transcendent era on eternity speed (107 AD/turn number 4696), something weird is happening to research and gold


May 9, 2014
hey, I have for the first time reached transcendent era with all the techs researched manually, and something weird started to happen to research and gold, the moment I entered new era. Income of gold is not consistent over turns, tooltip shows it's supposed to be -13M gold income monthly, but in reality, my treasury is increasing by +100M every turn. Another problem is that research stops after reaching about 21 millions, and exceeding some certain number causes it to be negative, why it's like that and how I could fix it? in below save, changing culture to research in capital does not produce research, and changing to research production in any city causes research to go from +21.4M to -21.4M, and remaining research time to be displayed as 1 turns, but nothing is actually researched. Do I have to manually maintain science below 21.4M? it feels kinda... strange game mechanics:p attaching save

on positive note: game stability and turn processing times are very good, improvements are noticeable compared to earlier versions


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Its overflow issues - its 2.1B internally.
Play on smaller spacemaps as to have less cities.
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