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May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
Not sure what to suggest for testing this time, since little changes and improvements are everywhere. Please read the log and if you see a civ that got some bigger change for instance in victory, up to you!

- Fixed again glitch of Roman settlers spawning regardless of the presence of a camp
- increased barbarian camps in Europe
- Indian Americans cannot conquer cities, only raze
- Instead, one Comanche Rider is given for a city captured
- Indian Americans captured workers are wiped out quickly
- changed some stars ratings
- Phoenicia gains less victory points for sea plots
- Aztecs gain more victory points for killed units
- Spain gains more victory points for colonies
- Cities on spawn are forced annexation rather than puppet
- Portugal victory points bugs fixed
- Sarapion only appears in ancient eras
- reduced cap of Scout to 2
- reduced cap of Privateers to 4
- increased Pirate Privateers
- Cannon obsolete with Combustion
- Barbarians in Anatolia and Near East will flip to Persia
- tweaked which city states disband when weak
- Chivalry added to all civs in Renaissance start (the Austrian one), as the whole world seems
to lag 100 years behind. Starting year slightly delayed.
- Mt. Sinai faith reduced to 5
- some city states will start with population 2 in order not to be immediately destroyed
- fixed eras of Saigon appearance
- fixed Rebel code for Atlas compatibility
- added Israeli settlers and stability maps
- moved location of Artaxata
- Persia spawn area includes Nineveh
- Achaean League renamed Peloponnesian League
- Syracuse not visible from the beginning when playing Greece
- added Sardis city state
- fixed wrong Israel ability text
- swordsmen spawn in North Africa together with Camel Archers in order to take cities
- updated city names
- difficulty levels reduced to Chieftain, Prince, King and Immortal. Difficulty is more dependent
on the chosen civ rather than the level, so such a fine grind is not needed.
- AIs get a victory score bonus for higher difficulty levels
- Resized victory window
- fixed bug originating in Barbarians code and halting the autoplay on some difficulty levels
- added a fix to avoid that German victory score gets negative
- Persia not present in Japanese games; Indian America present instead
- added Dangerous Waters tile to block useless Arctic Sea early exploration, in which AI units
seem to get trapped
- added more Dangerous Waters to block early access to Oceania more effectively
- added more Dangerous Waters to delay early access to North America by the Incas
- Dangerous waters cleaned correctly
- wandering Hunnic missionaries are wiped out instantly
- Siege Towers cannot go into Tundra (where usually would get trapped)
- Israel victory needs to control the Temple of Solomon, which is placed in different plots every
time in the Middle East
- wrong Code of Laws tooltip removed

- Replaced Chinese leader with Qin Shi Huang by Iska and Ismet
- fixed Maccabee icon
- replaced Airship cartoonish graphics with a realistic Zeppelin. Icons changed too.
- Options “allow policy saving” and “allow promotion saving” selected by default
- reaching 500 and 800 victory points give a bonus of 30 and 50 stability, respectively
- notification of a city becoming barbarian will appear only if owner was human or if the plot is
- Roman victory has a limit in 700AD
- Phoenician victory has a limit in 600AD
- activated for Netherlands same victory condition of Portugal about Japan
- fixed possible happening of Greece delaying spawn because of barbarians in Anatolia
- fix in stability code to avoid sudden collapse of respawned civs due to low number of cities
compared to maximum extension (counter now reset)
- condition of declining civs made slightly more strict (to make it happen more often)
- Israel victory needs to control the Temple of Solomon, which is placed in different plots every
time in the Middle East
The Israel turn 1 popup also refers to The Temple of Solomon, but I see in other threads that you meant to say King Solomon's Mines. It confused me.

Speaking of the pedia, the leader entries are only showing the name of the leader's unique ability, not the description of what it does:

It would help a lot to show the text describing the RP goals in a more accessible place. AFAIK the text only appears in:
1. maybe the release notes
2. the mod files, if you know where to look (RPVictory/VictoryText.xml)
3. the turn 1 popup, but you have to wait for the starting autoplay to see it, and you can only read it once.
I'd love to see that text in the mod setup screen (the startup screen where you select your civ and difficulty level.) In the pedia would be nice too. I'd also really like to see the leader's special ability text in the mod setup screen, as well as in the pedia. Including the text for RP goals and leader abilities in the setup screen would make deciding which civ to play a lot more fun and accessible.
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"You have met the minor civilization of Papal State!" :shifty: :lol:🙈

Not razable, and as a city-state it reduced my Territorial Loyalty from 90 to -40. :lol:
Before this turn it was just an empty tile in my territory. There had never been a city there.

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Is the United Nations and Diplomatic victory enabled?

I did play a game in v94 through the contemporary area and I saw the World Congress, but not the United Nations.

That game was Austria Immortal, science victory 1918. The mod functioned very smoothly for that game. But now I'm playing Israel and I want to choose a victory condition goal.
This looks like a bug. Starting from the attached save, I kill the pirate city and that erases my culture from all the tiles adjacent to it. I have to reclaim the tiles with border pops.



  • Alex 191 BC-0018 pirate hole.Civ5Save
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Nutmeg tiles can't be improved - plantations are not associated with them. It's impossible to ever get the resource.
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