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Super Power Modpack - Total Conversion

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by lincoln_lyf, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    SuperPower Complete Edition- Total Conversion for BNW (

    Author: Lincoln_lyf

    A Total Conversion Mod for a better late-game experience and modern warfare
    Current Version: v5.1 (6/13/2015)


    ☆Exciting civ 5 late game experiences - realistic modern warfare
    ☆Adaptive difficulty level - AI will get stronger if you are stronger
    ☆Fully new combat system - based on 2-unit-per-plot with AoE damage, collateral damage...
    ☆Elite units and prototype units - like “heroes”, only one unit can be built in the world
    ☆New elements – 40+ new buildings and wonders, 60+ new units, 11 new resources,19 new technologies, 12 new policies…
    ☆War casualties - units KIAs will cause population loss
    ☆Nuclear winter threat - nuclear warfare, nobody wins
    ☆City corruption - large empires are not easy to rule
    ☆Specialists Upgrade – upgrade your specialists to increase their output, at a cost of large more gold investment
    ☆Historical Buildings – early buildings become obsolete but offer Tourism output in the late game
    ☆Balanced and more realistic civilizations - no weak civilizations
    ☆Fully new Technology tree - no flight technology without discovering oil
    ☆Fully new Social Policy tree - Centralisation vs. Decentralization
    ☆Flexible management - move population between cities and move your Capital
    ☆Powerful terrain transformations – build cross-sea bridges, railroad across the mountain and remove ice in the ocean
    ☆Automation - city automation and one-click order to control all of your units
    and more...

    v5.1 - Complete Edition (6/13/2015, a 4-in-1 complete edition)

    Download Links:

    Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=409596602


    MediaFire--If your Civ 5 game cannot unpack the file, try this!

    v5.1 Update
    Spoiler :

    V5.1 Update
    Some Bug Fixes and Minor Balance Tweaks
    Compatible with older version’s saved files!

    --Bug Fixed
    Fixed the Tech-tree scrolling problem on certain computers. (Thanks AxGrinder for the help)
    Fixed an issue that the relationship with city-states boosts abnormally after building Siam
    Fixed an issue when the player loses the original capital, the new city still has a city hall.
    Fixed an issue that the corruption in cities go wrong when the player adopts both Tradition and Order policies.
    Fixed an issue the player cannot build anti-corruption buildings if turning off the espionage in game settings.
    Fixed a bug of collateral damage and AoE damage killing the aircraft units and missile units in cities or on carriers.

    --Balance Tweaks
    AI will get additional strategic resources when the player enters the modern era.
    AI will send more units to the frontline other than stack them around the cities far away.
    Some “weak” elite and experimental units get strengthened in their combat strengths.
    Siege weapons starts with the promotion of 50% bonus against fortified units.
    The construction cost of every shrine and temple reduced by 15% and 30%

    --Future Plans
    A DLC version of Super Power Mod is expected to make this mod available for the multiplayer mode and solve the corrupted saved files problem.
    I’ll try to make this mod compatible with EUI and other popular CIV 5 mods.
    A big balance tweak is expected to make the naval combat system more balanced and energy-saving, also making the AI perform better in naval battles.
    Other balance tweaks and bug fixes…

    v5.0 Update

    Spoiler :

    ----Attention: NOT compatible with older version’s saved files!

    ----Important: Please check the Civilpedia before playing! This is a total-conversion Mod with many deep-tweaks! There are too many false “bug report” due to not understanding those new settings!!


    Now supports the latest official patch of Civ5 ( and Korea DLC.

    Now the Mod is a 4-in-1 Edition (Balance+Units+Buildings+Misc) No longer to load 4 separated mod parts every time!

    ----Bug Fixed

    Please upgrade DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 to v60 or higher versions. The trade route “overflow” bug has been fixed after v60.

    A thoroughgoing check in almost every single code in this mod has been done. Many issues are fixed. It should be helpful for reducing the chance for CTDs, Corrupted Saved Data and Technology Tree error!

    Fixed a Bug of a false “Free Policy” display at the beginning of the game if playing certain civilizations.

    Fixed a Bug with policy discount setting, so buildings or policies which have “policy discount” effects now work fine.

    Fixed a Bug may crash the game when the last city of an AI player is captured with "complete kills" checked

    A new game set-up UI is built which makes this mod no longer blocking the Upgrade 1 DLC. This may solve some texts display issues and improve the stability.(Thanks CaptainCWB for the codes)

    Fixed many other balancing issues.

    ----New Features & Balance Tweaks

    Elite Units and Prototype Units:

    Elite and Prototype Units: They are the best units of their era for their strength and special abilities and they can tip the balance of a war if used wisely. Some of them are elite forces in the real history while some of them are designed with human's best imagination.

