on the grounds of benefits such an individual may offer to the colony, the applicants sincerity and the desires of the existing citizenry of Einburg to whom the princes devotion and moral obligation is primarily due.

The prince also notes that he will not permit the Taleuten character of Einburg to be put at risk, and has decreed that no more than 5% of the colonial population ought to compose immigrants from beyond the bounds of the Holy Confederation, be they dwarven refugees, elves, members of any other race or indeed humans bearing alien customs from foreign lands.*


ooc*: No to dwarven refugees as a general rule but if the colony receives a specific petition for residency then it will be considered based on the criteria specified.
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Germany, in the forest
To: High Highness the Prince Maximillian von Auberg, Lord of Einburg, Prince of the Holy Confederation and Servant of the Immaculate.
From: Pro-Consul Marius Brutus of the Republic of Conria

The Republic of Conria appreciates the kind words of the Lord of Einburg. We thank you for giving us your regards to the death of the beloved Cassia Barkanus, our hero and wife of Aurelian Barkanus. We will agree to a trade agreement between us and hope that it will bring growth and properity to our two nations. Also there is no need to worry about the spiritual well beeing of our people, for while the lack of a temple is an inconvenience, the Holy Flame still burns in the heart of Conria and all its people and its bright light will guide us through these dark times.

Marius Brutus


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Starfall Autonomous Sister Republic Orders:


  • 225 Crowns for 100 Wood with the mainland (200 Crowns for 100 Wood, 25 shipping fee)
  • Construct 352 Simple Weapons (352 Metal)
  • Assist the Kingdom of Eternia with construction of their fort (50% discount for them) with sending them blueprints and engineering assistance ect, in exchange for 186 wood, 61 stone and 150 metal. 50 unemployed civilians will be dedicated to this.
  • OTA with Achat and the Kingdom of Eternia
  • Build 4 Fishing Docks (400 Wood, 100 Population)
  • Build 3 Farms (750 Wood, 75 Population)
  • Assign Linnye Silvertongue as a Magistrate and equip her with a Simple Weapon
  • Increase immigration rate to Loosened Borders


Harald Moönseeker (equipped with a simple weapon) will lead an expedition of 247 (equipped with 200 crude weapons and 47 simple weapons for those more experienced in combat) currently unemployed volunteers to explore the areas surrounding the colony. Harald Moönseeker is interested in finding anything magical he can research, but the civilians are more interested in finding something that would be more immediately useful.

The remaining unemployed civilians will remain at home (one will be equipped with a Simple Weapon, that's Yvette).


Governor-General Yvette Chevalier initially wanted to completely open the borders to all refugees wishing to flee the Old World, but this was vetoed by the Legislative Assembly. After negotiations, she agreed to a compromise where the city would increase its intake of civilians but not to the drastic degree that she initially proposed. An additional measure would be that immigration from the mainland would be curbed slightly when refugee output exceeded safe levels. This measure was tolerated by the United Republics back home as the Riyodian collapse is currently a major humanitarian crisis that is putting pressure on border Republics.

To alleviate concerns about food security, Yvette has prioritised the construction of farms and fisheries and has begun trading with the motherland and other colonies for resources. She defended her decision to assist the Kingdom of Eternia with the construction of a fort against the most radical portions of the city saying that "meeting the needs of our Republic and the large number of Rylodian refugees coming to the continent is far more important than moral grandstanding that will have minimal impact on the world".
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Kaladius Territory Turn 2 Orders:
Spoiler Stats :
Player: LordArgon
Race: Dwarf
Tradition: Militarism
Leader: Governor-General Dhorma Seldan
Prestige Rank: 1
Prestige Exp: 7/15xp
Military Skill: 5
Military Exp: 81/100xp
Stability: 5
Growth Rate: 3%
Total Population: 503

