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The Partitions


Misico dux Vandalorum
Mar 27, 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Destruction of the United Principality of Churchistan-Nukehavistan has declared war against all 9 of its neighbours. You must carry out a preemptive attack and partition the dangerous state, before it's too late. Requirements to play this game:

- MS Paint or any other simple graphics painting program
- Internet connection, forum access, download / upload ability
- Saving and uploading image files in PNG format
- Postimage or another similar website to upload the map: http://postimage.org/
- When passing a turn to next player, everyone should type turn number and player symbol

Rules are as follows:

The game is turn-based. In one turn each player can annex no more than 3 "neutral" (red) squares or 2 "neutral" squares and 1 square of any of other players. However, in case of annexing squares of other players, only squares which originally (at the beginning of the game) belong to Churchistan-Nukehavistan, can be re-annexed from other players.

You can annex only up to 1 square belonging to any of other players per turn - not 1 square from each of them!

A square belonging to Churchistan-Nukehavistan is every square with at least some landmass painted red, not necessarily entire square. When you annex such a square, you can repaint not only the red-painted landmass in colour of your own faction, but entire square.

In this example below, only 4 squares belong to blue player, while all other 8 squares to Churchistan-Nukehavistan:

Each player can only annex squares neighbouring with other squares already belonging to his faction (squares neighbouring just with corners / kitty-cornered squares can also be annexed).

Example of possible moves (turn of blue player, green colour - another player, red colour - "neutral" squares of Churchistan):

Each time a player is able to surround (from all sides) a certain area of square (either "neutral" squares, squares belonging to other players or partially each of these two options) with a line of his own squares, he can annex entire area. But to do this, an area must be surrounded by an undisrupted line of his squares, grinding together with sides, not just with corners!

Example (turn of green player, green player annexes 2 "neutral" squares and 1 square of blue player):

Green player surrounded an area with his squares - he can immediately repaint everything inside:

The turn order is as follows: we start with move of Player L, because he has the least favourable starting position, then turn goes to Player R, Sw, D, G, C, Sl, U and B. Then Player L begins the next turn and so on - we apply a counter-clockwise succession / movement order.

Diplomacy and victory conditions:

Players can sign alliances, secret agreements, non-aggresion pacts, etc related to their strategy and policies towards other players. It is however forbidden for one person to play with more than one faction. The game ends when entire area of Churchistan-Nukehavistan is divided between its neighbours. We will then establish who is the winner. There can be two kinds of winners - one will be the individual winner, a player whose faction annexes the largest number of originally "neutral" squares. Another one is reserved for the winning alliance, if there is going to be any such alliance by the end of the game.

When it comes to diplomacy, players are not allowed to diplomatically exchange territory between each other or to diplomatically give away their territory to other players. Territory can be seized from other players only with application of 1 square of another player and 2 "neutral" per 1 turn rule.

Choose your nations and good luck in saving the world from an evil dictator:

Prince Borat XII the Great of the Principality of Churchistan-Nukehavistan:

Spoiler :

Initial map - start of turn 1:


If you want to play, pick your factions / your player symbols (first come, first served!).

Nation L / Player L can immediately start the game, when picked.
Player D please. :D
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