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Version 2.7 discussion

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Rise of Mankind' started by zappara, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Lance of Llanwy

    Lance of Llanwy King

    Mar 10, 2006
    Are there any plans to improve the Imperialistic trait? Currently, it is quite limited and weak. I was thinking it could possibly have some sort of trade bonus to abstract in economic imperialism as practiced against China and other states in the 19th-century and arguably still done today. I would've modded it myself, but I've never worked with the trade tags, so I just had it give gunpowder units shock and cover, to better squish primitive natives, though that may not be terribly useful in RoM...
  2. Subaru WrXxX

    Subaru WrXxX Chieftain

    Jul 4, 2006

    I wholeheartedly second this. Can anyone actually get the 2.62 megapack to load a map w/o a crash to desktop? If so can u post your specs, Im starting to think its something in the megapack thats conflicting with newer ( or all ) nvidia cards....thanks
  3. Subaru WrXxX

    Subaru WrXxX Chieftain

    Jul 4, 2006

    The conquered wonders in a city is a GREAT idea & one of my long standing gripes w/ Civ4....If u knew what great people & upgrades/buildings also before deciding to raze or install a new gov thatd be great to. As for the trade caravans on snail speed, thats right on also. In my current nonmegapack 2.62 game the ONLY way Im able to keep around 85-100% research AND not be broke is to build one of these from my capital every 10-20 turns or so...I like the idea & all but on Snail speed its way unbalanced....& about Snail speed & the tech pacing or w/e u wish to call it, some changes may need to be made as said in an earlier post, Im starting to discover stuff a bit to early in relation to the timeline....
  4. Retrospect

    Retrospect Warlord

    Jul 22, 2007
    Processor: 2.8Ghz Intel 4

    RAM: 2 Ghz

    Display: ATI Radeon X800

    OS: Win 32 XP

    My PC is a Dell so I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with that as I have had many software problems solely due to the fact that its a Dell. Dunno what new Dells are like nowadays but I certainly won't be buying another when I finally upgrade :sad:
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2009
  5. reconverse

    reconverse Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2008
    Sometimes my game (rom2.6 mega) also crashes... No idear why to be honest...
    I just save a lot of times during the game ;)

    My specs:

    Dual Core 2.2 GHz Intel
    RAM: 2gb + 1gb turbo
    1280 mb NVIDA GeForcev 8600 GT Turbocache
    OS: Vista
    and.... bluetooth and pretty blue led's :p
  6. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Deity

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Your wish may be answered eventually. there is an "examine city on conquest" mod. Which allows you to look at a city before deciding to keep it of trash it. It looks like it will be merged into the RevolutionDCM mod which is the basic dll for RoM.
  7. Nordfeldt

    Nordfeldt Noob Modder

    Aug 10, 2007
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I'm having no problems at all, haven't had a single crash and I'm on medieval on giant/snail map.

    Quad core 3Ghz Intel processor
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 280
    4 GB RAM
    Windows 64 bit OS
  8. CivEikka

    CivEikka Warlord

    May 18, 2008
    Could the Crusade wonder be modified? (Put the christianity requirement away, just some other religion and the Intolrant civic should be on before you could build it)
  9. Subaru WrXxX

    Subaru WrXxX Chieftain

    Jul 4, 2006
    Well there goes my nvidia theory...I think Im just going to have to have a separate winxp64bit load just for RoM Megapack...Im just stumped as to why the mega needs it & the nonmega doesnt...Im generating maps 10 times the size with 3 times the civs on a nonmega, no problem. Tiny map megapack w/ 5-10 civs, will CTD EVERY time on Graphics/map loading....ugh I really want the new civs/leaders. I'll post my findings when I do get around to getting 64xp on as ALOT of other Megapack users are reporting the same errors...
  10. Subaru WrXxX

    Subaru WrXxX Chieftain

    Jul 4, 2006
    That would be awesome indeed
  11. Bezhukov

    Bezhukov Deity

    Dec 8, 2004
    Actually, I think its presently the strongest trait there is, as the early game is so crucial for later success and it significantly speeds up the founding of your first few cities. This is why Joao and Hatti tend to be such strong AI opponents. What it is currently is boring and maybe even overpowered. Perhaps downgrading the settler bonus and adding a few new twists would help.
  12. Retrospect

    Retrospect Warlord

    Jul 22, 2007
    While we're talking about over powered traits. I think that the deciever trait is hugely over powered. The +2 espionage per city is overwhelmingly strong in the early game, and by the time the late game comes you have built up a massive lead on espionage anyway.

