Upgrading Units


Oct 5, 2003
Hi, right now i'm in the year 300 something ad and playing c3c. I have iron and the technology needed to build knights. I also built horsemen in a city with barracks. Unfortunately, when I try to upgrade them, there is no option on any of them. I tried pressing shift-u but the advisor told me I had no horsemen that can be upgraded to knights right now. Same thing happens with spearmen, warriors, and archers. I can't upgrade but I really need to. I'm in the middle of a war and my horsemen are getting destroyed by spearmen and longbowmen. Please help.
Never mind. I figured it out from reading the can't upgrade warriors thread. I need to have my units standing in a city with barracks. I think.
yep, the units have to be in a city that has a barracks :) Looks like you have the other requirements okay ;)
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