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Ungrateful English!


O' Mighty CivII Warrior
Apr 4, 2005
So, my giant empire decided to "take out" a rival empire. Napoleon, as usual, was taking over every little city state and country around him, on a total killing spree, just declaring war on whoever got in his way. So being the "police state" country of Rome, I got in, and due to an unhappy empire, can't afford really to add too many more cities to my empire. My goal is simply crush Napoleon's army, destroy or make puppet states out of his cities, and capture his capital.

As I am doing this, I decide it is in my best interest to liberate some cities. So I liberate a couple of city states. Wow, these guys are awesome! They help me out, declare war on Napoleon, are allied with me, and provide me with units once in a while. Sweet.

However, then I save the English and liberate a city of hers. She had been destroyed previously, but came back to life once I gave her her cities back. But get this. The only thing I get out of it is an open borders agreement. Shouldn't she at least declare war on Napoleon??? Also, she had the brevity to call me the bloodthirsty one! But I was saving the world from Napoleon who was on a killing spree!

Then, the Japanese, who had always been knocked around by Napoleon refused to go to war against him, and said similar comments as if I was the bad guy or something...

I think that the diplomacy process in Civ 5 is very flawed. Much of it does not make sense to me. Some of it is great, don't get me wrong, but here's an example of unrealistic actions by different civs.

Oh, not to mention that Napoleon would NOT give me anything to end the war. He had tons of gold, resources, and after I took his capital and he had two measly cities left, he still refused surrender unless I accepted just a simple peace treaty with no payoff!
Ironically, I had the same situation as you, except it was the Songhai conquering everything left and right. I liberated the English and all I got was "warmonger" and "blood thirsty". So to get back at them, I conquered the city back immediately.

Towards endgame, I was ready to call for a peace treaty when they had one measly city left. But he wouldn't even negotiate with me. Well, if you want it that way, so be it.

The AI seems totally unpredictable. But I guess that just adds a form of replay or randomness to every game.
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