space pangea nightmare eternity upscaled research:D


May 9, 2014
hey:D starting new game, as in title: space pangea nightmare eternity upscaled research

how would you start here, any advices?;) first thing I will do is finding coastal tile with river and caves up to 2 squares away. I think it matters more in slow speeds to spend some turns searching for good city location

would be great if many users participated in topic commenting strategies:)

----------- cave dwelling
turn 2, found good spot for capital
turn 22 (year 196 623 BC), hard choice, I don't know which one is least likely to be constructed by AI before me
turn 37 (year 194 321 BC), captured first neanderthal city, speeded up wonder production with captives
turn 41 (year 193 707 BC), finished cave wonder
turn 49, I realised I could found city near natural wonder, although I don't see any nearby, also almost no animals and these that appear have too high strength
turn 114, still almost no animals, only subdued 3 so far, I was searching for neanderthal captives to update to warriors, but nothing
turn 145 (year 177743 BC), finally neanderthal captive that can be upgraded to tracker, that took long time:) not many units nearby that can be captured. very low research, I was expecting to have more than 12 at this point

---------- captured fire
turn 460 (year 129390 BC), main unit led by great general with 7.5 strength trying to attack tribe guardian, I had dilemma between using stone axeman from tribe hut, or creating merged 3x spiked clubman which would lead to higher strength in the future. I chose axeman and I think it was bad choice, lacking this +50% strength and hp from merging to higher size rank, although is easier to heal in this case. I think it will improve when it gets one more quality upgrade. I have about 10 neanderthal trackers now, created from neanderthal captives, averagely 1-2 killed animals every turn, and 1 subdued per 5 turn. I will soon have great hunter and I think I will take nomadic trait as first choice. Still lacking science output, no nearby cities of size 2 to capture, waiting for new techs to progress.
turn 539, I missed that sleeping captives have high upkeep and I didn't realise it's what was causing increasing maintenance expenses, deleted several trackers and it's too late now, must build again
turn 662 (year 98 383 BC), main unit has 2nd quality upgrade, I am thinking about capturing city size 2 "honolulu" but it's 12 tiles away and I don't know how high maintenance it will have when resistance finishes (over 20 turns), if it's over 30 gold per turn, would be bad. Still very low science, 65 in 98000 BC. I like eternity and upscaled research so far, allows to enjoy prehistoric era for longest time
turn 812 (year 75 358 BC), I have two master hunters now, captured city, maintenance will be about 22 gold, not that bad and it will produce more than it costs after finishing all buildings, 33 turns of resistance
turn 845 (year 70 293 BC), resistance finished, science output increased, I will use captives to speed up some buildings construction and it should balance income to 0 at 100% science

----------- tribalism
turn 1079 (year 46 061 BC), tribalism done, I am hoping to reach ancient era before 30 000 BC but may be hard, still many techs missing. 3 cities now, could be mistake that far away (-27 gold distance maintenance) but there was nothing closer to capture, I could wait until tribalism to build two cities near capital instead, although in captured city there were already many buildings, so it should balance. waiting for trail to be finished to have 2 trade routes in each city. I picked negotiator and aloof traits to increase routes income and to reduce maintenance. Main unit has 3 quality upgrades now (16.87 strength)
turn 1383 (year 34 321 BC), I am confused, one of AI founded druidic traditions but I am still able to research this technology, don't know how it could happen. I built several cities as close to capital as possible and started from stone tools workshop and trade routes buildings, with trails and bridges max 5 per city now. not far away from sedentary lifestyle now, but will probably fail to finish before 30 000 BC, which is rather bad result
turn 1471 (year 30 806 BC), built city near stones to have stone huts, captured AI capital city size 4 quite far away but with many buildings, economy will barely withstand with 0% and wealth in many cities which will slow down progress to sedentary lifestyle, but I am hoping it will recover with surplus in the future

