Warlords and Autocrats (World I)

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Jul 25, 2022
Looks like Inca got stomped, but how did China fare?
Surprisingly, pretty well, they managed to take back the old Dutch lands

But that war weariness really does bite, so I sue for peace with the Germans, enough land has been gained anyways.
The deal is all profits, so the CEO approves of it

With the Germans temporarily weakened, the CEO of China Teas™ decides to go on vacation to the lovely island of Aztecolzia
He also brings a fleet of blimps and a private army with him

The next turn, this happens, giving me a free excuse to join the fun and beat up the Aztecs

After a little planning, the landing goes off without a hitch

The Aztecs never did recover from that coalition against them and the subsequent Persian annexations, judging by the skirmishers and pikemen defending themselves...
After a swift takeover of Malinalco, the Chinese army marches west towards Tzinzuntzen, but before the siege even begins this blimp has an existential crisis

Thankfully, the CIV III devs never actually programmed the naval AI to attack air units in the water, because that's impossible in vanilla
Thanks Sid Meier!
Anyways, after a few casualties thanks to the local Aztec riflemen, Tzinzuntzen is seized, so hopefully no one has to spell that out ever again this game

With only 1 turn left, I take advantage of the blimp's crazy maneuverability and the fact that units can load and unload from it without losing a movement point, the Chinese forces quickly fly south towards Tula and
proceed to take it without a problem
That's all I can do this turn, but to recap how the rest of the world is doing, Germany is marching into Incan lands, India and Persia took the Aztec holdings on the mainland, and Persia is getting demolished by the rising Roman Empire

I must say I greatly underestimated both the guerilla not costing maintenance and the blimp just being a crazy transportation tool in its own right before this
All in all, a very delightful cruise for the CEO of China Tea™
Better watch your coastlines for a blimp :yumyum:


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Mar 17, 2007
Persia is getting demolished by the rising Roman Empire

Indeed they are, and with a plummeting share price and angry investors, furious that their capital has been lost, the board of directors fires the CEO and reaches out to a former CEO to see if he'd like to attempt a corporate reorganization.

The situation isn't good. Persia has become a battlefield between its own now-backwards forces, and allied Indian forces, and those of Rome, who is bent on expansion and so far making progress.


The economy is awful due to paying 55 GPT to India, with 12 more turns set on that deal, but there's not much alternative as the only alternative is fighting them, which would be the end of Persia Corp.

Just as bad, war weariness is astronomical. A 10% lux slider is the maximum that can be afforded, and that just isn't enough; that's why all of Persia's cities are so small, the stockholders of Persia Corp have been selling and relocating to anywhere else in the world.

The only good news is that China is selling us a bunch of resources for cheap, and there's a halfway decent embargo network against Rome, though it doesn't include the Aztecs, whom we are also at war with.

The new CEO has heard through the grapevine that China has a secret new weapon that's been taking out the Aztecs, so he asks if they might be willing to help against Rome. It turns out, they are, and by using one of our swingin' Persian merchant's tricks, we can even get them to pay to join the war and bail out our economy in the process:


The dyes help the happiness problem too, getting more people to work in the fields, which boosts the economy, which lets us boost the luxury slider, which helps the economy, which lets us raise the luxury slider more... it's a virtuous cycle, and we settle on 30% luxuries to get our cities growing again. Still no science (though we could aim to finish Combustion in 78 turns if we really wanted to), but that's a problem for once the war is over.

Speaking of which, three Cavalry+ are near Persepolis, and it is quickly retaken from the two Roman tanks defending it. The CEO then sends all of Persia's troops towards the front; there are only 21 of them and if India decides to attack us we're screwed regardless. He also decides to build a couple Heavy Missiles in case we need them to take out some heavy Roman troops.

By year 256, India has 11 tanks rolling through our territory. This is good and bad; it is not unlikely that they will capture formerly Persian cities, and what if they don't return them to their rightful shareholders?

In 257, the deals where China gave us resources for a song end, and this time they want money for them. Maybe they realized they entered a real war instead of an Aztec war? We decide we can live with Cavalry, Heavy Missiles, and Machine Gunners and skip Infantry. But our deal to import Wine from India also ends, which we renegotiate more favorably.


Soon enough, we're only 30 turns out from Combustion! Our economy is still bad, but less bad.

India attacks Arbela, our former city on a hill, in 257 and 258, but is repulsed each time. As we watch the results the second time, we're contacted by a messenger from the mighty Inca.


We laugh and thank him for the war happiness. We may be weak, but not Inca levels of weak!

In 259 we exert our military power, and attack Arbela and Rome's 15-defense-on-a-hill Infantry with our cuirassiers. Many good men are lost, but the city is retaken. Persia will rise like a phoenix!


Unfortunately, 8 Roman tanks are revealed by the city capture; we're going to need some assistance from India here.

India does provide some help, and also makes a power move by signing a mutual protection pact with Germany. The world situation is now a bit clearer.


The Inca, down to their last two cities, are finished. The Aztecs should already be gone, but for some reason still have one city that China's blimps haven't conquered yet. China vs Germany is Germany's to lose, and now India has ensured that their front-runner status on their home continent has also been stamped and validated.

The Aztecs seem to have won a respite from the gods, as in 261 China makes peace with them. We rapidly follow in making peace.

In 262 we move 19 units - nearly the size of our entire army in 255 - next to Sidon. The city is retaken! The empire restored!


