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StarTrek Unit: Borg Sphere - Cruiser Class

Tzar Sasha

Tzar of Nowheresville
Dec 10, 2003
The Frozen Tundra
This is the Borg Sphere it is in within the cruiser class for the StarTrek MOD. It is between 80 and 85 pixels in diameter.

The preview is of the attack sequence. There are three phasor shots from the same location to different targets. There are no torpedos or tractor beams for this ship. The sphere is intended as an assistant vessel to the more powerful cubes.

The ZIP file contains:
  • default flc
    fidgit flc
    attack flc
    readme.txt (containing more detailed info about this unit)
    and sound files
Borg Sphere v1.0 ZIP file(This time the link works) :)
The Last, the diamond shaped was in VOY, it's the queens "spacial" ship, and when not in space it's part of unimatrix zero...
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