Sury won't talk..... help!!!!!


Mar 8, 2007
Hello all - long time lurker on here (and I've learned ALOT), I've commented in a couple of threads then kinda fell out of playing CivIV for a while until BTS came out. I'm hooked AGAIN.
However, I've come across a strange problem in my latest game maybe you all can help me out with. Let me set the stage.....

I'm playing as a random leader - I got shaka, so I decided to play a very aggressive warring game as opposed to my usual fairly peaceful builder game. I think I did pretty well, I took out Augustus with an axeman rush pretty early..... rested for a bit to lick my wounds then took out Toga shortly after. In the meantime I had adopted the most popular religion (Buddism - 6/8 remaining civs were) and had become Friendly with every other civ but Suryavarman (my next target directly to my south) and Zara (far to my north above all my best friends) who had adopted Hinduism. I've built up a huge stack of doom sitting on Surys' border ready to strike but he WON'T talk to me for me to declare war.... and hasn't for dozens of turns.

I've tried to entice others to war with him and they won't (he's middle of the pack power-wise).... I've even bribed others to go to war with his buddy Zara but he won't join the fray..... I know that I should just go after Zara - but he's all the way across this huge continent and Sury is RIGHT THERE!!!!!

And tips to make him talk to me??????? I know that i 'should' just change my strat and take out someone else...... but my plan.... my beautiful plan. ;) Plus I have a problem in this game with actually 'liking' my friends (I know it's sad.... but true).

Thanks in advance.

Damn..... that was easy.

Thank you..... I only wish I knew that ALOT earlier. :blush:
Also if you don't have open borders you can order your units to move into his land to start the war.
That works to. Well, ICT, its always good to learn something new!
So, how'd the war go?
Took him out in about 8 turns...... I had a hell of alot of time to build up. That'll teach him to not talk to me. ;)

Thanks again all.

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