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Guess the map 16: No need for that latitude!


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Mar 11, 2008
How to guess the map:

1. Someone posts a map, and you try to guess what the map's supposed to represent.
2. Person who guesses correctly gets to post the next map guessed on, or they can declare open floor, and then the thread is left dormant for several months it's first come first serve to post the next map.
3. The longer time it takes, the more and "better" hints the person who posts should give.
4. Map should be reposted at the top of every page. A default page is 20 posts long.

If you're making a map and need guides on all the island countries in the Caribbean Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans, here you go:

Spoiler :

Here's the blank maps put in every thread, copy-pasted from last thread:
Spoiler :

Old threads also link these three sites, so check them out if you want:

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I "yielded" because I was going to be away for a few, and I thought somebody else would submit a map.

But if you are happy with my sporadic appearances I'll keep going. :)
It's not Culture, Education, Academia or Technology.
Political or Economical then?
Not chemical, political or economical (per se).
But the economic state of the countries has an effect on the thing you are trying to find.
Is UAE the only country in that highest band, 6.6-15.6?

Are they even in it? I can't tell if it's just the compactness of their borders making the color look darker.

But someone must be in it, or it wouldn't be an option in the key.

In fact, there should be at least two countries in it because it would be weird to have a band, if there's only one country in it; why not just 6.6+ in that case?
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