crash on load


Feb 9, 2024
Note: I've been playing Civ V on this PC for over 40 hours already but recently won't run at all, I need help with CIV V crashing. I get the start splash screen and then after a several seconds a dialog window error pops up saying "An error occurred while launching this game: app running". I've contacted Steam support - no help and done the following steps;
- verified game files (multiple times)
- uninstalled & reinstalled through Steam (several times)
- uninstalled using external uninstaller to completely remove all game files and registry entries and then reinstalled

I've looked at the log files, they show nothing. Windows event viewer shows nothing. Taskmanager verifies no other app running and I've shut down all unnecessary processes and services... game still crashes. I have no idea where to turn for help :(

thx in advance


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