    There are 20 Elite and Prototype Units in this mod, for example: The 300 Spartans (Elite Infantry), Yamato (Super Battleship), Panzer VIII Maus (Super-heavy Tank), Hydra (Underwater Carrier) and so on.

    These units must be built through certain Projects and those Projects are unique in the world just like World Wonders. Only the first civilization finishing the Project has the right to build the unit.

    For details, please check the Civilpedia!

    Move your Capital:
    You are now allowed to move your Capital to other cities you own at a high cost.

    Automated Cities:
    Feeling tired of controlling too many cities? Now your cities can choose their production queue automatically. However you can still intervene anytime.

    One-click Orders for all Units
    Feeling tired of ordering too many units? Now you can give those orders by one-click: all idle units will enter “sleep”, “fortified”, “intercepting” only by clicking one button. Also, you are allowed to upgrade all your units available for upgrade at once only by clicking one button..

    Specialists “Upgrade” System:
    Specialists can be “upgraded”. You are allowed to build certain foundations and guilds to increase their output at a cost of more gold investment. For example, “Science Foundation Lv1” will make each scientist produce +2 Science, but you must pay 2 Gold for each scientist for research funds.

    6 new policies, also, many tweaks to the Policy Tree. Please check the details in the game. Now over-powered policies are separated and you don’t need to worry to unlock all policies too early.

    Many tweaks to the Ideologies for balance, Ideologies are designed for late-game use. You no longer have to rush for Ideologies.

    The second level tenets for every Ideology are reduced to four. You don’t need to make the sacrifice for choosing 4 from 6.

    3 new technologies: Advanced Engineering, Materials Science, and Integrated Circuit. For details, please check the Civilpedia!

    The number of International Trade Route slots earned by Technologies is reduced. You must gain additional International Trade Route slots from certain policies or buildings.

    New Units:
    3 new units: WWII Paratrooper, EMP Bomb, Cog. Also some balance tweaks to the units are made. Please check the details in the game.

    You can now purchase guided missiles directly on Missile Cruisers and Nuclear Submarines if they are inside friendly borders. (No discount!)
    For details, please check the Civilpedia!

    Historical Buildings
    Many of the early buildings, like granary, watermill, walls and castle will become obsolete in the late game, but they will become historical sites and can provide additional Tourism after discovering certain technologies. Only the civilization with a carefully protected history can be more attractive to the tourists to achieve the Cultural Victory.

    Military Production Buildings
    Advanced military Units must be built in cities with military production buildings (Barracks, Armory, Arsenal, Military Base). Cities without military production buildings can only produce civilian units and recon units.

    New Buildings & Wonders:
    2 new buildings and 4 new world and national wonders
    Some tweaks of buildings’ effects for balance are made.
    For details, please check the Civilpedia!

    Special Terrain Improvements:

    After researching “Military Science”, you are allowed to build the Pontoon Bridge to make land units cross the water tiles

    After researching “Advanced Engineering”, you are allowed to use workboat to clear the ice plot to let your naval unit cross. Also, workers are allowed to cross the mountain and build railroads on mountain plots. Once the railroad is built on a mountain plot, the mountain will become “hill” and let other land units cross.

    New resources:
    Two new resources: Lapis lazuli and Coral from the mod More Luxuries by Barathor

    City State Bonus
    City States can produce their own strategic resources: 4 Horses, 4 Iron, 4 Coal, 4 Oil and 4 Aluminum to let them build buildings and units requiring such resources. Your City State allies will also provide those strategic resources for you once you have researched the certain Technologies.

    Difficulty Levels are re-designed. 8 difficulty level from “Microstate” to “SuperPowers”. Both new players and experienced players can find their fun.

    Game speed options are re-designed. All units receive +1 MP in “quick” mode. Research speed are slowed down greatly but building speed won’t be too slow in “epic” and “marathon” mode.

    Since the 276 patch has fixed the “science overflow“ bug, the great scientist’s ability is brought back to vanilla game’s effect.

    Some tweaks for AI to make them smarter, for example, AI will annex a city if its population reaches more than 10 for its better benefit.

    Other minor tweaks - please check the Civilpedia!


    v4.2 (8/4/2014 fixed CTD and Research Overflow problems)
    Spoiler :

    V4.2 Update

    Should be compatible with older version’s saved files unless you have the Modern Work Boat Unit in v4.0 (removed in v4.1) in game.

