Trade routes and food question


Sep 16, 2006
Skopje, Macedonia
I have been trading for ex.:
- getting cow and giving away gold
- getting pig and giving away stone etc. etc.

It says that for ex. with a cow I get +1 health and +1 food. Yet I don't understand why I am not seeing this +1 food anywhere. The only food I get is from what the citizens are producing themselves. The +1 health is accounted for.
Also when I trade for iron, ivory etc. , I get the +1 production.
But with food resources such as cow, pig, corn.. I don't get the +1 food when I acquire the resources through trades.

Does it have to do with civics, some tech or something ?
The +1 food/production listed on the resource panel is extremely misleading, as these apply only to the tile with the resource. Resources certainly do not provide additional food and production in every city as it implies. Only in the BtS expansion with certain corporations do resources have any empire wide effect on food or production.
I've never understood while they show the tile yield bonus in the resource panel mouseover on the city screen. I did work it out, but it confused the hell out of me. It seems so unnecessary, and it can hardly be a surprise that it confuses people. Firaxis really ought to have sorted it out by now. It makes a relatively neat and straightforward system seem much less intuitive than it really is.
People have been being confused by it (and hence asking on the forums) since vanilla came out. I've never understood why the tile yield's displayed there. It makes no sense for it to be displayed anywhere other than the tile.
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