    I would much rather see the +2 espionage dropped in favour of a pecentage, say 10% or 15%.
  13. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    Expanding on CivEikka's idea:

    I love the idea of playing a game, where I take the reigns of the Crusade or perhaps defend an AI that has taken to the Crusade against me. However, 1) by the time you get all of the pieces in order, you have mailed knights and pikemen to deal with. Those special crusader units are too weak for the effort involved. 2) The mechanics should be there to allow you to attack another AI's city without DOW, but it's broken? 3) These guys defend first if in your stack and you are already at war with the civ attacking you, and you have better units???
  14. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    I think there is a serious stability issue with BarbCiv and RoM Mega Pack. I've disabled it and the game runs much more smoothly.
  15. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    Religions...I've mentioned this elsewhere, but on Monarch, I can grab every religion and build up a money machine that breaks the game by the Medieval Era.

    The AI appears to avoid religion techs in 2.62. In 2.5, the AI challenged me relatively well to get these techs.

    Also...Zoroastrianism and/or Kemetism/Amun-Ra dominate every game I play. Please reduce the spread.

    Finally, I have had several games ruined by a stack of Crossbowmen showing up under AI control around 800 BC ??? I have always wondered how one can build machines without Math. Furthermore, if you leave the tech progression alone, shouldn't there be an early Crossbowman, with a 6 :strength: equal to the Light Swordsman, but with a 25% bonus to melee? Then, have an upgrade later to the 9 :strength: version?

    Thank you again for the great effort involved in this great mod :)
  16. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    I tend to agree with you, Bez. I love playing as Joao of Portugal. Only hurdle is the early economics, but soon, you're light years ahead economically and culturally by the Classical to Medieval stage.

    I wish this Mod had the Venecian civ included...Sea Faring and Imperialistic and the whole "Lions of Saint Mark" flair. But until then, the Portuguese will do.
  17. Bezhukov

    Bezhukov Deity

    Dec 8, 2004
    Currently heading to my first Deity win on 2.6 as Joao (crossing my fingers that I can keep Isabella and Shaka's attention elsewhere for about 100 more turns and it will be in the bag). Joao's cheap settlers and early ability to colonize across ocean make him ideal for Deity play. O/W would be very difficult to beat the AI landgrab short of opportunistic war.
  18. hiphopin

    hiphopin Warlord

    Apr 17, 2008
    "Look behind you"
    Hello everyone. I have played Fall From Heaven 2 for the past year now, never once touching vanilla BTS since FfH2 became BTS compatible. And just recently wanted to go back to vanilla. Upon playing BTS for 30 minutes I quickly became bored again, and decided to check for new mods, I was hoping to find a game that went way into the future, thats what exited me most.

    So I then stumbled across this mod and I must say, it is nothing short of amazing so far. I have only finished one game (on quick speed small map, oh my sweet lord this mod makes it 5 times longer than normal, but thats ok because it doesn't feel slow) and decided to take a look at the RoMK II forums, only to discover the addition of more future techs for the next version, which I am SOOOO exited about because I was dissapointed with how the future era not only felt to short, but also a little unbalanced.

    I decided to make a post (this one) on this idea I had. Since no one has been able to make multi level maps *cough* FFH *cough* so far I wonder if anyone is able to make the following idea a reality. So after the lengthy introduction here is my original reason for making this post:

    During the future era I hope to see many more weapons of mass destruction, while some people are seeking to build a civilization in harmony with the Earth, creating a paradise (brought out by the civic) others seek to dominate it by any means neccessary. Creating ultra powerful WMD's that make the nukes shiver in fear.

    These weapons when used would cause a increased global warming effect on the Earth (in other words, like nukes, but spread even faster.)

    This gives an increased threat of complete Earthly collapse, giving a reason to do anything possible to expand into space. Which brings me to the meat of my idea.