    Bug Fixed
    v4.1 has been proved to be a failure to solve the CTD problem in v4.0. Now some leftovers have been fixed.
    The unexpected RESEARCH OVERFLOW and most CTDs are confirmed to be caused by the lack of “nil” condition in New Trait and Policies.lua. Now it is fixed. (Thanks cocoleche for the codes, 幻影 and 法伊 for testing)
    Fixed a problem will cause CTD or corrupted saved file caused by using “player:GetName()”. (Thanks far_away_land and Maximus for codes)
    Fixed a bug that the policy “Third Alternative” will cause runtime error.(Thanks Maximus for codes)
    Fixed a bug that Japanese units will grant you culture when embarking or disembarking.
    Fixed some notification text mistakes like the description of the new work boat.
    Fixed a bug caused by new BTN: “settler joining the city” – the working population won’t change.
    Considering not everyone owns Conquest of the New World DLC or G&K DLC, so some textures from them have been extracted to the mod itself. This may solve some “missing texture” or “broken Tech Tree” for some people.

    Balance Tweaks:
    Now the Work Boat will spend some turns to build the naval improvements since they won’t be consumed. (building the fishing boat need the same time as the farm while oil platform, the oil rig )
    The amount of culture needed for acquiring new plot in the city has been lowered to compensate fewer cities on the map due to the increased min city range.
    The cost of building Brazilwood Camp has been lowered while AI priority increased to make it able to compete with lumber mills in jungle.


    v4.0 (7/13/2014 The first Version Released to Public)

    Usage Terms:
    No guarantees, no warranty.
    This mods are provided "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or suitability. The user assumes all responsibility for use, and all possible problems related.
    The author shall not be responsible for any physical or mental loss of any kind whatsoever in any way arising from or relating to the use of these mods. Even you have clear evidence it is caused by this mod.
    Usage of these mods implies acceptance of these terms. Even you don’t read it at all.
    If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this mod.

    Fair Usage Policy:
    This mod is free to download and play it for your own personal use or give it to your friends.
    You are not allowed to make any financial gain from this mod. It is illegal.
    You are free and welcome to use any part of this mod and incorporate it into your works. However you must give the credit and you must not make any financial gain form your works.

    (Thanks whoward69 for this Usage Terms and Fair Usage Policy template)

    Installation Guide:

    Only supports Civilization V: Brave New World and Any game version before are NOT supported.

    Only supports Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Windows XP and Mac are NOT supported.

    -----------------------------------------------Required DLCs-------------------------------------------------
    You must have all of these DLCs downloaded and activated to use this Mod, otherwise you may encounter missing elements issues such as broken TechTree or “error loading font xml” error.
    Gods and Kings DLC
    Brave New World DLC
    Conquest of the New World DLC
    Korea DLC

    ---------------------------------------------IMPORTANT DLL SUPPORT------------------------------------------

    This MOD requires DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 for some Lua events support and 5 range city working distance. You must install and load DLL - Various Mod Components before using this MOD.

    You can download it from WHoward's Pick'N'Mix Mods:

    ----------------------------------------------Manual Installation----------------------------------------
    1, Make sure you have completely removed all previous SuperPower Mod files (Super Power Balance (v 4), Super Power Units (v 4), Super Power Buildings (v 4) and Super Power Misc (v 1)) before installing.
    You must “unsubscribe” or “delete” them inside your game. Put them into Recycle Bin won’t help.
    2, Download and unzip the file, place the SuperPower Complete Edition (v 5).civ5mod file in your Civ5 mods folder (...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS)
    3, Start the game, go to “mods”.
    4, check the marks to load the MOD parts, you must follow this order:
    DLL - Various Mod Components → SuperPower Complete Edition → Other Mods you want to play with.
    5, Begin your journey!
    6, It is highly recommended to check the Civilopedia\Game Concepts for new concepts of this MOD. They are titled as “SP MOD:************”
  2. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Civilopedia Notes:
    Please check the Civilopedia\Game Concepts for new concepts of this MOD for more details and strategies! They are titled as “SP MOD:************”

    Spoiler :

    1, Entering the super new world!

    (1)Balanced and more realistic civilizations:
    Every civilization starts with a free technology according to its unique characteristics.
    Agricultural civilizations (China, India, etc.) start with Agriculture.
    Nomadic civilizations (Mongol, Hun, etc.) start with Hunting.
    Naval civilizations (England, Japan, etc.) start with Fishery.
    Every civilization has a better combination of their unique elements and closer to the real world.

    Spoiler :

    (2) Fully new Technology tree:
    Totally rebuilt Tech Tree with 16 new Techs.
    The relationship between every Tech is more realistic and reasonable. You must discover oil before you can build airplanes.
    To enter a new era, you must discover most Techs of your current era. No rushing into new eras by focusing on only one branch!
    Early Technologies are cheaper, late Technologies are more expensive serving for a better late-game experience.

    Spoiler :

    (3) Fully new Social Policy tree:
    All Policies are redesigned to have a deeper and long-term influence on your civilization.
    Tradition and Liberty serve as “Early Ideology”. They are exclusive but have significant and long-term effects on your nation. Choose your path wisely!
    Ideology tenets are designed for late-game performance and they are not so over-powered during mid-game. You need 6 factories to unlock it. No need for rushing for ideologies!

