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The Empire


Jul 12, 2005
This is a fictitious scenario I have invented which is reminiscent of the Fall of Rome Conquest, except this time you're controlling the Empire.

Playable Civs:
The Empire (like Rome; expansive but next to no production due to terrible corruption)
The Allies (smaller territory than Empire but less corruption)

CPU Civs:
Southern Barbarians (Goksoi, Aparoi)
Northern Barbarians (Khedazoi, Dhghbhloi)

The barbarians are all generally equal in power and begin on their own islands.
There are a number of minor rule changes:
1. Settlers cost no population.
2. There are a number of new units including Raider (barbarian civs only); Garrison (= Pikeman, Empire & Allies only); Protector of the Empire (= Crusader; Empire only) and Allied Rider (= Sipahi, Allies only).
3. The scenario is only designed to last the Middle Ages.
4. All units are now free in all governments; Republic is now Empire with Rampant corruption; Monarchy also has Rampant corruption.

I made this because when I played the Fall of Rome scenario I was annoyed that I couldn't be the Empire; this now gives you the chance to do that! :king:

It will be a struggle to fight off the endless troops of barbarian states, but once they have been destroyed on your continent, it will only take a short time to build up an army and destroy them forever! :D (There's only Conquest victory.)

The barbarians get the first turn, but the Empire and Allies begin with 2 leaders, so armies should rule the roost. Remember that the barbarians don't begin with any cities, so if you destroy all their settlers they've basically lost!

This is just a quick game, if you're looking for something more extensive then please try my Union of Italy or Peloponnesian War scenarios! :)


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There is actually a scenario (Rome Everlasting) that allows you to play with Rome on the Fall of Rome... but it's terribly difficult.

Can you post some screen shoots, please?
Screenshots coming up...


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Hope this helps give an idea of the scenario. I'd love to hear from anyone who has played this scenario; it can produce some interesting gameplay.
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