    After reasearching the final tech, requiring all other techs. (It will replace future tech) You are allowed to build the Moon Colonization Project. A national wonder that once completed, would allow you to construct the Lunar Colony Supership. Construction would be the same way the spacerace victory ship is built, by building parts in multiple citys. Except there will be many more parts than the spacerace victory. When finished the ship can be launched at any time of your choosing from the capital, when launched it will take away 1 population from every city that you have, and half of your capitals population. The population taken away, would of course represent the people leaving on the ship. Once launched it will take 5 turns to reach its destination, and take you into the best and final phase of the game. Space.

    Moon landing: This is the part that im not so sure on how it would work, and im hoping that someone out there could program this.

    After building the spaceship, launching it, and waiting 5 turns for it to reach the moon, the game saves all current information on all the games civilizations. It will then open a new game that takes place on the moon (to solve the multi map issue) and using the computer civilizations information, determines when they will be allowed on the moon.

    For example, you finish the spaceship, the game saves. A new map is opened (the moon) and you are Placed with a space settler (which would be the spaceship you built)

    Now the civilizations on earth would then enter the game on the moon after a set ammount of turns detirmend by the civs place on the tech tree. I think it should be: Beakers left until reaching and completing final tech divided by a thousand = Number of turns before they enter the moon map with a space settler (again being the spaceship)

    So it wouldn't be a long wait, but still would give the player an advantage. If the player is not the first to build and launch the spaceship, however many more turns it takes them to complete it after the computer civ lands on the moon would be how many turns the computer civ/civs would have already played there.

    Once on the moon it would open a whole new range of techs that take you even further into the future, and eventually offer techs that allow the moon to be terraformed.

    Now this is just my base idea, and im hoping people will add to this with there own ideas if they like it. This would probably have to be a special scenario for the base game, which would turn off all victory types (except complete destruction of all other civilizations) until reaching space, which would then give new win conditions.

    One more thing I thought of, to prevent civs who are severly behind the the tech tree, the tech diffusion rate should increase by a percent every turn until it reaches 30 turns after the first civ colonizes moon (for standard game) in which all civs still behind on tech tree will be given all the techs and allowed to start heading into space.

    Also im looking for ideas on how the civilizations actions on Earth should affect space. So it actually gives all the stuff you did on Earth more purpose than just leading up to the moon.

    Again this was just an idea I had, and I just had to share it with others to see what they think, and maybe inspire someone to come up with something like this.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  19. Flay

    Flay Prince

    Apr 9, 2009
    I got a suggestion on Game speed.
    I don't know if it is possible but could game speed change when there is war? maybe a bit trikky when playing multiplyer but I believe it would be great to play at epic speed when all civ are at peace, but when a war start the game goes over marathon.

    - to navigate on river. (or is this already possible I haven't try. . . )
    - To build chanel to cross continent without losing the resources and or the improvement on the case.
  20. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Did little test: I started megapack on 2.0Ghz computer with 768MB RAM and some Nvidia old AGP graphics card (256MB) with high graphics setting and with Windows 2000 and what you know, v2.62 megapack works fine, generating standard map was no problem. It ran out of VRAM around renaissance era (AI autoplay) so it ended to MAF. :D

    So if your specs are above those, your computer should be able to run the megapack.

    Here's the current progress:
    Spoiler :
    Version 2.7

    - Added: Siege Warfare
    - Added: Ceremonial Burial
    - Added: Fermentation
    - Added: Mounted Archery
    - Added: Map Making
    - Added: Caste System
    - Added: Vassalage
    - Added: Aristocracy
    - Added: Crop Rotation
    - Added: Armored Cavalry
    - Added: Anatomy
    - Added: Algebra
    - Added: Armor Crafting
    - Added: Smithing
    - Changed: Paper no longer allow Map trading, requires Guilds and education
    - Changed: Navigation requires Map Making
    - Changed: Monarchy requires Bronze Working instead of Military Training
    - Changed: Monotheism req Priesthood moved from OR category to AND category
    - Changed: Sacrifice Cult requires Mysticism
    - Changed: Democracy requires Alphabet
    - Changed: Sanitation classical tech
    - Changed: Alphabet cost 300 -> 240
    - Changed: Glass Blowing requires Bronze Working (2000BC in Egypt)
    - Changed: Currency requires Writing and Metal Casting
    - Changed: Civil Service requires Code of Laws
    - Changed: Philosophy requires Literature
    - Changed: Agricultural Tools button
    - Changed: Political Philosophy requires Banking
    - Changed: Compass requires Education or Clockworks, now Medieval era tech, cost 400->1400
    - Changed: Optics requires now Invention, cost 750->1100
    - Changed: Education is now Medieval era tech
    - Changed: Music is now Classical era tech
    - Changed: Chivalry requires Armored Cavalry
    - Changed: Printing Press requires Invention instead of Machinery
    - Changed: Divine Right requires Gunpowder
    - Changed: Humanism requires Drama and Music
    - Changed: Metallurgy requires Armor Crafting
    - Changed: Grand War requires Nationalism
    - Changed: Scientific Method now Renaissance tech