    (4) Fully new resource system:
    Balanced resource:
    Every resource has a certain building/improvement/belief to increase its output.
    Luxury resources are different: Some “exotic” resources (Gems, Jade, etc.) offer you more happiness. Some “common” resources (Salt, Tea, Coffee, Citrus, etc. ) offer you less happiness but more Food/Production bonus which will proves to be even more helpful in the early development.
    All strategic resources are useful into the end of the game, many late units and buildings need strategic resources, even Iron or Horses.
    7 new resources, all come up with related buildings and beliefs:
    (Thanks Barathor’s More Luxuries MOD for new resources graphics and AssignStartingPlots.lua)
    You will get 1 extra happiness for every two different Luxury resources! This is effective for all difficulty levels.

    (5) Balanced religion:
    The max number of religion is increased by 1 for larger map scales.
    8 New effective beliefs for you to choose.
    Many “unpopular” beliefs are improved.
    Religious units and buildings are cheaper and more effective.

    2, Construct a super city!

    (1) Large and prosperous cities:
    The distance between cities increased from 3 to 4. Save your time and energy in late games and improve the system performance.
    The working distance for citizens increased from 3 to 5, make every plot in your territory useful!
    The cost (Both gold and culture) for a city to acquire new plots are halved.
    The food growth are much faster with certain Techs, buildings and policies, you can build up a populous city in less time!
    One settler unit equals to one citizen. Building settlers will reduce the population in your current cities. However, settlers are allowed to join your existing cities to become a new citizen.

    Spoiler :

    (2)City corruption:
    Every city you built or annexed has a City Hall building to allow you to control the city but it will cause corruption.
    Your city's efficiency fades with the distance from your capital due to corruption. Corruption will cause the output of Production, Gold, Science lost in those cities by a certain percent (up to -60%).
    Build route to connect your cities to your capital, choosing the suitable policy or building anti-corruption buildings can help you to reduce the corruption.
    You are allowed to “sell” the City Hall building to make your city a puppet. Sometimes a puppet can produce more than a normal distant city.
    The Tech and Policy cost increased by new cities are lowered to compensate.

    Spoiler :

    (3)New beakers and culture rules:
    No longer one beaker per citizen. You must keep your citizen educated by educational buildings and keep cultivating scientists specialists to speed up the researching speed.
    Scientists are the main source for beakers but they need gold cost for research funds.
    Every cultural building can offer certain writer, artist, or musician slots and the three guilds are removed.
    Cultural specialists (writers, artists and musicians) are the main source for culture and they are the only way to generate artistic GPP.
    Those specialists can be upgraded to produce more beakers and culture, but you must pay more gold as an investment.
    You will be challenged by how to keep a balance between cultural, scientific and economic growth, especially in the late-game.
    You can transfer production into science or gold at the beginning of the game.
    Research Agreement is unlocked by Philosophy.

    (4)Balanced buildings and wonders:
    Many “unpopular” buildings and wonders are improved to be more useful. No weak buildings and wonders!
    Happiness buildings are more effective and cost less but require certain resources.
    Military buildings are much more effective but require resources.
    Many wonders used to be “useless” in the late game now can be effective through the whole game. For example, the Great Wall will grant you extra tourism output after it is obsolete. All religious wonders will also grant you extra tourism output after the industrial era.
    Advanced building maintenance cost: Many buildings have a low base maintenance cost but will charge you with extra cost according to the population in the city. You won’t be impoverished in the early-game but you will fight with economy crisis in the late-game.

    (5) 20 new buildings, 16 new national wonders and 13 new world wonders:

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
  3. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    3, Build a super military force!
    (1) Fully new combat system - based on 2-unit-per-plot:
    Less traffic Jam, larger battle scene and better AI performance
    No worries for breaking the balance! Many tweaks to the unit statistics and many new combat effects ensure you a balanced and interesting combat system!
    Strategy weights more than number, the combination of the two units in ne plot is extremely important.
    New attack effects: Area of effects damage, collateral damage, charge damage, ranged units counter-attack, sunder and slow down. You must learn to cooperate your units and keep a flexible formation.
    Realistic modern warfare based on air-superiority. Strategic bombers can destroy buildings and kill population in the city, attack aircrafts can easily wipe out land and naval units. If you lose the sky, you lose the war.

    Spoiler :

    Pic:Modern Warfare Gameplay

    Spoiler :

    Pic:New Attack Effect Example: AoE Damage

    (2) Deeply tweaked unit system:
    35 new units fill the “holes” in units upgrading trees.
    20 new elite units and prototype units. They are like “heroes”; only one unit can be built in the world. Only the first civilization finishing the Project has the right to build the unit.

