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As promised woodelf I will help get things started

The following topics should be moved to the new SDK/Python forum: Python and cvcity.cpp functions Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 Compiler Optimalisation Flags [Help Needed][XML or Python ?] How to capture tanks, plane, etc ? [PYTHON] Error: Cycity has no attribute hasbuilding Oo Need SDK help adding new Info Class adjusting missionary success rates Which version of Visual C is best for C4? Problems with CodeBlock compiler Help : an improvement that makes terrain impassable [Python Help] Running a Function Before Combat make forts project cultural borders and zones of control Need help with Forts/Improvements giving Culture Mod Nukes... to destroy cities? Limiting cultural border size by tech Cities acting like units! can't get setHasRealBuilding() to work [HELP] Stealth/Invisibility Detection Can someone merge those mods? Mod idea: zones of control feasibility? Techs: how to make one exclusive to another Combat modifiers based on state religion? Nuke Silo Improvement Help Still Can't Compile SDK can someone create an sdk code for overlord mod? Resource compiler problem is there a hook into when a city starves? python question - change position of event-msgs Python question Basic Python Help How to make a list in python of the 20 plots of a city radius?? How to prevent borders from expanding (BTS)? Stripping down the python bits in the Afterworld mod Preventing AI from choosing "No State Religion" [Need Python/SDK Help] City Build list Python: easy way to disable shared vision Unit Stack Limits Native Unit Names ...possible? Modding Civ to be more Realistic Debugging Python code with HAP New combat system - modifying how withdrawal works? [QUESTION - BUG] Problem with the new cvGlobals.cpp architecture [BTS - SDK] CvUnit and CvPlayerAI BTS Vanilla SDK How to get Python Console in BTS [SDK] CvSelectionGroup Destroy building/abandon city mod CyPopup() ? Python help for Beyond the Sword [Q] XY Coordinates on Map [SDK] Crashes when not a complete rebuild Problems with CvEventInterface Create / Destroy Units using Python Initial Python documentation addRivers in Python, impossible? [SDK ERROR] Error C3861, identifier not found, even with argument-dependent lookup [BtS] [Python(?)] Taskmaster: Civ4lerts + Reminders = True Error C2039: 'getUnit' : is not a member of 'CvPlot' [Python] I need your help please !! City Raze Screen Note to modmakers: 2.08 -> 2.13 patch change Python for dummies? Please I need Help with Python Noob Python question [PYTHON] Ocean/Sea/Coast [PYTHON] onCombatResult I need some python... code of One City Challenge [SDK] Using Gnu gcc or Borland bcc to compile [SDK] How to restrict a resource to rivers and coasts (AKA Build Errors... Help!?!) Civ4 documentation wiki Can somebody splice two SDK mods for EE: Deluxe? Airports required to use planes? Commerce Percentage SDK int to tchar. [SDK] Difference between CvDeal::startTrade and CvPlayer::handleDiploEvent [SDK] Problem with reloading the CivGameCoreDLL Source in CodeBlocks [SDK] So I have the CvGameCoreDLL, now what? [QUESTION] Limits of Python/XML regarding my ideas Cultural Construction [Idea, hard] Python Questions: Text manipulation + Adding unit Movement Limitation Promotion:TurnsToLast (SDK Help needed) Python Usefulness IRL Programmers: Help me CUT TURN TIMES IN HALF OR MORE! C++ development question Global Warming!!! More C++ Help Loans ??? is it possible.. has it been DONE? memory allocation for flavors [SDK REQUEST] Multipule Favorite Civics for Leaders [PYTHON] Simple popup with Input Box + store variable SDK Help Need help with python SDK Intro Tutorial? SDK Q: How Do I Call A Python... [SDK Compiling Problem] Unresolved external symbols? [SDK QUESTION] Specialist Yield problem I'm having... Python Help - Get tech flavors need SDK help. [sdk Compiling Problem] C2660 Python question SDK Request : Remaining Features at City-Build Return of Zone of Control . . . CvGameCoreDLL c++ runtime error [SDK] gDLL Python request SDK Question SDK request: Missions From Python SDK request: pre-load graphics check Example of relationship between Cpp-Python-XML Python Request C++ Error Custom Python Functions Python question - how do I get an