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May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
Here it is. Changes are quite big, as usual.
It's intended to be final, so keep in mind that I will ignore further suggestions. Only in case of a bug or a heavy unbalancement that makes playing impossible or frustrating, I'll keep in consideration releasing a small fix.

updated faq:

- Updated to RFC 1.187
- Added “Start in 3000BC” option (active for Low and Very Low only) in Custom Game
- Many more rivers
- More food around starting locations
- Improved terrain around tundra and jungle starts
- Persia starts with 3 settlers because there is no Susa around
- Because land type is unpredictable, requirements for Persian and Mongolian UHV are lowered to 7% and 10% of world land
- Super-Greece starts with less units, without Hunting and The Wheel and has lowered modifiers
- Jerusalem can’t flip on civ spawn
- Elaboration after map generation now produces more natural shapes when separating continents (not “cut by knife” anymore). This should be especially visible on Low likeness
- American UP is enabled when Democracy is discovered
- Map scripts now include a check for too low landmass ratio, and add some islands
- Spawn dates are more random: Very high is the same as RFC; High can vary of 4 turns (instead of being the same as Very high); Medium can vary of 10 turns (instead of 4); Low is semi-random (instead of 10); Very low is totally random (instead of partially random)
- Tuned some modifiers
- Updated city names lists
- Reduced barbarian pressure on China, increased on Rome, Persia, Mali, Babylonia and Greece
- Rebalanced research modifiers in favour of European crippled civs, slightly worse for Mali, Inca and Maya instead (which get better land than in RFC)
- Smaller Greek spawn area
- Refined flip system during both spawn and resurrection
- Flips more likely to happen on spawn, for civs with lots of cities
- During resurrection, flips now depend on original founder too
- No bonus will appear on seaice
- Disabled some time consuming debug prints
- Adjusted European spawn areas in Very high
- Civs starting in 3000 BC on Low and Very low start 2 random techs (Fishing more likely for coastal starts)
- Adjusted starting techs for civs spawning in the very early game on Low and Very low
- Mayan UP begins in Classical Age
- Greece, Carthage and Maya won’t spawn after Medieval Age, in order to be able to use their UP
- Egyptian UP adapts to starting date: Representation and Burocracy are granted in case of late start
- Independent cities spawn slightly earlier in Very low; applied to Low too
- Wine and Silk swapped when on plains, on High and Very high
- Fixed assignment of key resources near starting locations
- Contacts bug fixed again
- Improved code about unit flips
- Christianity founding bug fixed; thanks to Fierabras
- Barbarian units won’t spawn on seaice
- Cheap settler bug somehow fixed
- Spawn in very small islands should be less common on very low
- Fixed bug of camera not centered on Egyptian units at start of very low
- Fixed wrong culture count on Very low
- Rebalanced worker speed on Very low
- Fixed python exception
Nice... fixed the river problem. I like the more varying spawn dates too.
Got this error during american auto-play in very high


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Rhye, I noticed Greece now starts with 1 settler instead of 2. I advocated balancing Greece, but the 3 adjustments together might be a bit too much:

- Super-Greece starts with less units, without Hunting and The Wheel and has lowered modifiers
- Jerusalem can’t flip on civ spawn
- Smaller Greek spawn area

I consider the no-Jerusalem-flip the most important one and it might be enough to balance Greece.
Game as dutch on very low likelihood never received workers (start date 950BC)
Still too many mountains in Europe in very high likeness.
And Spain is, well, still too big, compared to France and Germany.

In Italia seicento e quaranta,
in Almagna duecento e trentuna,
cento in Francia, in Turchia novantuna,
ma in Ispagna son già mille e tre!
Um, are the Egyptians supposed to have Bureaucracy in 1300 BC (in very low)? (I see Monarchy and Slavery enabled, but Bureaucracy was also an option)
Or is Rhye weighing in on the Civil Service debate? :lol:

Addendum: using Monarchy, Bureaucracy and Slavery I've built ALL the classical wonders up before 1AD. (my capital is a desert city but has stone and marble) And all the wonders up till Statue of Liberty. This is in monarch BTW.
Probably the only game that I've founded or captured the 6/7 religions and won a religious victory in very low before 1900.
please read the log or the pedia about Egyptian UP. In case of late start, free civics have to be replaced. In your case, you already had Bronze Working, so the free civic became Burocracy instead of Slavery
In case of late start, free civics have to be replaced. In your case, you already had Bronze Working, so the free civic became Burocracy instead of Slavery

Wow, 1300 BC isn't such a late start, and as I said, I got free Monarchy/Slavery, but Bureaucracy was an option I could switch to (it wasn't enabled). That's really powerful for a "Classical" civ starting around 1300 BC.
otherwise, which civic would you grant? Keep in mind that the UP should be simple - I didn't intend to remake a complex mechanic. It could have been serfdom, but it's enabled by feudalism. So, for a Medieval Egyptian start, serfdom too must be replaced.
Well, monarchy and slavery are civics enabled by techs that are enabled by techs just 1 era beyond the starting era. What if you enable two extra civics that just 1 era beyond your current era: e.g.
1300 BC to 200 BC: HR and slavery enabled but allow bureaucracy as an option
200 BC to 400 AD: HR and slavery enabled but allow bureaucracy and serfdom
400AD-1450AD (medieval), bureaucracy and representation but don't get the techs
1450AD-1700 AD, bureaucracy and representation (and the techs) and enable US and free speech (but not the techs)
1700AD and beyond: police state and nationhood are available
The power of Pharaoh: you get the next generation civics...lol
But seriously, having Bureaucracy in 1300 BC is like having a supercity in the ancient times that can outproduce any other civ, if your capital is well endowed.
You are right that it is powerful, but so is, for example, the Greek UP on the classical era and the German UP on the industrial era. So what I am saying is that it isn't over-powered, because it only benefits you for one era.
I wasn't a major fan of RAND b4 but you've really outdone yourself Rhye. The ability to spawn as anyone at 3000 BC on low was your greatest idea ever. Now there's no 50 min wait for America just to have a crap spawn. The sad thing is that I like RAND more then regular RFC now. Oh well... I'm sad to see you leave Civ 4 but good luck in your future projects and have good good summer :D
There seems to be a bug with China--starts with more settlers than others?--I got 2 in the early 3rd millenium BC.

But the remarkable thing about this game, if you look in the logs, is how I got conquerors in BC, and not just one set, but multiple ones (Inca, Persia, Russia, Vikings, America, Greece, Babylonia) which allowed me to win a superearly domination victory, with Indians, Mongols, Persians, Russia and Vikings as vassals.
In real life the Chinese regarded nearly all other civs as "barbarians.":lol:
Maybe conquerors should be disallowed until the discovery of optics.
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