Strange Problem with ToT


Highly-Pixelated Globe
Jun 2, 2001
Arizona, USA
I cannot get any scenario in Test of Time (except the original ones that came with it) to get its graphics data from the correct file. All of them just take the unit pictures from the ToT directory instead of its scenario folders, even if I turn off animation. This happens with ToT scenarios that I download as well as any that I attempt to create. (I am not sure if this happens with anything other than the images). Why is this? What am I doing wrong? I am confused, especially by the fact that scenarios I download malfunction in this manner.

Yes, I have the latest patch. I downloaded it when I found this happening.
for my part, in order to play no-original scenarios i've make a copy of the "original" directory and i have deleted all *img.bmp and *.spr from the "original" directory, no use to turn on or off any animations !

if i want to play an "original" game with animations i just rename the modified "original" as "original2" then rename "copy of original" as "original"
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