    Every unit class has its own promotion tree according to its profession. No overpowered or all-purpose promotions.
    A rock-paper-scissors relationship for all units: there is no all-purpose units, they must work together to win the battle. Ranged units no longer rules the game.
    Every unique unit has its own unmatched and inheritable abilities and they are obsoleted later than normal units.
    All units can no longer heal outside friendly territory. You must always have some logistical units (counter units, admirals and carriers) in your army.

    Spoiler :

    Pic: all new standard units

    Spoiler :

    Pic: all new elite and prototype units
    Spoiler :

    Pic:unit upgrade tree

    (3) War casualties:
    Be careful, warmongers. War is dangerous.
    War will cause population loss, which leads to a huge impact on your economy, especially a long and brutal war.
    Every two units KIAs will cause one city in your empire to lose one citizen. The city is chosen randomly.
    Avoid involved in unnecessary war. Even a superpower nation will fall by its warmongering.

    Spoiler :

    (4) Nuclear Winter:
    Nukes are bad. If there are too many nuclear detonations in the game, the nuclear winter will fall.
    Nuclear winter will gradually drop the food and production output to 0, of all tiles in the whole map.
    If the nuclear winter gets to its worst condition, it will be the end of all civilizations in the game.
    Spoiler :

    4, Become a superpower!

    (1) Realistic victory requirements:
    The title says it all. Only the superpower country with a solid Comprehensive National Power can win the game.
    Tired by winning the game by launching the spaceship or simply buying out all city-states?
    Spaceship parts require a huge amount of resources and can never be built so easily. Only the real superpower countries are able to launch the spaceship.
    Dollar diplomacy is less effective for buying out city-states. What’s more, you need much more delegates to win a World Leader vote.
    However, cultural victory is more doable than the vanilla BNW game and it is no longer a no longer a subsidiary victory for science or domination Victory.

    (2) Adaptive difficulty level:
    AI’s bonus in high difficulty levels are depended on your performance in the game.
    AI NEVER gets free Techs in all difficulty levels. However, AI will get more and more food growth, science, culture, production and spy bonus, or even free Techs and policies discount every time YOU enter a new era.
    As a result, AI won’t be so overpowered in the early-game but will become much more powerful and quickly catch up with you in the late-game. In Deity,
    Difficulty Levels are re-designed: 8 difficulty levels from “Microstate” to “SuperPowers”. Both new players and experienced players can find their fun.

    (3) Tweaked game speed:
    Early technologies costs are reduced to shorten the length of early-game to spare you more time and energy for the late-game performance and modern warfare. However, if you prefer early-game experience, you may choose Epic Speed and Marathon Speed.
    Quick Speed is really quick, all units receive +1 MP, -50% EXP needed for promotions and +15 hp healing per turn in “quick” mode.
    Epic Speed and Marathon Speed mainly increase the technologies costs other than unit costs and building costs. You don’t need to wait 40 turns to build a granary in Marathon Speed.
    Worker units are much cheaper, require no maintenance fee and their efficiency is improved. In all speed options, it only takes one turn to build the route or chop down the forest.
  4. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    5, Misc. tweaks:
    (1) Misc. balance tweaks
    Great Merchant can perform “land buyout” to make all tiles within 2 range of this unit to become part of your borders (like “culture bomb”).
    New unit supply calculation method: 8(base) + 0.225 * number of total population + 2*number of cities
    You can build lumber mills in jungle tiles.
    Riverside and seaside trading posts have +1 gold bonus (can multiply).
    All unit class has a limit to stop AIs from building too many units of same type which cause lagging and instability in late-game.
    Workers and settlers cannot be captured. This is to avoid a crash problem: AI attacking stacked workers may crash the game.

    (2) Some special functions provided by whoward69’s DLL - Various Mod Components:
    Forts are passable for naval units.
    When you build a city on a forest tile, the removed forest will provide you one-time production boost.
    Great generals and admirals will appear at the war-zone. (But Chinese generals appear near the capital for their specialty)

    (3) About Super Power Misc:
    Unit Automation: Press "Enter" to let all units waiting for orders "idle"(go to sleep/fortify/ intercept...) No need for giving orders to every unit! (Units under scheduled mission won't be affected)
    Stacked Unit Flag; Correctly disply stacked unit flags ( imported from the MOD: UI fix for Unit Stacking by Gedemon - Thank you!)
    Aircraft Animation speed *2 ( imported from the MOD: Faster Aircraft Animations by Gedemon - Thank you!)
    Fast Minor Turns: Minor Civs can only build up to 6 combat units in order to make their turns faster. (if you don't want this function you can remove all the contents in this lua.file.)
  5. bladex

    bladex Emperor

    Oct 29, 2010
    i like the sound of everything in this mod except 2-unit-per-plot
  6. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014

    No and never offer any support for anyone using pirate version of Civ 5.

