This Has To Be Done In The Add-on!


Aug 31, 2001
I hope the add-on for Civ 3 will allow you to select starting locations for units and specific civs (like in Civ 2) so some decent scenarios can be made.

Does anyone know if this will be looked at?
I'd like to have the ability to ask civ opponents/allies to stop attacking a rival civ. Particularly when I have secured my goals. SMACx has this option which was quite useful.

Also, another option in SMACx was the submissive pact. It'd be nice for a civ to surrender and "serve" the empire for, say, 40 turns or so. One could say there is this option when they sue for peace and give gold. But, I'd like to "hear" them surrender.
I think the civ team would be mad not to include a starting place opyion in the patch\mod\whatever. So many people made so many posts on this subject right after the release and I think most people would want to see it return.
That a long, with a bit of loyalty from the AI when you give it deals, and resources and such. Maybe somekind of new allicance or something, that forms over time while tradeing and such takes place or assistance during wars whatever.AS it is now there is really no way to gain a true friend in the game. as the AI will stab you in the back over basicaly anything.
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