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The Departure

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: Citizens' started by AluminumKnight, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. AluminumKnight

    AluminumKnight Conquistador

    Nov 7, 2004
    WI, USA
    "My friends," says Aeolbeorht as he looks around at the crowd gathered to hear his speech, "Arete has become glorious with the fortunate return of the Warband and the discoveries of our sages and scientists. However, I think the time has come that we branch out into the world. We have already observed that many of the more primitive peoples in this area are fascinated by our culture, and willingly join us to improve their lives. Therefore, I am leaving this city." The crowd rippled with whispers at this statement. Aelbeorht paused for a moment to glance around at the crowd, then continued, "Do not fear. I am loyal to the Philosophers and the principles upon which our nation has been founded. I only seek to establish a settlement that is dedicated to improving our nation's understanding of the world and to honor whatever beings or spirits are behind it. The warband has returned with tales of hills that sparkle and gleam in the sunlight. What better location than this?"

    "I do not wish to lead an exodus, but rather an extension, like an arm, or even a brother, of our glorious Arete. I will need more than just me, however, so I am calling for any brave souls who wish to journey through not only the wilderness to the north, but the wilderness of our spirits as well, to join me in establishing a new settlement, a New Giruvegan."

    ((Anyone who wants to come is welcome, our city is not limited to members of the Faith faction!))
  2. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    A dove flies over Aeolbeorht's head in the direction of the future settlement. As Aeolbeorht scans the direction of the dove's travel, he spies an elderly man, looking much like the man he met many moons ago who had scrawled those shapes in the sand that spoke of will and faith and at once claimed that they could be one and the same. It was Turik and he was headed for the hills where they would settle their city of Faith.
  3. Ballazic

    Ballazic King

    Dec 6, 2003
    I Ballazic, leader of this nation
    give you and yours my blessing, may your city be prosperous and bring forth great fruit.

  4. Seymoo

    Seymoo The Sexmaster General

    Mar 18, 2008
    Yasush had not been thrilled so far with Arete, promised a city ruled by the wise and free from barbarism, he had arrived to find it gripped by a rebellion brought on by leadership errors. Also he couldn't shake off the feeling of being an outsider. Most of the people living in the city had done so all their lives, and their families for many generations. His entire village had just upped and left their home when the Prochon Warband turned up and now descended en masse upon the city.

    That is why this mans words were of such interest to him. He knew it was certainly not the paradise he made out, not without some work at least. He recognised the description of the place, it had been not too far from his previous home. Perhaps that is what he craved, to feel like he belonged. All going there would be new to the place, he would no longer be the outsider, they would all be equally new to an alien place. He decided there and then that he would join these religious zealots, in their journey to the paradise hills; after all there would always be need of men with his skills. He returned to where his villagers were building new houses, east of Arete, and told his family to get ready for a long journey.
  5. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
    Diamondeye stepped up behind Aeolbeorht when the old man had stopped his speech. He coughed before starting out on his own little speech: "I will travel along with Aeolbeorht and anyone else that would like to come along to what the warband had no other words of than "Paradise Hills". The area is rich with food enough to feed as many people as we can gather, and there are plenty of potential for setting up a new business or learning a new craft once we arrive. I suggest all those of you who wants to see a new place in this world, or who find their daily lives in Arete boring or just not interesting enough, to follow us to the Northwest, where we will settle the city that will be known as New Giruvegan, as an honor to the Legendary City and the Church of Giruvegan. Furthermore, those of you who used to come and listen to the discussions of the minds of Arete, I will, myself, be founding a new circle of philosophers in this new city. Now, I believe it is time for our departure."

    There is a rustle in the masses as a relatively old man, the father of Diamondeye and Sindar, comes forth. He walks up to Diamondeye, and stands on his toes to match the heigth of the boy. There is a lot of tension between them as they stand like this for almost a minute, before the old man grasps the slim boy in a bearlike hug and begins to cry. "May you live well, my son. I will miss having my sons at my side!"
    The boy stands astonished before whispering: "I will always be at your side, as will Sindar. We must explore the world in order to find ourselves. We must never stop searching, never stop exploring. Mother would wish that."
    At the last sentance, the old man starts to cry as if whipped. Diamondeye escorts him back to his hut before returning to the Head Of Faith and the settlers. Tears are playing in his eyes, but he does not cry. He whispers, so that only Aeolbeorht can hear him: "I wish I had known her..."

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