War as a Democracy

Eric The Fish

Jan 14, 2002
How do you go to war as a democracy without all your peeps gettin all upity. i've got four or five luxs. i dont think i have either of the really good 'keep-people-happy" GWs, but im currently working on suffrage. although ive gotten that before as a democracy at war and it didnt seem to help really. do you need all of the good "happy" GWs to go to war as a dem (i forget what they're called but i know the shakespeare theater isnt one of them, that one stinks). what can i do if i dont have them. please help, i really want to kill people but my damn citizens dont like war (pansies!).
As a democracy you have to plan in advance more than other governments. You need to have the army you need for the war before the war starts. Set a fixed agenda and plan on being at war for no more than 10 turns. If you can't get your agenda items by the time your peeps start getting antsy you need to make peace, build up again and go to war later. Trying to continue when war weariness hits in is a losing proposition.

You can go longer with a very stable state later in the game. Especially if you've got the Everybody's Happy wonders. My longest democratic war without civil unrest caused by war weariness was 22 turns. That war started with me having all 8 luxuries, Universal Suffrage, the Sistine Chapel and a gargantuan treasury. By the end of it my treasury was almost empty and most cities' production had crawled to a halt.
Well first off it would help to know what level your playing at?
in general deomocracy is imho the worst form of gov to go to war with next to republic but if you have to here are some general things ive learned.

1. if you can try to make the othere civ start the war with you buy pissing them off. EX sending troops into there teritory constantly and then removing them, uppseting them with outragious trades things like that. If you goat them into war the people dotn seem to get as mad.

2. build unaversal suffarage and theory of eveloution, plus any othere wounders or city imporvements that make happyness. I know you siad that unaversal sufferage dident seem to help you as much but it seems to help me out alot.

3.Make sure to cut the enemy down Quickly so the war only takes a few turns at most that way the war warryness wont set in. I realize this isent allways posible but it's a good strat regeardless to end the war as soon as posible.

thats all i have time for now hope i helped mybe some more experinced players can offer more insight.
i'm starting to see the plus side of being a religious civ. hop over to communism and then hop right back when the war's done without skipping much of a beat.
Originally posted by Eric The Fish
i'm starting to see the plus side of being a religious civ. hop over to communism and then hop right back when the war's done without skipping much of a beat.
That is very simply the best way to wage war as a Democracy - switch to Communism. It's one of the prime reasons that I favor religious civs.
Even when I play a religious civ I won't switch out of Democracy until things get real bad. That's usually after about 20 turns, and by that time I should be able to finish the war successfully. Playing at Monarch or Regent, I've still been able to get Cistine Chapel (the best), J.S. Bach's Cathedral, and Universal Suffrage. With those, you have a good chance to keep everyone happy for awhile. If I don't have all the luxuries I trade for them. This is better than going to Communisn which ruins my budget. When I have to switch, I go to Republic first. I can wage war for well over 30 turns as a Republic.
death is another factor you have to factor in, i noticed if your army does relatively well, nobody back home will complain. make sure you have alot of troops and while playing a religous civ, make sure you do a pop rush, switch to depotism and pop rush knights,calvary,tanks etc..... and if you have at least 20 cities, you'll have a quick 20 units. thats a huge factor and whenever i play a religous civ, i always do that (specially japan with there samurais).
To big factors contributing to war weariness are number of troops positioned in enemy territory and troop losses.

One trick is to bring settlers along to plop down within enemy borders so your troops can be stationed at "home".

Winning the war actually helps keep weariness down.

I'm not sure if razing cities creates problems with war weaeiness
(I think it should ;)
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