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Two mistakes made with V and VI, and not talking about 1 unit per hex

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by pholtz, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. pholtz

    pholtz King

    May 2, 2006
    I've played every game from Civ I, and consider IV to be a high point in the Civilization franchise for two main reasons, both which can still be fixed in future patches.

    1 - The game has gotten too easy.

    I remember when IV first came out, how few entries there were for the top level of difficulty on the Hall of Fame. It took quite a while for the best players to figure out how to beat IV at the hardest difficulty. With V and VI, the good players are playing Deity from the start and beating it regularly. I hope a future patch will make the game more difficult.

    This should be done with AI as much as possible, and it can be done as shown by the AI mods made to Civ V. But if needed do whatever it takes to make a top difficulty VI game to rarely be able to be beaten. Since Deity is already taken as a name for a level, bring back the Sid Meier level of difficulty.

    Watching top players play at this level of difficulty is fun, and encourages all to improve their game. For the more casual players lower difficulty levels are always available.

    2. Lack of Modability.

    Despite the promises from Firaxes, the game reached the best level of modability with IV. V and VI have been disappointments in this regard. Mods such as Rhye's and Fall were fun. I heard that Rhye tried to create a version for V, but gave up when the necessary tools just weren't there. It seems that VI is no better.

    Also, the HOF and Game of the Month in IV (and III and II?) had a mod specifically made to limit cheating. V and now VI do not have a similar mod, not because of lack of trying but because of lack of support from Firaxes. Without mods such as this, a competitive element is missing from the community and interest fades. Please Firaxes, fix VI modding.
  2. Eliminator_Sr

    Eliminator_Sr Prince

    Dec 5, 2016
    Gotta agree here on #1. I've also played all versions (minus V) and VI is the easiest by far. Deity is only marginally challenging for the first 50 turns and if you can survive that then you are almost guaranteed to win. Even in Civ 1 days the AI would wipe me out all the time on emperor - I don't think I was ever able to win. Civ 4 was even harder and I was legitimately scared of the AI - even monarch was a challenge. I think I beat Deity on my first attempt in Civ VI when I really had no good grasp of the game systems.
  3. Naokaukodem

    Naokaukodem Millenary King

    Aug 8, 2003
    Actually Civ2 was by far easier than Civ5. Just because it was easy to snowball and the AI rarely attacked you, there were only one warmonger and it was you. It was very easy to attack cities, they had no defenses and often a city was planted without any unit to defend it. In Civ2 you just had to understand that farm, city spam and critical units upgrade was the key. (streamline to howitsers and yeay with infinite railroad movement) In IV and V, the meta game is far more complex. But it's true VI is easier, mainly because AI doesn't defend well. (when it doesn't take your capital with its bonus units on turn 12 that is)

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