    Bug Reports Note
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused by these Bugs. I’m new to Lua coding and trying to learn it. You are always welcome to report Bugs you have found. However, I need logging files to solve your problems. Also, please be patient. I’m not a professional Modder and always get too busy to log in the forum.
    No and never offer any support for anyone using pirate version of Civ 5.

    -How to report bugs and enable logging?

    Spoiler :

    (1) Enable logging:
    Open config.ini with Notepad under ....\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5:
    Search for "EnableTuner = 0" and change it to "EnableTuner = 1"
    Search for "LoggingEnabled = 0" and change it to " LoggingEnabled = 1"
    Open config.ini with Notepad under ....\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5:
    Search for “ValidateGameDatabase = 0” and change it to “ValidateGameDatabase = 1”
    You must start a new game to make these logging files work, run the game until your problem shows up. Then close the game and do the next.

    (2) Upload Lua.log, Database.log, Gamecore.log, CustomMods.log, xml.log and xml-perf.log in your bug report:
    Those files are under
    ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Logs\

    (3) Also upload the saved game in your bug report:
    Saved games are under : ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ModdedSaves\single\


    1, Installation issues:
    You must follow this order to load the MOD:
    DLL - Various Mod Components → SuperPower Complete Edition → Other Mods you want to play with.

    If you still see “missing required dependencies”, you may need to delete the cache file: ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache\ Civ5ModsDatabase
    Please find DLL - Various Mod Components on whoward69 ‘s site and choose the latest one (v66): http://www.picknmixmods.com/mods/d1b6328c-ff44-4b0d-aad7-c657f83610cd/mod.html#

    2, Compatibility issues:

    (1) This MOD is compatible with (also recommend to load together):
    Quick Turns by gunstarpl
    R.E.D. Modpack by Gedemon
    InfoAddict by robk
    More Great Works by Loren Sandboe (Qoma)
    Music Changer by Richard Corr
    CameraRotation (BNW) by alpaca, heinous_hat

    Note: If you want to play with R.E.D. Modpack, you must make sure R.E.D. Modpack is loaded AFTER SuperPower Complete Edition otherwise the models won’t be replaced. Make SuperPower Complete Edition as the reference mod of R.E.D. Modpack!

    (2) This MOD is NOT compatible with:
    Any DLL MODs (However if you want to run with 43 Civs or Civ 4 Diplomatic Features, you may find the certain DLL versions on whoward69's DLL download page)
    Any MODs changing the CityView.lua, CultureOverview.lua, PuppetCityPopup.lua, EnemyUnitPanel.lua
    Any MODs changing the tech tree or policy tree -- may cause the no-scrolling tech tree issue
    Vanilla Civ 5
    Enhanced User Interface (If you want to play with EUI, you must remove the CityView.lua in this mod)
    Naval Counterattack (all ranged units can already counterattack ranged attacks in this MOD!)
    Faster aircraft animations (Already included!)
    Wonders of the Ancient World DLC (Will be automatically turned off when loading this MOD. You can still build these wonders, but tweaked effects.)

    (3) Not tested with:
    Scrambled continents and Scrambled nations DLCs
    Other MODs adding new civilizations

    3, Known Bugs:

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused by these Bugs. I’m new to Lua coding and trying to learn it. You are always welcome to report Bugs you have found.

    (1) Important: 12 kb corrupted saved file & CTD when loading game:
    In rare cases, the saved file may be corrupted (the size is 12 kb) due to unclear reason. It may have something to do with the conflict between the old database and the new one. This also happens in other large MODs. Once the saved file is corrupted, it will cause CTD when loading and cannot be repaired.
    It is predictable. Save the game every time when you start a new game and check the saved file size in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ModdedSaves\single (if it is corrupted, you always won’t feel any “lagging” after clicking the “save game” as normal saves). If it is 12 kb, you must return to the main menu, and load the mods again to start a new game. Its saved file will be fine in your new game.
    You should empty all Civ5 cache files under My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache\and all mod data files under Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ModUserData\ if you upgrade this mod to a newer version or change some settings in the .xml files inside this mod.
    Save often, especially when playing large map with many AIs and start the game with IGE.
    If the saved file is still corrupted, you may try to delete all contents in Super Power Balance (v 4)\XML\ NewCivilopediaTexts.xml and it should work. (It is weird; I don’t know why it has anything to do with the civilopedia texts)
    Some reports indicate that play the game with DirectX 9.0 may solve the corrupted saved data problem.
    If you suffer from repeated crash in the same turn and you think it has something to do with this MOD or DLL - Various Mod Components, please provide me with enough details, especially with logging files other than “it crashes” so I can work on it.

