The core of 4X games "boring endgame problem" - a short essay about Rapidly Increasing Complexity

I think the mechanics to broaden and make it more complex are there but they are not used that way.

Governors for example, instead of being limited to a set of specific perks you can unlock they could be limitless and be more aimed at taking some weight off your city management by running the city themselves, almost operating like City States but you can tell them what you want the city to focus on. Maybe with an option to 'Call to Arms' to have them automatically produce military units so you don't have to queue up every city.

Districts. They unlock new buildings... and that's it, but why doesn't the Campus District unlock something like an extra Tech tree (or mini tech tree) to make things larger? Why doesn't the Industrial District unlock a more efficient production system, a second Production queue or something? I feel the Districts should have a purpose other than unlocking new buildings and giving you some extra yields. I don't like how so much in this game just focuses on yield bonuses and cards when there could be some useful mechanic unlocked every now and then with all these technologies and civics instead.

"Army". You sacrifice one unit to make the other better. Why not unlock a system where you can have multiple Military Units in one tile and be able to balance it out with one Melee, one Ranged and one Mounted? Have more options than fortify?
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