    - Added: Silver Rain event (deadly Nanite Cloud event ;))
    - Fixed: Interstate event uses Highways instead of Roads (thought I had this fixed in previous patch...)

    - Changed: High Walls moved to Siege Warfare
    - Changed: Bath House constructed 25% faster with the help of Lead (pipes)
    - Changed: Sewer System constructed 25% faster with the help of Lead (pipes)
    - Changed: Nuclear Plant requires Lead
    - Changed: Hospital +1 health from Lead (used in X-ray machine, negates 1 unhealthiness from Lead)
    - Changed: Supermarket +1 happiness from Tea
    - Changed: Bazaar +1 happiness from Tea
    - Changed: Fisherman's Hut +5% food with Shrimp
    - Changed: Harbor +1 health with Shrimp
    - Changed: Port +1 health with Shrimp
    - Changed: Commercial Port +1 health with Shrimp
    - Changed: International Port +1 health with Shrimp
    - Changed: Sid's Sushi Restaurant +1 health with Shrimp, +4% food with Shrimp
    - Changed: Manhattan Project graphics scaled down
    - Changed: Armourer moved to Smithing
    - Changed: Doctor's Office moved to Anatomy

    Great Wonders
    - Changed: Pyramids moved to Ceremonial Burial (requires also Masonry)
    - Changed: Apostolic Palace requires Papacy

    - Changed: Catapult units moved to Siege Warfare
    - Changed: Horse Archer units moved to Mounted Archery, upgrades only to Cuirassier
    - Changed: Elephant rider str 8->5 (still effective against Mounted units with its 50% vs. mounted bonus)
    - Changed: War Elephant units str 11->8
    - Changed: Trade Caravan is now national unit, max 5 at a time
    - Changed: Freight is now national unit, max 5 at a time
    - Changed: Flak88 has now 1 move (though it's Immobile unit)
    - Changed: Knight units require Armored Cavalry, no longer require Guilds
    - Changed: Swordsman units requires Smithing
    - Changed: Heavy Swordsman units require Armor Crafting

    - Added: Lead
    - Added: Tea
    - Added: Shrimp
    - Changed: Salt unique range 5->3, placement order 5 -> 2
    - Changed: Gold placement order 5->2, can appear on jungle/forest hill plot
    - Changed: Silver placement order 5->2
    - Changed: Ivory placement order 5->3, appearance 40->100

    - Added: Geothermal Factory (not yet assigned to tech or to worker actions)
    - Changed: Mine can extract Lead
    - Changed: Shaft mine can extract Lead
    - Changed: Apple Orchard moved to Fermentation
    - Changed: Olive Orchard moved to Fermentation
    - Changed: Plantation works on Tea
    - Changed: Fishing Boats works on Shrimp
    - Changed: Farm initial food bonus +1 food (was +2), gains +1 food from Crop Rotation tech

    - Changed: Hellenism founded with Aesthetics
    - Changed: Kemetism founded with Ceremonial Burial

    - Added: OOSLogger (for logging Out of Sync errors in multiplayer games)
    - Changed: Tech screen can display more techs vertically, each era's techs shown with different colors
    - Changed: Abandon city code no longer allow player to sell free buildings (those gained from wonders), checks text elements from xml (helps if translations made later), checks for unique worker/settler unit types, checks for civ's unique buildings, game define Building Cost percent included in calculations, check for Holy Shrines (these are not wonders in RoM), getNumBuildingClassInfos function does not seem to find modular buildings..
    - Changed: Cityscreen now shows how many National and Great Wonders city has already built