    (2) CTD when playing unit animation:
    It has been confirmed that such unit animation may cause CTD. Since I’m not able to modify the animation of these units’ animation, I can’t fix them for now. However they are not unavoidable. It won’t happen again when you reload your saved data.
    When many airships and helicopters flying through water tiles, the game may crash. (That may be the reason why vanilla Civ5 requires helicopters to embark when entering water tiles)
    When the rocket artillery (Katyusha) attacks a large group of enemy units, the game may crash.
    Turn off the “unit combat animation” and “unit moving animation” will 100% solve this problem. You may use the mod “Quick Turns” by gunstarpl to make it smoother.

    (3)CTD at certain AI turns:
    The stability of this mod should have been greatly improved after almost one year of codes fixing.
    If you are so unlucky to encounter CTD at certain AI turns and won’t able to continue. Please report the Bug with your logging files. No one can solve the problem if you only tell “it crashes”.
    If you really want to continue to play this saved game, you may try to use the IGE to delete all units of this crashing AI. If it works please let me know what this AI is doing when CTD happens.

    (4) Tech-Tree messed up (scrollbar disappears)
    Any mods with any changes in technology tree may cause the problem.
    Make sure there is no conflict with mods.
    Make sure you have the correct game version ( or
    You may try to disable Gods and Kings DLC if still not working.

    (5) “Error loading font xml” or missing textures or units models
    Make sure you have the correct game version ( or and all required DLCs installed.

    (6) No strategic resource (eg. Horses and Coal) on Earth Map or some very old maps in vanilla Civ5.
    Old format of maps are NOT supported in this mod due to the change in the resource distribution method.
    Solution: Please do not use Earth Map in civ5 to play this mod. You can use other community-created Earth Maps such as Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack by Gedemon.

    (7) Damage “Overflow”:
    If you order an extremely strong unit to attack an extremely weak unit (eg: a GDR with many promotions attacks a catapult in the marsh), it may cause a data “overflow” and can only inflict 1 damage to the attacked unit.
    Solution: It is not so easy to happen. If it happens, use ranged unit to attack.

    (8) Research overflow, Culture overflow, or Trade Route distance overflow…
    Solution: These are old bugs already fixed.
    Please upgrade your mod to 5.0 and completely remove the old ones.
    Please upgrade your DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 to the latest versions.

    (9) Units destroyed by special attacking effects (AoE, collateral damage, charge damage) won’t offer you additional gold or culture if you have certain policy or trait. Fixing it is difficult and doesn’t pay. What’s more it may break the balance. So I don’t think it should be fixed.

    (10) Since the paperwork is so huge, there may be some wrong description, grammar mistakes or leftovers in Civilopedia texts. Please point it out if you find them.

    4, FAQs:

    These “bugs” are not real bugs, they are settings! Please check the Civilopedia before playing this mod!
    These settings are done with thought of balancing and stability. If you don’t like them, you could edit the .xml files inside this mod to change them.

    (1) You CANNOT capture enemy’s workers or settlers. (May cause CTD when capturing stacked workers and this behavior is very uncivilized, so I forbid this setting)

    (2) AI won’t build these world wonders, because they are useless to them: Machu Picchu, The Forbidden City, Big Ben, The Empire State Building and Khalīfa tower.

    (3)You will get your allied City State self-produced strategic resource once you have researched the certain Technologies even they don’t have those resources on their land: 4 Horses, 4 Iron, 4 Coal, 4 Oil and 4 Aluminum. Don’t get confused.

    (4)All your units won’t heal outside friendly territory unless earned some special promotions or there are units with “medic” promotion nearby.

    (5)You cannot build a certain unit once reaching its limit. For example, you can only have up to 50 jet fighters. All unit class has a limit to stop AIs from building too many units of same type which cause lagging and instability in late-game.

    (6)All air-superiority fighters can NOT attack land or naval units. They can only engage in air combat. The “air attack” order is only showing their intercepting range. If you want to attack land or naval units, build attack aircrafts.

    (7)Only the fort and the citadel on coastal tiles can allow naval units to move in. Once they are inside the fort and the citadel They can attack but their defense is 0 and will be immediately destroyed if an enemy land unit moves in.

    (8)Your cities will have negative gold income if you build too many buildings with extra cost according to the population in the city. Upgraded specialists in your cities also cost gold.

    (9)The City Hall building won’t appear and corruption won’t happen right after your city is built. They will appear in the next turn. As a result, you must build anti-corruption builds after the City Hall building appears or they won’t work.

    (10)You can only build military units in cities with military-production buildings. For example, tanks must be built in the city with an arsenal.
  7. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Special Thanks List

    (If I miss someone or in the list, sorry for that and please inform me!)

