The 50 Most Romantic Films

BTW How is The Empire Strikes Back romantic?
Leia and Han. They go through a harrowing series of situations, gradually progressing from mutual annoyance to the end, where he's about to be frozen in carbonite, and she says, "I love you."

He responds quietly, "I know."

Some fans laughed at this exchange, but it wasn't meant to be funny, and Harrison Ford refused to treat it as funny.

It's a far better romance in that franchise than anything else they offered.
The Empire Strikes Back
I must've missed terminator, yeah it's cute, the romance angle doesn't seem contrived

It's also a lil funny if you think about it. "gotta go back in time and bang your mom cuz I'm your daddy, boy"
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Actually, it was "Go back in time, have sex with a woman named Sarah Connor, because you're my daddy." By that point, I'm pretty sure that John knew that Kyle Reese was his father. He just couldn't let Kyle know, in case he made a different decision that would have prevented John from being conceived, let alone born and taught how to fight.

Yes, Kyle had that picture of Sarah (that was taken at the gas station), but he didn't know the whole context of it - certainly not that she was pregnant with Kyle's son, who grew up to become his commanding officer.
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