----------- ancient era
turn 1556 (year 27 498 BC), sedentary lifestyle finally done, I chose ideograms as free tech, it took longer than I was expecting, but also researched some religion techs that were not required. Economy and research income still very weak, I'm hoping it to improve with ancient buildings
turn 1611 (year 25 319 BC), I realised it was mistake to take ideograms, with nomadic trait would be better to take agriculture due to higher research cost, and small holding compared to hunter gatherer civic has smaller penalties to gold and science in all cities, would be better for economy
turn 2178 (year 10 614 BC), two other civilizations advanced to sedentary lifestyle and I am only ~15 techs ahead, got trade, mesopotamism and going for specialisation, trying to hinder strongest AI development by attacking borders and terrains, I have low research output (895 science, 8 trade routes in each city, 13 cities)
continued by going to mesopotamism hoping for courthouses (then it turned out they are disabled after building hammurabi stele of law wonder), then matriarchy, dualism, gardening, seafaring (awesome wonder great lighthouse +2 trade routes in all coastal cities), captured city on island (I think there are only 2 small islands on map, which will be bad for trade route income, lack of +50% for overseas cities), building cities near silver, copper, marble, platinum and murex, created commercial and scientific achievements with world units (after researching writing),

----------- classical era
turn 2877 (year 6259 BC), finally researched classical lifestyle, took alphabet as free for +2 trade routes, as next I will research code of laws (maybe it will enable courthouses from hammurabi wonder), democracy for +1 trade routes from republic. 3k research with 100% science in this year - not too good, could be better, research is only less than 1 era ahead of best AI, three best of them are researching mining, pottery and wheel. trade routes are about 35% of total commerce
my order of research was spice trade, drug trade, insurance, some religions, and then directly to medieval lifestyle, I don't know if it could be done in better way. I was hoping to have 6th trait pick after renaissance, but seems that culture will progress faster than tech. currently I have nomadic, negotiator, aloof, efficient, aerial, covardly, progressive, I think I will add prolific if choice is before renaissance era

----------- medieval era
turn 3838 (year 1006 BC)
finally researched several medieval techs, best AI is now in half of ancient era (so that I'm only 1.5 eras ahead), I went for vassalage and feudalism for four good civics (vassalage, feudal, serfdom, vassal levies, generally better income in all cities, balanced maintenance change, grand estate, -25% food required to growth from squatter camps), next either theocracy for priest and shrine boosts, or guilds for better agriculture and apprenticeship (+8 free specialists in all cities with building), not sure if anything can be done better. I'm unsure about too many civics changes, anarchy took 16 turns even with nara's budda and national courier system

----------- renaissance era
turn 4426 (year 243 BC)
renaissance lifestyle, I start with jurisprudence to reduce maintenance (local courthouse from supreme court), then I will go for social contract (metropolital administration - better city work radius), then economy and nationalism (gold standard civic), from what I see mercantilism and corporations does not offer any good civics, although in later game trade routes bonus may exceed benefits from apprenticeship

mistake: I missed botany tech which gives awesome building "arboretum", researching it unfortunately in mid of industrial era
zoology - zoos from national zoo, large boost to %gold in all cities
archeology - antique shop, %gold
paleontology - theory of evolution, %gold and science in all cities

getting all above increased science output from 130k to 164k (25% more) and gold output from 5k to 36k which means that much more cities maintenance can be supported and number of cities can increase from 109 to probably 140, would have been definitely worth doing it before industrial era. Each new city is about +500 science in moment of creeating, and -1000 gold maintenance cost, so that final result will be ~184k science instead of 130k just from above 4 techs, graph shows it on spike shortly after year 500

----------- industrial era
turn 4966 (year 455)
researched industrial lifestyle in year ~300, starting tech tree from steam power and railroad (better trade network and important building rail shipping warehouse), machine tools (faster growth from farms), steampunk (science and military boost), assembly line (factories, chamber of commerce for +5% gold), agricultural engineering (greatly increased growth), antibiotics (awesome building industrial farms), electricity (growth from cannery), telephone (many new housing buildings which boost economy), many great techs in this era and I'm not sure what exact order will be the best
turn 4966 (year 622), 1/3 of industrial era progress, after finishing most of buildings from renaissance, and filling every available spot with city