    DLL Platform:
    whoward69 for DLL - Various Mod Components!
    Also thanks whoward69 for UI - Upgrade Tree mod for screenshots

    Coding Reference:
    Gedemon for RED Events, flags for stacked units, aircraft animation speed and ranged units counterattack related codes
    Barathor for More Luxuries MOD and AssignStartingPlots.lua, Map Setup.lua
    Maximus for new attack effects (AoE damage) related codes and combat UI related codes
    CaptainCWB for GameSetup Codes
    Machiavelli24 for Reform and Rule related codes and Policy_FreeBuildingClass.lua
    Ninakoru for Smart AI related codes
    FramedArchitect for Faerun Fantasy Mod and Global Warming MOD related codes
    Redox for Light Touch: unit automation related codes
    Coban for helicopter hovering related codes
    Hulfgar for Hulfgars Industrial Warfare related codes and concept
    far_away_land for Settler joining city codes
    bc1 for backgroud image Lua codes
    cocoleche for fixing the "nil" value bug

    Wolfdog for many modern and renaissance units’ models
    Snafusmith for many modern and ancient units’ models
    Danrell for many WWII units’ models
    Danrell, Nutty for MiG-15 model
    Ekmek, asioasioasio for UAV model
    Ekmek, KnelRivendare, Jinzor for B52 model
    bernie14 for templar and teutonic mounted knights models
    Barathor for new resource models

    Barathor for new resource icons
    JanBoruta for some units and building icons
    BlackFeather_ for Spanish Armada icon and Super Power MOD Logo
    Moriboe, sukritact, Pouakai, Sukritact, Envoy (@fourfourhero), Pouakai for some new buildings and new wonders icons and concept
    Some original pictures of wonder splash or unit and building portraits are from the google search result

    Korea DLC contents:

    Chinese Language Translation:

    BlackFeather_, ggx2

    Test: 家山何在1, BlackFeather_, 幻影

    Civilization Game Design & Development:
    Sid Meier
    Firaxis Games

    Mod Background image:
    Battlefield 4 Naval Strike developed by Swedish video game developer EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts.

    The one who play this MOD:

    Thanks for reading and have fun!
  8. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately I can't please everyone in one modpack. However please try it and I hope you will like 2-unit-per-plot after playing.

    If you still don't like it you may change the settings or don't use the Super Power Units.
  9. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
  10. bladex

    bladex Emperor

    Oct 29, 2010
    tried to activate the other parts it keeps saying missing independents. only one it will let me activate is MISC. have BNW
  11. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Please make sure DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 is loaded first.

    If it keeps saying missing independents, try to delete the cache file: ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache\ Civ5ModsDatabase
  12. Corpj123

    Corpj123 Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2014
    Is it just supposed to be a DLL file? Because it's not loading in, and I can't activate the other parts without it, obviously.

    Also, I tried deleting the Civ5ModsDatabase cache file. So, what now?
  13. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014

    Please make sure your DLL - Various Mod Components is suitable for your game version. DLL always require very strictly.

    You could also go to whoward69's thread for DLL problem solving: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=479600

    You may also try the unpacked version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jt...(Unpacked).rar
  14. Corpj123

    Corpj123 Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2014
    Unpacked download link doesn't work. Yes, the DLL is suitable for my game version. I'll come back in a little while and see if there's a fix.
  15. Dellan

    Dellan Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Munich, Germany
    I assume you don't have localization yet, do you?

    I'm currently downloading and if it's not toooooo much (like it's gonna take 10 years) I may do the translation for German, if you want me to.
  16. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
  17. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Glad to hear that you could help with localization! Thanks and please inform me if you need any materials.

    Currently it only has English and Chinese version.
  18. Dellan

    Dellan Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014
    Munich, Germany
    Alright. I'll take a look at it :)
  19. Acatalepsy

    Acatalepsy Chieftain

    Jul 14, 2014
    Awesome job with the mod, I really liked the expansion on an already awesome game. That this mod also added not just features but also an attempt to make the game more realistic is a much-needed plus.

    That said, there's one issue that's been affecting me. I haven't tried other maps and other settings (I will get around to that soon), but so far:

    - Tiny Islands (Map)
    - Huge
    - 0 City States
    - No Barbarians

    ^ In this map, with 5 other AI players on "Prince" difficulty, my game always crashes. It happens rather randomly after a certain number of turns ranging from about 90-100.

    The file size of the save data is about 900kb, so it's unlikely to be what you mentioned under Known Bugs. I do not have any other mods running concurrently. The DLL is correct, I'm certain of that. Didn't download the wrong one.

    Not sure what other information you'll need.

    Anwyays, hope you can help! Really appreciate the effort you put into this work, you and those that chipped in. This is a really awesome mod and I look forward to seeing how it develops. ^_^
  20. lincoln_lyf

    lincoln_lyf Warlord

    Apr 25, 2014

    Sorry to hear that. Does the crash happen on Certain AI turns? If so, who is the AI and what is it doing at that turn?
    If you could upload your saved file that will prove to be more helpful!

    You may try using DLL - Various Mod Components v45 other than the latest version, which was considered to be more stable.

    Best of luck.

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