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The Worst and the best events

It's pretty silly when an airliner crashes one turn after you get flight
Actually I would weight this event to shortly after you get flight (or other flight related techs). New technology is more likely to fail after all.

BTW: what is the fast food one?
In my current game I just got an event i've never seen before giving all my cannons combat 1. I liked the response you give. "Do we want stronger cannons? is that a trick question?"
I like the event that gives your Coal Plants + 4 :hammers: or +1:health: +2:hammers: in drydocks. If you have coal plants and can afford them (unhealthiness you know), it's awesome. makes less productive cities also moderately productive.
Best event, probably the Royal Family dying out and getting a free super-specialist in the capital.

Worst, Slave revolt because it happens so damn frequently.

I'm not going to use Slavery any more because of that. I never sacrificed population anyways.

I got one where I had to build 7 castles and every melee unit existing and in the future got City Guard I
I've just had the Ancient Texts event - at the start of the turn when my conquest victory was announced. Surely the most pointless event ever !
Best Event is the ship lost in the Burmuda Triangle which is realistically based
in inter-dimensional factualism and the Holy mountain. The others like getting a sword bonus don't make as much sense.
Today I got volcano that destroyed 2 or 3 towns (in a science city no less) with no way to protect them, that was really annoying (takes how many turns to rebuild?).

It sucks when the volcano event happens -repeatedly- destroying several tiles of towns each time. Worse when it's during war time!

Late to emancipation? Watch out for riots that destroys several tiles! Bye bye towns!

Having a streak of games with game crippling events led me to play without random events for weeks
I really hate events. For the occasional good one, you get dozens of slave revolts, monsoons destroying buildings, and volcanoes. Not to mention the constant mine cave ins, buildings burning down, -1 diplo penalties for no damn good reason.
My two favourite random events:
1. tower shields with the vikings just before I start to rush, directly leading to my first conquest victory on monarch.

2. Getting the die out of the dynastic line followed by the free great general from the castle within 50 turns in my capital city. This occurs just before I get cataphracts as the byzantines, and even shaka had to watch out . . .
Got the coal event the turn I discovered Steam Power :) Coal Plants were still well in the future, but on a water map every city suddenly had to build a drydock.

Getting Tower Shields with the Vikings is just mean.

I just got this neat little event. It said something like "A new computer game Civilization has just been developed" There choices were 1) ''your citizens will love playing this new game" = plus 1 smiley face in every city 2) "exploit the games educational potential" = spend like 30 or so gold and every university will produce 3 beakers or 3) "we dont have time to play games just cash in and sell the publishing rights" = you get 400-600 gold

I went with the beakers one just cuze happiness wasnt an issue and I didnt need gold and I wanted to see if it was ALL universities or just the one university in city that got event and it turns out it was all of em. all the ones I had build and all the ones built after started making 3 beakers along with regulary university attributes. Which beats the you know what out that library quest reward that just gives extra beakers to ONE single library hehe.

Maybe one of the choices should have been like "all you citizens keep hitting 'just one more turn' and are too sleepy to work effeicently" = -10 hammers in all cities or something JUST to be realistic hehe :p

I just got a fairly cool quest called "The Overwhelm Doctrine". You have to build a big modern area fleet (4 Destroyers, 2 Battleships, 3 Aircraft Carriers and 9 Fighters IIRC). The rewards are either Combat 1 for all your Destroyers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Fighters and Jet Fighters or +5:commerce: for every harbor. I was already more than halfway through those requirements (and beating someone up with it and a bunch of marines), so it was fairly convenient. Stupidly enough I didn't realize that I should wait with promoting my fighters until I completed the quest.
I just got a weird event (in what has ended up being kind of a weird game; playing Monty the builder :p) "Our game designers have developed a new addictive version of Civilization, how should we proceed?
Send congratulations to the developers. Our people should enjoy this game (+1 :) in all cities)
This game seems to have great educational potential. Suggest that it be used in our educational system (university +3:science: )
Computer Games? They have no place in our society. Sell the franchise to foreign buyers (receive between 563:gold: and 704:gold: )

Nothing like a little shameless self promotion to break the fourth wall ;)
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