Millennia - Steam Next Fest Demo | Live Now!

The game that, if it meets its promise, may well result in Civ6's uninstallation upon its full release.
Now, that the demo is over, could I maybe get a 1-sentence judgement from everyone who's played it :)?
An interesting game, which while it needs work in some areas, has a promising set of core mechanics.
Interesting mechanics I plan on fully stealing for my own game. I want to know more about the divergent ages, because it is by far the most interesting thing about this game. Everything else is just recycled concepts.
Yeah, their mods are out of control. In the Cities Skylines 2 forum, someone posted my review, and asked some questions about it. I then replied later in the thread saying yeah that was mine, and that I stand by every word of it, and got perma-banned.
I even posted a reply to his stock PM, but he doubled down on posting something twice, even if it was a week between, was considered spamming per the rules.
My very short summary would be, painfully familiar.

Short summary, there are interesting mechanics and I'm not seeing any major aspects that are poorly designed, so Millennia is definitely above Humankind in my book, but the game feels way too familiar for a new IP as there's very little we haven't seen in Civ games already.
Btw, if you installed the demo and havent removed it yourself, you can still play it. Launch the exe file from the game folder. Cheers!
Hmmm, that's funny actually :D
I personally after about ~18-21 playthroughs and some experiments with the demo I uninstalled it, because I got what I wanted the most: the impression that the game will worth 40 EUR for me.
(and also hitting the turn cap was always painful... :crazyeye: :lol: )
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