Unit Module: Amurite Siege Mage

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    Dec 8, 2001
    A stab at a special siege unit for the Amurites.

    Siege Mages can cast tier 1 spells and the Siege Mages-only spell "Bhall's Fist".

    Bhall's Fist doesn't do as much damage to units as a Catapult or Trebuchet, but is very effective at reducing fortifications.

    Depending on the feedback I may add a unit Siege Mages can upgrade to.

    Just place the "siegemage" folder under /Assets/Modules. This mod shouldn't conflict with any other mod.

    Download v0.9 here.

    Require a Cave of Ancestors and Elementalism.
    Cost 160, 2 combat +2 fire, can only make elemental mana nodes. They're built directly, like Adepts. Siege Mages don't get free XPs.

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