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Unit; Result of the CTP air units posted; Biplane

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Apr 16, 2002
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Over in the creation and customisation forum some one (I'll find out who and post a credit at the bottom, it iludes my memory at the moment) posted some WWII unit pictures that he was going to use for CTP, some planes tanks and ships.
I experimented with what could be done with the air units, cos they need the least modifications to use. The result was O.K but not great, the East and West views look like they are just about to fall out of the Sky, so I decided to make my IL-2 from scratch.

But for a unit that always looks like it is going to fall out of the sky, a biplane, the animation works O.K. so after I finished I decided to post it here.

The plane has a civ coloured stripe on the tail and a pale civ colour propeller.

(The CTP units were posted by
Harlan )
The unit could be used as a early "fighter" or late "WWI fighter", I am going to use it as a WWII recon plane.
The plane is fine for recon missions in areas where there is no enemy fighters such as north africa etc.

To use the unit create a folder in your CivIII/art/Units folder called Biplane and put all the files in it. you will also want the following sound files;

from the firaxis fighter plane unit;

here is an 8way preview of the unit;
Some released a very good biplane earlier, I stole it - I mean borrowed it - for my now delayed due to moving and NO FRIGGING DSL modpack...

P.S. Modems suck...
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