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Troubles with QuickCam Express and XP


Feb 4, 2002
Ontario Canada

Ever since I installed XP on my machine, my QuickCam doesn't work properly.

The software that came with it does NOT work at all. I downloaded the upgrade for it. It was supposed to be for XP machines. But it still doesn't work.

I have also have had some mild successes just using the XP interface to connect to the cam.

It seems to me (and I may be wrong on this) that when I move around alot OR when the cam adjusts for light differences is the reason it crashes.

And it crashes quite well. Almost locks up the computer. I am able to get maybe one sometimes two shots before it craps out.

If I want to use it again I have to restart my 'puter!

Anyone have any ideas or had the same troubles?:confused:



Mar 13, 2001
Far from the 2 idiot posters in FPT
I have an Express USB too. I installed the necessary software and it said RealPlayer was compulsory to make it work and then installed it automatically, I coudln't even refuse. Damn mistake. That kept on crashing Win2K!
So I guess there must be problem between Real and WinXP too, although I'm not sure. But now I noticed that even without installing Real audio/player, each time i do a netmeeting or a ivisit, the system crashes several minutes after quitting the program. Therefore, I think that might even be the Logitech drivers that are unstable. Since they are not stable with win2k, I suppose the XP drivers, more recent can't be stable neither. Probably just wait for an update.
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