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The Boring Thread

You're welcome. It's nice to know that some people have such a lack of interesting things in their lives that other people's garbage pickup is of interest, isn't it?

I'm afraid it isn't nice to know. I hate to think that anything I post in this thread could be found interesting. That might be violating a forum rule of some sort.

I've been considering making a post about lint.

Lint is safe, I would have to think.
I need to set aside some time to go to the phone company. Every place in town does the same racket: cheap, cheap, cheap phone! Then you’re in their clutches and it’s three times the advertised price.

I think the discussion on lint would be more interesting.
Trash collection is tomorrow, so we put the bin out tonight.
Yeah, you can do that. You can put the bins out the night before. That's true.
I usually refrain from putting out the trash bins the night before. I'm worried about the coyotes and other night creatures tipping over my bins to get at that delicious garbage.

On trash days I like to wake up a bit earlier than usual to make sure I place my bins on the sidewalk before the trash collecting truck rolls around.
I mean . . . I was just going to say this about lint: it's always grey. You can do a load of all-white laundry and the lint will be grey. Grey has to be one of the most boring colors on the color spectrum, if not the most boring. So lint, in addition to just being lint in the first place, is, in its color, positively trying to be boring. It's exponentially boring, lint is.
I had a grey and white tuxedo cat named Gussy, and he was most definitely NOT boring. He was one of the sweetest cats I ever had. I know this thread is supposed to be boring, but you can't trigger one of my cat memories and expect me to associate it with something boring.

Now for something boring. I'm going to have cream of wheat porridge later. I would have had it yesterday but I couldn't find my measuring cups.
Hold on a second.

Are we talking about:

(a) absorbent lint for treating wounds
(b) the lint that gets stuck in the drying machine filter; or
(c) the cross dimensional lint that appears in one's navel?
Trash day again. You might remember that comes on Tuesdays for me. Well, I've put the trash bins out.
And we probably won't experience it as boring, when the time comes.
I used one as recently as yesterday.
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