Terrain editor in nexus crashes


Sep 16, 2007
I'm trying to see if I can use the terrain editor tool in Nexus to fix the rivers. It doesn't stay open long enough for me to find out if I can. I think I'm supposed to select the feature on the left side, then the region. A list of .csv files appear that seem to call all the assets needed, and I assume the feature will then be visible in the center screen. When I attempt to load those csv files by double-clicking them, it crashes.

This may or may not be related to an issue I had with the nexus' viewer on startup. I selected the wrong file for the executable when I was prompted the first time around, but changed it to viewer.exe using regedit when I realized my mistake. Still won't view the terrains though.

Has anyone seen this thing actually work or is it another half-complete feature?
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