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The Shieam are plain as day, lets spice them up!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Xanikk999, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. QES

    QES Court Jester

    Jul 18, 2006
    Minnesota USA
    It was too easy to pass up and YOU know it.

    EDIT: I just think you're bitter you didnt get to it first.
  2. Xanikk999

    Xanikk999 History junkie

    Dec 9, 2005
    Fairfax county VA, USA
    You have much wisdom. :bowdown:
  3. daladinn

    daladinn Prince

    Aug 23, 2006
    elohim have a huge advantage that the others dont get if your looking to go toward the advanced religions. at priesthood you can get monks (str6 mv3) so if you do the techs there are 2 paths of choice

    1, arcane chants , education , mysticism , philosophy , priesthood --> way of

    this allows your cottages to push up and i tend to get my first monk around turn 50 on fast (right when orthus shows up).

    2, arcane chants , mysticism , education , philosophy , priesthood -->way of

    this allows you to build a great sage and pop him for priesthood. with the phi trait its only 13 turns for the sage.

    both paths also allow for a bit of synergy. with the civics available you can end up with +5 happy as soon as you get the religion as well as a 20% bonus to research.

    now what i tend to do is as soon as i get philosophy and my great sage i start on my great prophet (generic temple) this way i can build the buildign as soon as i get teh viel.

    once i have the viel i start researching fanatism (if no reagents) or religious law (if i have reagents). for building its our hero (mental blank)(if no reagents) or temple ->ritualist->book -> ritualist pump

    typically i can get the book (i force it) the turn after i get either fanaticism or religous law..... this pops me right into picking the techs for my T4 priests or T4 eidolons mardero

    now another nice synergy of this is hopefully if you have reagents your paying attention and switch civics to give your priests xp on creation. if you do get unholy taint and cast it right away. you will find that it wont take long for you to get them to level 6 for your t4 priests of choice.

    -- inquisitors can both remove extra religions AND convert human units to your cause
    -- by using your basic str2 disciple you can get medic 1 for your priests (timing issue vs the free xp on creation)
    -- fanatacism also gave you a very nice hero (corlindale(sp)) he can add research and culture to your city as well as teraforming your terrain.

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