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Unit's real ADM and BRF values?


Mar 15, 2002
Pensacola, Florida, USA
So what are their actual values???
I am playing with the latest patch 1.17f.
The manual shows one set of numbers for each unit, the civilopedia shows another different set of numbers, and often, the ''in-game'' numbers (shown for the unit if you right-click on them) are sometimes another completley different set??

Is there an accurate list somewhere (for downloading) that someone may have made that has unit's actual values?
It's the in-game numbers which count. The manual was out of date before it was sent to the printer, much less after three major patches.

Firaxis is working to update the Civilopedia, but they don't always succeed. If you're really curious, you can open the editor.

There are also a couple of fact-sheets floating around in the downloads area.

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