OK button on my popups Storing Plots - Python Question Help with getting Plot in Python Python file for city bar hover info? Getting object Plot(x,y) ? additional question: UnitClass ? Getting object [PYTHON] Question: Rename Unit AFTER Upgrade Mega-error in python *python guru's please help* Would Python have been better than XML? SDK Syntax Question Questions about Civilopedia & SDK editing [PYTHON] List boxes! Please Help! SDK/XML Mod to convert tiles and improvements to percentages Problems with SDK [Python] Noob Question about for loops Python/SDK Question... PYTHON: how to get info on how much culture a city is producing? SDK compilation error Python question ? - get the MOD name Python (I think?) question AI questions... SDK programming Python sucks. Python Testing Distance [PYTHON] How Do I... Increasing Number of Workable City Plots Spawning multiple units per turn. Python RandPlot error How to count something SDK? Compiler error I'm gonna break down and buy Visual C++ 2003, I swear... Again me - SDK help! [Python] Saving game Odd compile error Making the Python Files More Modular adding XML tags with SDK GetNumAvailabeBonus In which SDK files does CvReligion get called? UnitAI.cpp SDK - CvPlayer.cpp [PYTHON Help needed] Dynamically add a player in game [SDK] Question re: TechResearch & TechTrade Question Re: Modifying Python problems => Python solutions get current date with python A little SDK help to perfect my mod! SDK help (Need Help With Massages). SDK how do I make a count of IMPROVEMENT_OFFSHORE_PLATFORM? SDK looking for Function that returns the number of a certain goody Question re: TechTrade tag in CvTeam Create a new unit c++ code CyInterface().addMessage Question Ingame python error SDK DoGold() function question [Python] CvCustomEventManager help C++ Advice SDK help. odd Python mapscript error -- little help...? SDK Discussion/Question/Help/Tip Thread Raising the max number of players Vehem's Python Ponderings (was "Off by one" python error) [SDK Request] Diverse Great Generals [NEED HELP] WTF!? Compiler error... Python or SDK? Terrorism Mod Which builds do you use? (Building SDK with VS2005) Python : help please ! [SDK]Units adding Happiness SDK License Agreement pPlot.getLongitude()? [Python]: Help, How does python assign GP names? CyGame::getActivePlayer() runs Out of Sync SDK Help with Religion [SDK Request] Units dependant on units Python: Zone of Control around cities [SDK] In-game popup? [SDK] Is there any way to intercept chat? SDK changes-little help please? [SDK] Bug in AI_bestTech? [Python question on def onCombatResult Decompiling the DLL? Creating a new unit in Python? How? pushMission (attack) Python help Print from SDK Python Exception Popups Python Question (Mapscript) Banning Weapons Other Than Nukes Python please [SDK] MAX_PLAYERS reduction SDK Community enhancement project HOW to python in-game? Why isn't the Python code running? How do you get the int domain type of a pPlot? CyEngine().addColoredPlotAlt(...) Question ? Warlords Python API docs & script AI: Forcing movement in python (Need assistance) Modders: please release your SK source-code along with your mod UnitAITypes Question ? Passing python list to C++ How do I use the SDK with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition? [SDK] Sub-Map: “Zoom-In” on Tiles for Tactical Combat Map, Simcity-ish Building, RPG SDK Problem Problem with CvMapGeneratorUtil.FractalWorld.FractalWorld() Python wrapper question Minimal Instructions For Python Changes? Getting Python to build a building Python Question - City Populations A python question Combat Information A strange error Python help with UnitCombatTypes needed Where's the Python API documentation SDK problems Attention ALL C++ programmers and python ditto: We need multiple maps in one game! PushMission() in Python and SDK Python 1.61 References? How do I reference a Python Mod function from within SDK?? Documenting the Python code, a proposal
I think we should have had this subforum much sooner. It's a mistery to me why this wasn't created in the first place. :eek:

SDK wasn't immediately available, that's the only answer I can give.

Thanks for the list. I'll work on moving them over the next few days, weeks, months... ;)
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