Civilian: (+14 civilians, +40 immigrants, +300 crowns, -368 food)
  • Civilians: 368
  • Workers: 300
  • Unemployed: 68
Slaves: (+23 crowns, +18 food, +18 wood, +18 stone, +13 metal)
  • Slaves: 45 (Gnoll)
Military: (0 crowns, -90 food)
  • 90 Free Soldiers (90 martial weapons)
  • 0/100 Soldiers ()
  • 250 crude weapons (250 stored)
  • 85 simple weapons (85 stored)
  • 100 martial weapons (10 stored)
  • 10 light armor (10 stored)
Trade Routes: None (0 trade routes, 0 markets)
Modifier: Dwarven Militarists (+25% stone, +25% metal)
Crowns: 523 (+331)
Food: 600 (-90)
Wood: 225 (+118)
Stone: 125 (+179)
Metal: 132 (+266)

  • Makdan Zhur, Fighter level 1 XP 8/10 (Martial weapon, Captain)
  • Tero Reshdan, Cleric level 1 XP 3/10 (Unarmed, Event)
  • Kaladius (capital, town): 300 workers, 300 crowns, 350 food(impossible), 100 wood(poor), 125 stone(rich), 200 metal(rich). barracks(1), fishing docks(lvl 4), mine(lvl1), armorsmith, tavern, forge, mountain-goat pens

  • 110 crowns to import 40 metal
  • Send 10 light armor to Varheim in exchange for 185 crowns. 5 crowns will be paid for shipping.
  • OTA with Achat and Varheim

Building: None

Recruitment: 18 soldiers arm them with the spare martial weapons.

  • 20 martial weapons (100 metal)
  • 1 full plate (20 metal)

Quest: Spend 125 stone and send 50 workers to finish the task

Event: Allow limited refugees, with the understanding that they will work and fight for us and their so called nobility will not be respected.

Hero actions:
  • Tero Reshdan, Cleric level 1 will oversee the finishing of the quest to prevent any fatal mountain injuries.
  • Makdan Zhur, Fighter level 1 will lead 60 soldiers into the mountains to guard from gnoll incursion
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The Star Reach Chapter

Spoiler :

Player: thomas.berubeg
Race: Orc
Tradition: Theocracy
Leader: Paladin Vashrock
Prestige Rank: 1
Prestige Exp: 12/15xp
Military Skill: 3
Military Exp: 36/50xp
Stability: 6
Growth Rate: 4%
Total Population: 409

Civilians: (+16 civilians, +50 immigrants, +300 crowns, -389 food)
  • Civilians: 389
  • Workers: 300
  • Unemployed: 69
  • Slaves:
Military: (-14 crowns, -20 food)
  • 13 Free Templars (13 blessed weapons, 13 heavy armor)
  • 7/25 Templars (7 blessed weapons, 5 heavy armor

  • 200 crude weapons (200 stored)
  • 50 simple weapons (50 stored)
  • 22 blessed weapons (0 stored)
  • 5 enchanted weapons (5 stored)
  • 18 heavy armor (0 stored)


Trade Routes: None (0 trade routes, 0 markets)
Modifier: Orcish Theocrats ()
Crowns: 870 (+294)
Food: 443 (-134)
Wood: 150 (+300)
Stone: 150 (+100)
Metal: 335 (+150)
Truemetal: 30 (+5)
  • Sister Brigit, Cleric level 2 XP 10/20 (Enchanted weapon, Captain)
  • (Unique) Paladin Ulrog, Paladin level 2 XP 10/20 (Enchanted weapon, Captain)
  • Star-Reach Citadel (capital, town): Has Truemetal(unique), 300 workers, 300 crowns, 275 food(poor), 300 wood(rich), 100 stone(moderate), 150 metal(moderate), 5 truemetal. Temple, Lumberyard(lvl1), Mine(lvl1), Fishing Docks(lvl3), Fortifications(1), Tavern


(Heroic)(timed: Year 1, Fall) Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free: Refugees are flooding out from Riylod to escape the chaos and destruction which has torn the region asunder. The first wave of ships will arrive the new world by the time of the harvest season.

