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There is Someone Who Hates Me

Feb 6, 2006
My last game, on an Archipelago.
I found several cities on different islands, and improve terrains, built farms on wheat, built roads, and so on.

An event occurred: a tornado destroyed a farm. Well, I had a worker to rebuild it.

After about ten turns, another tornado destroyed the same farm. Allright, I can rebuilt it again...!!!

After ten turns, another tornado, same farm destroyed. RATS!!!! WELL, I REBUILD IT!!!!! :mad:

After ten turns.... no damage to that farm, but the road in the next tile had gone! Well, things are getting better, if "HE" decided to save my farm! I can rebuild the road. :confused:

After ten turns..... there the farm goes again!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! What's happening here?????? Is there any kind of pharaon's curse?????
you made me fall off my chair in laughter :lol:

lol, you're unlucky
It always picks a mine in my capitols fat cross and continually hammers that too. Like yeah stop digging there!!
A fist from the Heavens destroyed my horses 4 times until 1AD.

God appearently hates horses.
I've had stuff like this but it was with airplanes. Nearly every turn my commercial airplanes were crashing in AI territory. You'd think they'd develop better safety protocols or something.
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