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The Sheaim (a guide)

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Strategy & Tips' started by daladinn, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. daladinn

    daladinn Prince

    Aug 23, 2006
    The Sheaim,

    The Sheaim are the only truly evil race in all of Fall From Heaven. In order to master them you need to get into that evil mindset. I do mean the kind of evil that is typically written in capital letters , EVIL.

    From the beginning you start with one limitation and an important choice. all of these can make or break you.
    -- Your limitation is your need for Reagents. If you dont start with Reagents you know your going to war to get them.
    -- Your choice is to go for the arcane or the religious path.Both paths are hideously powerful , however they work best with different leaders so its important to make this choice early.

    Our leaders,

    Tebryn Arbandi , the most powerful arcane leader in the game. He gives all arcane units under his banner the arcane promotion with greatly increases the rate at which they gain xp. He also is a renown summoner and allows for the summons of all his men to last a full three turns instead of the normal single turn. Leading an army of Eaters of Dreams and Mobius Witches Tebryn is able to move through the world like a swarm of locust.

    Os-Gabella , The most powerful religious leader in the game. She just like Tebryn is a renown summoner and imparts this knowledge to her army. She however is more Spiritually inclined resulting in temples being built in half the time and suffering no anarchy period for changing civic. This spiritual trend also gives her disciple and preist units an extra point of movement , making her Ritualists a force to be acknowledged.

    Things of note about the Sheaim,

    Pyre Zombies - these are the Shaim replacement for axemen. They are supposed to explode in neat and cool ways upon death. This rarely works in any intended fashion in any version of Fall From Heaven. Besides why are you thinking about Troops in the first place?

    Eater of Dreams - One Eater of Dreams and destroy a whole civilization and the Sheaim are allowed to have three in existance at a time. The Sheaim start with chaos and fire mana which allows these summoners to summon both Fire Elementals (have fire affinity) and/or Pit Beasts (continue to live if they make a kill every turn) if you so choose. What makes these sooo very NICE to have around is their ability to "consume souls" (reduces city population by one and allows the eater of dreams to cast again in the same turn). This ability can be used multiple times in the same turn , however you can not reduce a city to lower then a population of 4. yes taking a size 16 city from those goody two shoes elves next door will allow you to summon 12 pit beasts in 1 turn, all of which will last a minimum of 3 turns , some more then that.

    Planar Gate - Both of our glorious leaders will require the Knowledge of the Ether which grants the building of this powerful artifact. the Planar gate works to bring creatures from the abyss to serve our masters in the coming wars. The more successful we are at raising the Armageddon counter the more frequently and in greater numbers these creatures will come in (scales from one to four of each type and the percent chance of spawning increases directly with the counter. the number is based on the number of Planar gates you have so two Planar Gates means two to eight creatures.). the Following is a list of what can come through
    -- Mobius witch , mage guild is required and is therefore the most common type through the gate. These are T3 mage units that can come with random magic sphere promotions. the thing to remember is with 2 promotions these gain the ability to use fireball. Also because they are Demons they can walk on burning sands. These upgrade to archmages so these is never a need for mages to be built at all and all of your adepts can go on to become Eaters of Dreams.
    -- Tar Demons . Temple of the Veil is required for these wonderful defenders. These mean you should never have to worry about building city defenders and you can often have enough to escort your casters around if needed.
    *** these are supposed to split from a 2/7 unit into two 1/3 units upon death, last night I noticed this was not working***
    -- Chaos Maurauder , A Carnival is required for these. Often not worth going out of your way for, but it depends on what is going on in your game. One really nice part is you can get these buildings for free sometimes with events.
    -- There are several others that for the purpose of this guide i am going to skip, they are listed in the pedia but very rarely if ever seen in the game.

    -- Abashi the Black Dragon , Legend has it that this is a Sheaim unit. Personally I have never seen it built. but I figured I would include it as an honorable mention.


    The biggest factor on your survival as a race is going to be the rate at which you gain knowledge. For both of our leaders we are best using the same model of expansion and growth.

    When building a city look at the "small box" , this is the city itself and the surrounding 8 tiles. We do not care about the big cross. our goal is to get as many cities into as small an area as possible. Here are the reasons for this..
    1- every city that we have has a chance of spawning free units through the planar gate.
    2- more cities equate to more trade between cities (for when your developing infrastructure.
    3- every building that gives beakers and coin. more cities equals more buildings.
    4- The AV holy shrine gives a beaker per AV city

    When looking at warfare,

    we need to keep in mind that the Sheaim are a very late game civ. our highest priority is going to be survival until we can get there. Until we get there we are dependent on warriors. This means the more warriors we have the better.

    This basically means its necessary to get either conjurers or ritualists as soon as you can. These units are the forefront of your army and will be what holds the forces of light at bay.

    Late game city busting. this is soo easy its almost comical. Your going to have one of 2 main army types so we can look at each
    1- You have 3 Eater of Dreams , each one capable of casting a pit beast every single turn. If you have a city close to your nearest neighbor its worth sacrificing the city. The extra summons you get from the population will make taking the city that much easier. Once you take the city (take it , don't burn it). consume that city to take the next and so on .... act like a plague of locust and nothing can stand in your way.
    2- You have 3-6 of your profanes (high priests) and/or inquisitors. these units are capable of summoning balors and casting pillar of fire. After casting 2-3 pillars of fire on a city it wont take many of your balor to kill every unit inside.
    3- In both cases above you will most likely also have a small army of mobius witches which you can bring to bear casting fireball.
    *** side note, our world spells is a great lead in to an attack. it casts a pillar of fire on each and every city in the world (strength is based on the AC, but its never what i would call weak)***

    Thats most of it for now , I will look into adding more later

  2. Calbrenar

    Calbrenar Prince

    Jul 13, 2004
    One of my favorite civs to play. I have to say playing them this aggressively sounds like fun.