    - Changed: Caste enabled with Caste System tech
    - Changed: Vassalage enabled with Vassalage tech
    - Changed: Nobility enabled with Aristocracy tech

    - Added: Tea plantation defines
    - Added: Geothermal Factory defines
    - Changed: Workshop graphics swap to new building models when advancing to Future era, Modern/industrial eras uses now previous Modern/Future era graphics

    - Changed: Cart Path does not give extra moves, only connects to resources
    - Changed: Road 2 moves (3 after tech bonus)
    - Changed: Paved Road 3 moves
    - Changed: Highway 4 moves (6 after tech bonuses)

    - Changed: Medic II requires Anatomy

    Biggest changes this week has been the fixes to Abandon city python code (took one evening to fix it) and progress with tech tree modifications. Another small change was to add National and Great Wonder amounts to city screen which should help bit when deciding where to build those wonders.

    And tech tree looks currently like this:

    Currently I'm organizing the industrial era techs and soon I get to modern era techs. I've also thought about adding couple Industrial techs and was trying to find some common advancements from historical timelines. I made this (unfinished) list for guide:

    Industrial era techs
    1769: Steam engine
    1794: Cotton gin
    1798: Vaccination
    1802: Screw propeller steamboat
    1811: Gun Breechloader
    1831: Electrical generator
    1837: First American patent for an electric motor
    1839: Vulcanization of rubber
    1840: Screw-propelled frigate
    1840: artificial fertilizer
    1845: Portland cement
    1846: Rotary printing press
    1849: Telephone
    1852: Airship
    1855: Steel mass production patented
    1856: Synthetic dye
    1859: Oil drill
    1861: Ironclad USS Monitor
    1862: Revolving machine gun
    1862: Pasteurization
    1865: Barbed wire
    1865: Roller Coaster
    1866: Dynamite
    1873: International Meteorological Organization formed in Vienna
    1875-80: Electric light
    1879: Automobile engine
    1881: Electric welding machine
    1890: Pneumatic Hammer
    1892: Diesel engine
    1893: Radio
    1895: X-Rays
    1902: Neon lamp
    1902: Radio telephone
    1903: Powered airplane
    1904: Tractor
    1913: Stainless steel
    1914: Tank, military
    1914: Liquid fuel rocket
    1916: submachine gun
    1922: Radar
    1926: Fluorescent lamp patented
    1928: Antibiotics
    1931: Nylon
    1935: microwave radar
    1937: Gas Turbine
    1937: Jet engine
    1938: Fiberglass
    1939: Helicopter
    1942: Bazooka Rocket Gun
    1942: first V2 rocket
    1945: Nuclear weapons (but note: chain reaction theory: 1933)
    1946: Computer
    1947: Transistor
    1951: Nuclear power reactor
    1952: Fusion bomb
    1953: Polyester fibre
    1954: silicon solar cells
    1954: Transistor radio
    1956: Digital clock
    1957: Sputnik I, first satellite
    1958: Integrated circuit / Semiconductors
    1958: Communications satellite
    1958: ICBM
    1959: The first weather satellite
    1960: Laser
    1962: Light emitting diode
    1969: Apollo 11, first men on the Moon

    Modern era techs
    1969: ARPANET (first wide-area packet switching network)
    1971: E-mail
    1971: Microprocessor
    1973: Ethernet
    1973: Genetically modified organism
    1973: Personal computer
    1977: Cellular mobile phone
    1983: Internet: first TCP/IP network
    1985: fullerenes discovered
    1990: World Wide Web
    1990s: Hybrid vehicles
    1991: Nanotubes
    1993: Global Positioning System
    1997: Wi-Fi
    1998: US Deep Space 1 uses an ion thruster for propulsion
    2001: Self-contained Artificial heart
    2002: Scramjet
    2003: GloFish, the first biotech pet, hits the North American market.
    2004: US SpaceShipOne pioneers commercial reusability, carried launch and glide landings

    I'm just using the lists when trying to figure out good, logical technlogy paths to tech tree.

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