- Task: Decide the Star-Reach Chapter's policy on dealing with the incoming Riylod refugees.

Let he who turneth away those in need be themselves rebuffed in their time of need.

It is our solemn and sworn duty to help those in need. These refugees will be in need, and so we must help them. Accept them under our protection, no questions asked. We pledge to, as soon as we can, provide them with a new homeland, a city where they may rule themselves under our protection.


Blessed be they who stand in evil’s way with naught to clad them but their faith and will.

Top up our Templars, please!


This land is our land, and this land is your land. You toil so that we may eat, and we bleed so you may toil

25 Templars, led by both of our heroes, will join up with the Eternal Host. Together, we will march into the Abandoned Town to our west, and destroy the undead that roam it’s streets, and then allow Eternia to enslave those undead that remain. This will eventually become the Site of the Settlement for the Refugees.


Sign OTA with Achat, Eternia, and Varheim

Provide 15 Truemetal for the use of the Eternal Host against the undead threat


300 Crowns worth of Food

300 Crowns worth of Wood
Nov 24, 2015
Germany, in the forest
A few hair. Thats all that he was holding in his hands. A few hair. That was all that he had left of Cassia, all that this cruel fate had left him with. It has been weeks since the tragedy, months since they had marched out to purge the lands of the undead. And it had been weeks since the few survivors came back, battered, bruised and tramatized. A whole week the entire colony had come to a standstill. Everybody had lost somebody close to them, somebody who was now cursed to have their souls forever bound to their magically animated husk. A fate so much worse than death.

In death they would be united with their loved ones eventually, all together in the light of the Holy Flame. But for that to happen, their mortal form had to be burned, reduced to ash, so that the immortal soul would be free to join the Great Beyond in the Holy Flame. But now, that would never happen, even if Aurelian would to fall on his sword here and now, he would be dammed to never see here again, since she was now one of the cursed undead.
He looked back, tears in his eyes. Their daughters, their twins, both barely three years old, were watching him. A maid was holding their tiny hands, while Aurelian was proceeding with the ceremony. How much he wished that he was holding their tiny hands, instead of the last tiny bit of his wife that he still had. He didn't listen to the speech of the priest or the words of others, as they burned the hair of the loved ones they loved. It was tradition for soldiers to always keep a lock of ahir at home, so that if their body was lost and could not be creamted, their family could burn at least a tiny part of them, to hopefully release their soul.
Oh, how he hoped that it would work here, too. How he hoped that it would reduce the undead to nothing but a husk that has his belovedes appearence, instead of a rotting prison that kept her soul bound to this realm for eternity. Yet, his hands trembled when it was his turn to step to the cauldron, in which the bright fire of the Holy Flame roared. These hair were all that remained of her, all he had. He didn't want her to go, there was still a lifetime ahead that he would have wanted to spend with her. To love her, to live with her, to laugh with her and to be with her. All of this had fate taken away and now he would loose the last fragment of her that remained.

Mechanically, his arm rose up and opened, releasing the hair into the fire. The flame didn't notice, the lock disappeared within a short, tiny flame, that died the moment it started.
"Goodbye Cassia. Don't be too bored while you wait for me" he couldn't bring himself to say something heavy or serious, their relationship had never been like this. A teary chuckle escaped him, as he remembered all the times she beat his stupid head in for dumb things. But it would never happen again.

Back than when his amster had died, the man who had believed in both him and Cassia, he had thought that he could never fell anything more painful than that. Back than he and Cassia had had each other to rely on, but now, he was alone.

But that wasn't right, they were still here. Diane and Palatina, his daughters were still there and they looked at him bewildered, as he slowly stepped towards them. He went down on his knees and with one fluid motion took them both into the closest bear hug he could muster. He would go on, for them. And he would make sure that Cassias soul would be freed. No matter how high the cost, he would purge the so called "Deadlands".
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