    A couple things I would add into the guide.

    With the profanes and inquisitors these are the tier 3 divine units right? Are they limited like Arch Mages? I'm guessing not since you said 3-6. Can you have both or is that one or the other?

    How exactly does the patriarch of the religion stuff work (this may be worth putting in a separate area and linking to)

    Also I've built Abashi and he's extremely fun to play with. Maybe a discussion on his magic immunity. I believe I read they still take collateral dmg from fireballs even if they block the fireballs so should Abashi not be put inside a stack or will he still take collateral damage?

    AV Heroes -- Definately worth a mention I think. Rozier is a sick combat unit with tons of movement.

    Mardero is also excellent due to being another powerful summoner.

    Also Meshabber.

    What about razing cities instead of keeping them in order to promote AC counter. How high do you WANT the counter? Obviously at least 70 But do you want to go up to 90 or higher? Why-Why not?

    Wonders and synergy with the AV. Isn't there a way to sacrifice for research? Does that stack with other wonders like Soul Forge? Stigmata promotion and Prophecy.

    Cult of the dragon?

    Any specialy research strategies? Sheim I believe should rush for writing if remotely possible since they have insanely good synergy with great sages and AV.

    How about a section on if you plan on switching to Hypoborem. How to set up your faction to be taken over (probably a non exploitish version) as well as tips like converting as many people to evil as possible (to feast on later) etc.

    This is all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment.

    Also is it worth going OO at least temporarily for asylums? I think they are insanely good with Sheim/AV
  3. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    A Couple questions for people who have played them often:

    1) Pit Beasts: Do they extend 1 turn after a kill, or 3, or do they only extend if they are down to a single turn left?

    2) Abashi: I placed him in a game via worldbuilder once while I was testing unit spawning mechanisms, I needed to keep an eye on the lair but not get killed, and he is early in the list. Problem is that they DID finally kill him... and I lost the game. Is he an automatic Regicide loss upon death? Or did my game glitch?
  4. daladinn

    daladinn Prince

    Aug 23, 2006
    yes they are national units , you can only have 3 of EACH

    Its been removed so i did not mention it. However if your playing a game with it , the highest level profane can become patriarch and can force a holy war. What this means is all of the other AV civs will declare war on everyone your currently at war with.

    Yes he is a fun toy , however i have found that if you can build him then you need to increase the difficulty or play a bit more aggressively. The game should be over before hs has a chance to come to play.

    I was trying not to go too in depth on the AV at this time. Trying to stick mostly to the Sheaim. But you are correct on all points.

    Well if you raze the city you cant "consume" the population. If you dont have Eaters then , by all means raze the city. be very careful on how powerful you make hyborem and basium though in doing this. ALSO , if you intend to build the avatar you need 90 on the AC. In general higher is better as the Sheaim , but we have a spell to raise it (i forgot to mention that)

    Yes there are a lot of synergies you can pull off , but they are mostly toys to use when your already winning by a LOT. The alter allows you to sacrifice a unit for beakers. the soulforge will give you hammers when this happens , and the cauldron will give you flesh golems with the same base strength as the sacrificed unit. In practice though sacrificing a powerful hero or caster wil rarely result in shaving a turn off your research so it tends to not be a good trade off unless you are just toying around.

    Without Abashi coming into play this tends to be nothing more then background flavor.

    Ya , sorry , thats pretty much a good idea to do no matter what civ your playing. because of this I did not mention it. (note though, its needed on the summoner race as a prereq.)

    Strat on that ... rush for AV and hyborem. Build LOTS of warriors while you do it.

    your goal is to rush to get effective casters as soon as you can. its not worth he deviation to another religion. Also as per the agreement on writing these we are assuming a difficulty of emperor or higher and only being able to found 1 religion. if you go OO first its assumed you wont found AV.
  5. daladinn

    daladinn Prince

    Aug 23, 2006
    1- from what i have seen it just prevents the ticker from ticking down. so if it has 2 turns left and makes a kill , the next turn it will still have 2 turns left.

    2- TBH i am not sure about Abashi in this regards. To me he is still a fabled here that I NEVER see. The tech req for him is insane. I see the avatar every few games, but have never seen Abashi
  6. Verdian

    Verdian King

    Aug 19, 2006
    Hilarious but true. :lol:

    A very good guide; I always enjoy reading your insights, Daladinn. I will have to try your city spamming strategy the next time I feel like ending the world.
  7. Sarisin

    Sarisin Deity

    May 15, 2006
    Great write-up on my favorite Evil civ!:goodjob:

    A few comments:

    My last game with them was my first that I was able to build Abashi. As you said, it just comes to late. Still, the dragon was very powerful. No hero promotions, though - I wonder why. Also, I think there is a bug there as Abashi got diseased when attacking Diseased Corpses (Svartalfar) and could not be cured with the Cure Disease spell.

    I was really disappointed with most of the Moebius Witches I received from the Planar Gates. They were arriving with 14-15 XP, but ZERO promotions! Talk about a useless unit. I had to wait quite a while before they could get enough XP to earn promotions. I did get a couple with promotions, though.

    I was also disappointed with the Tar Demons, who don't split anymore.

    You didn't mention the Revelers and Succubi and, my favorites, the Minotaurs and Manticores. I think I got those last two right as they come REALLY late in the game, but I play Epic speed.

    Oh, one other thing: when playing the Sheaim, I always try to get the Catacombs Wonder as it gives me a Mage Guild in each city to get those witches. They are great in early-mid game, but I find their 'automatic' XP stops at 30 and you have to try and win a few battles with them somehow to get them higher. Have you seen that?

    Again, great strategies. You make me want to play Tebryn again in my next game!:)

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