----------- atomic era
turn 5386 (year 791), finished atomic lifestyle research, free tech industrialism for waste to energy civic, plan for this era: communism (state owned agriculture compared to corporate owned is hard choice, changing to state is less commerce from trade routes, and less science, less food from farms and less +% bonus, but more food from trade routes and -30% food required to growth instead of -15%, which I am expecting to be more steep curve of whole network growth, even if at first commerce income decreases), will be also changing to marxist and getting palace of soviets for -50% maintenance in all cities (possible to upkeep much higher quantity of cities), then applied economics for regulated economy, highway systems (expressways will make up with advance for loss of +1 trade routes from free market), dieselpunk (grand aerodrome +3 trade routes), then I will check average number of routes in empire and maybe change from open borders to secured for more income. unsure between videophone network from atompunk, or directly computer network. if someone has better idea for atomic era, would be nice:) 7th trait choice was negotiator 2, 8th I get efficient 2 (+10% commerce from routes, +1 max route per city) and populist 1 (-5% food required to grow but -5% science) or stubborn 2 (+10% commerce from routes), hard choice which one will be more steep growth of economy

traits test results: this -5% science from populist 1 seem to be too big loss, I don't think -5% food required to growth will make up for it, on the other hand more science will allow to reach future techs faster which also have many opportunities to reduce growth percent. I ended up with efficient 2 + stubborn 2

palace of the soviets is +40k gold/turn for only loss of 2k commerce in trade network because of egalitarian -> marxist

corporate owned -> state owned caused 4300 less commerce from trade, and science decrease from 324k to 310k, not that bad and I am also hoping for faster network growth

trick to build something that has no prerequisities in all cities: demolish this building in capital, then click alt to choose all cities, and add to queue, will add this building to queue in every city that does not have it yet

getting flight after highway systems for air shipping warehouse

trait choice unfortunately shortly before information era so that I could not get tier 3, I chose nomadic 2

adjusted civics to match high gold surplus which earlier would cause too bad results for income and maintenance (prophets -> free church, philantrophic -> subsidized), built modern diversified army (infantry, modern armors, artillery, battleship, carrier, bombers)

----------- information era
turn 6013 (year 1293), researched information lifestyle, free tech fiber optics for internet world project (+10% science in all cities), unsure about plan for this era, but for the beginning I will get superconductors (better reactors for production)

decided to prioritise knowledge management for nuclear powercomplex (large production boost everywhere) and infonet (although will be only 2% due to zuse computer obsolete), cloud computing (online shipping warehouse 25% trade route yield)

next gene manipulation (better growth, and earlier techs to get there allows svalbard global seed vault, which by the way I was never able to build anywhere even in cities with proper requirement of vicinity and latitude)
aquaculture (aquafarm)
megacities (river administration and many wonders giving free buildings in all cities)
mistake: superstring theory should have been priority due to +25% science in all cities
genetic line (growth, species recovery center)

mistake: missed commercial space flights that gives commercial spaceports +25% trade route yield

----------- nanotech era
turn 6346 (year 1456), researched nanotech lifestyle, my plan for this era: free tech - ubiquitous computing, gene enhancement (human mod gene editing - free stem cell lab in every city), mainstream cloning, fertility clinic 5% less food to growth, gestation tanks 15% less food, augmented consumables (food manufacturing district awesome building), anti-aging medicine (longevity +10% science in all cities), fusion (1000 production in almost every city), megacorporations (very good civic corpor-nation), vertical farming, then with developed economy beginning of space colonisation

----------- transhuman era
turn 6729 (year 1566), researched transhuman lifestyle, annoyed by constant war declarations from classical-medieval AI, I used several peace makers, razed all with exception of one city on island, and filled every spot with city, unsure about tech path but soon I will colonise space which is faster and more efficient in this era compared to earlier ones


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If you have some +xp buildings that count for scouts building one with a sight upgrade could help spot animals for your tracker so it can focus on hunting promotions.
When hunting with a spearman give it the forest/hill terain promotions as those also increase the odds of capturing animals by a few %.
thanks! I totally missed woods and hills promotions, these +4% instead of -4% from combat II would be 8% difference in total, which could be much more captured animals. I am thinking about military strategy now, if you have any comments, advices, would be great:) in particular regarding tech choices, updated first post (turn 460)
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