Tile improvement recos not working


Dec 9, 2003
I have installed and uninstalled some mods recently (and Civ V itself) from Steam, and something I have done has broken the option that allows you to view tile improvement recommendations. If I toggle the option on and off, same result, no beloved grey/white "ghosts" on top of the tiles (for some reason, I really love that), guiding you to recommended actions.

Anyone had this problem? I have searched around and don't see this specific issue mentioned, just wondering if anyone could recommend a fix? Note that I have uninstalled and reinstalled Civ V (Steam), and the problem remains. I think I need to somehow clear out EVERYTHING bc when I reinstalled, the mods screen showed my previous enabled/disabled mods. I guess you can't UNINSTALL from that screen.

Complicating the issue is that I reinstalled Civ in a different drive (trying to avoid this very thing!). :(

Any suggestions on how to fix appreciated.
NVM, it's not other mods, it's the latest Community Patch. Pretty sure this is a bug bc when I toggle the option for tile improvement recommendations on and off, nothing happens. If I start a game without CP enabled, the recommendations are there.
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