I got an error, and I was too confused to taske a screenshot. I got Inca randomly in very low. I spawned in 3030 BC, and lost instantly. This needs to be fixed.
The changelog looks very promising, I can't wait to try it out. Thanks to Rhye and the last testers for this work!

I wasn't a major fan of RAND b4 but you've really outdone yourself Rhye. The ability to spawn as anyone at 3000 BC on low was your greatest idea ever. Now there's no 50 min wait for America just to have a crap spawn. The sad thing is that I like RAND more then regular RFC now. Oh well... I'm sad to see you leave Civ 4 but good luck in your future projects and have good good summer :D

I liked RAND more than RFC even from its second release (the first one had spawn flip make it a bit too annoying). I think the same goes for Fierabras.
I really started liking RAND since the Very High likeness option was added, because I like my RFC RAND to be random, but not too random. I was very much into CIV and CIV modding until 2008, but now exclusively play RFC RAND. I still believe in the potential of RAND as a mod and I'm glad Rhye paid some attention to the most nagging issues. I would have loved to see some more improvement on the map script, but I know how hard it is to mod that.
These are all on monarch. 1500-3000BC starts. Persia is superpowerful now with its UP (since I depended on it for conquering all of Germany without once ever using Occupation, and razed a couple cities).
I also did a Japanese Spaceship which could have easily been domination.

Rhye, if you're reading this, I would beg you to fix a few minor problems for very low likeness:
1. The Europeans and later civs still have their intrinsic advantages (worker speed, science, etc) even with 3000 BC starts. This has got to be fixed. (In a recent 3000 BC game that I won, the Khmer took 6 turns to build a road, whereas the Spanish starting also in 3000 BC took only 4 turns)
2. For huge maps, can you lessen the stability hit by just a smidge (right now it's almost impossible to win domination or conquest--all of my wins so far have been only on large). E.g. multiply the stability hit per tile by 0.8 or so. At the same time, you can increase it by 1.2 in small maps.
3. Some starting techs are really unhelpful. E.g. I get fishing and hunting when I start with no access to water and have no huntable animals. Maybe you can see what resources are around starting locations and at least give 1 that is useful.
4. the 2000-3000BC spawns have got to be eliminated--too powerful (more techs than you would be able to research if you start at 3000 BC, too many units).
5. the later spawning civs (e.g. after 1200 AD) need more powerful units. Having rifles against rifles isn't really an advantage. Maybe you can see what techs other civs have and give them 1 military tech ahead.
I had a little free time to fulfill some of your requests.
But this hasn't to be intended to be a patch, as I will just integrate these 2 files I'm posting here into the current 1.27, which will not be further developed.

Spoiler :

- Bronze Age start depowered
- Slightly more powerful Medieval and Renaissance start
- Stability expansion threshold scales with world size
- Corrected conquerors wrong setting in Medium likeness
- Conquerors impossible before optics
- Fixed bug on stability expansion

Have fun.
It's good to see that someone appreciated Very Low. In my opinion it has a much higher potential longevity compared to the others and maybe even RFC.


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Thanks, trying it out now.
Tried several very-low likeness demigod games. My general strategy:

0. Rush tech before turn 75. If you have gold mine, mine it ASAP.
1. Either rush the Oracle or he Great Lighthouse by all means, build both if possible. Stonehenge is very favorable too.
2. Expand overseas ASAP.
3. Found one religion or control at least 1 holy city.
4. Choose city sites carefully, AI tends to cram their cities, and we tend to make all our 10-15 cities metropolis (except the 2nd one, in case of rushing tech or wonder)
5. Adopt pacifism with Shwedagon Paya, for upkeep cost and GP rate. For early expansion, serfdom via Stonehenge is good too.

The most powerful civs in 3000 BC start are:

1. Greeks

The best UP, +150% GP rate, overpowered! And they usually starts near water, with many seafoods. Their tech rate is good too.

2. Incan

Mountain plot give gold and hammer, and terrace adds culture; and Quechua warrior needs no tech and bronze/iron, 5 power melee with +50% to archer, smashes any ancient units except normal axeman.

3. Chinese

UP is just fine, but usually has very good starting position.

4. Romans

Very good UP and UU, but the most important thing is that they have the best work rate: 3 turns a road even in 3000BC start. But war is usually not favorable in RAND, because AI city sites usually sucks, and war in classical age can bring down your economy and tech greatly. And also, it's hard to decide when to tech iron working. I always want to rush the Oracle and GL first, and by the time I build my legion, AI usually already have formidable defense.

5. Aztecs

UB good for slavery (I just won a game with them), UP is good to (although I didn't fight many wars, I even didn't fight barbs), work rate and tech rate also OK.

The worst civ in 3000BC start:

1. Americans

5 turns a road and twice of tech cost compared to other civs! UP not working in ancient times too.

2. Mali

Although they have good UP, UB and nice UU, the work rate is too damn bad, 6 turns a road!

3. Babylonian

Usually starts in desert, and no good UB and UU, UP is also not that good if you don't have many wars.
Not just gold, but gold on a regular hill, not a desert hill.

You must be doing way better than I'm, because I'm just able to win on a consistent basis in the 1950-70's with a spaceship win in Emperor. (Made the mistake of trying for cultural and got tromped on by aggressive AIs like Germany, Mongolia and Aztecs).
Rhye, you seem to have nerfed the bronze age starts a little too much. Also, there are many 600-800 AD civs that don't start with either Machinery or Feudalism, which is a little anachronistic (besides making it almost impossible to play since it takes the older civs 10-15 turns to tech it while you have no cities that are large enough to sustain good tech rates).
Here is a good demigod, very-low huge map start, you are Aztecs, there are many seafood and islands. Although gold is a little far away, but I managed to build Stonehenge, Artemis, Oracle, Great Lighthouse, Great Library, Shwedagon, AP, Hagia Sophia...... and founded Christianity, and made all nearby civs vassal......

You may try this, and you may do better than I. I won this game with cultural victory because didn't want to do boring space race.
I would suggest: lower the cost of all line 1 tech (agriculture, mining......) by half. No point we have to use 1000 years to gain knowledge of fishing.
Does this mean you have added all your fixes in this thread as well (Python files) and we should re-download 1.27?
if you haven't since the release of 1.27, you should. There are no compatibility problems anyway.
Last time I posted the fixes here, I also updated the download. Now I've only updated it, without posting the single file.
I am having problems with RFC random. Game is always crashing on one specific turn. When i was trying to play by Churchill it got crashed on 149th turn always and when i was trying to play by Alexander it crashed on 189th turn always. What is mistake in it???????
I get the same as MrBanana

You have been defeated

doesnt even 'load a map'

only thing i can think of is that i edited the cfg file to allow custom games (dont like spaceships)
the AI is unlikely to launch a spaceship in time in RAND.

Btw, the Japanese island has a always a total or almost total lack of luxuries. Is there an easy fix for this problem?
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