Those seven Roman tanks are pesky, and India has temporarily run out of steam; they're also distracted by trying to escort Chandragupta back home to build an army. We take out the front two Tanks (with help from a Heavy Missile), which reveals yet another in Lugdunum. The good news is we brought along 8 defensive units.

There aren't quite enough Cavalry+ to attack Lugdunum, let alone have a chance of defending it, during the CEO's return to the helm, and he insists on a nice retirement at the end of the ten years' time. The Board will have to settle for the modest return on their stock price, unlike the poor Inca who are down to one city. Hey, maybe they'll pull an Aztecs! Montezuma convinced Bismarck to make peace, and now they rule a peaceful city-state!



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Jul 25, 2022
I'm sure the Aztecs were valiantly smashed by the Chinese blimp brigades
The Aztecs should already be gone, but for some reason still have one city that China's blimps haven't conquered yet.
The Aztecs seem to have won a respite from the gods, as in 261 China makes peace with them.
The Aztecs are alive? Seems like a waste of an invasion
I soon find out that there's bigger issues then the Aztecs, mainly, the Romans

It actually isn't a big issue, after shelling the tank offshore and pumping some lead into it, an Infantry kills it without an issue
I also proceed to crank my research bar to 0%, the money is needed for some cheeky espionage
All according to plan

On the sidelines though, the Incans died on 266, surprisingly outlasted by the Aztecs
Anyways, the main battle plan
The blimps are escorting tons of Guerilla, Machine Gunners, and Infantry+ towards Cumae, where the plan then is to pump so much lead into the city that conquest of it is swift while Rome is distracted in the north
All formulated by a general who previously served in the Aztec War of Blimps
Meanwhile, the navy starts to shell the Romans luxuries so they can fall into riots
Gold is still an issue though, so I sell some excess gases to the Persians for a reasonable profit

I proceed to destroy one of the Romans sources of heavy oil
Anyways, once the group arrives, the shooting of Cumae begins

Unfortunately, some losses make me decide Cumae is not the greatest target to attempt, so the Chinese 2nd Army marches south towards Viroconium
Unfortunately, part 2, the Germans declare war on us, and we cannot attack them unless we drag India against us via MPP
Fortunately, more heavy oil is blown up by our excellent navy
More espionage later, I confirm my decision to move south, as there is just not enough Guerillas to handle this admittedly small defense after last time

Good news though, I destroyed all the Roman gem sources that I know of on 273
I also had destroyed a German road near Ollantaytambo, buying us an extra turn, very crucial seeing what's at the border

Thankfully, I was still investing in that borders defense, and wipe out 1 stack of tanks with some Mortars, Machine Guns and Landships
I then have an encounter with the German navy, but knowing how they performed in the past, superior Chinese navy tactics leads to a clean victory against their own destroyer
After some more espionage scraped together by selling the granary of Bejing, I decide that Viroconium is the way to go, mostly because of the destroyer support offshore

After some shelling and subsequent shooting, the Roman defenders collapse in the face of all that lead
It's easily taken afterwards

Blimps were crucial for this, using their crazy maneuverability yet again, I was able to funnel quite a few extra troops towards the city to make this even possible
I proceed to sign peace with Rome because quite frankly, there is a much bigger issue in our own lands
Sadly, the Romans really didn't give much besides 12 gold, but you take what you can get
Not much happened globally though, besides the Persians taking and proceeding to lose Lugdunum


  • Persia 265 - China 275.SAV
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Mar 17, 2007
Oh boy, China vs Germany. That's the big one. Fortunate for China that they had a human in charge when it happened, not so fortunate that they won't for the next 10 turns, and that a fair amount of troops were overseas. Also unfortunate that they will most likely trigger India's MPP now that an AI is in charge, although it looks like India still has enough Romans on their hands to not be a major concern in the short term.

I'm pleased that Persia didn't lose any ground. With India helping they shouldn't have, but I would not have been surprised to see at least Sidon become Roman, either...


Feb 22, 2020
First multiplayer session!
India has made peace with Rome.
India has entered the final stage of development.

With dirtysock's purchase of Civilization 3 on Steam, we were able to play a proper multiplayer session, and invited a few others.
A guest decided to play the role of Persia. I'm playing as India, and dirtysock is playing as China.

With the newfound potential of three human players at once, we begi-

Two turns in. Well, it's not for everyone. Take care, and thanks for participating! Also, sorry I forgot your username >.<
With the newfound potential of two human players at once, we begin.

An initial flurry of fair deals starts us off. India buys Dyes for Wines, but China is just a bit backwards at this point for trade secrets to be worthwhile. They also ask us to break a military protection pact with Germany, but such a deal isn't in the interests of our shareholders. Germany is, after all, our greatest source of revenue. But if our war against China doesn't result in any actual casualties, and only lasts two days... well, we held up our end, right? I'm sure that counts.

Germany informs us that they are no longer able to supply us with their Petroleum. After some failed renegotiating, we agree. Germany then informs us that they are no longer able to supply us with their Petroleum. Closing out of the menu, we are informed by Germany that they cannot supply us with their Petroleum. Multiplayer, woo!

Both me and Persia are in a "war" against Rome, which is just about the most one-sided conflict that has ever existed. It's basically just a race to see who can capture the most Roman cities. Persia is kind enough to make a right of passage, to even the odds a bit. It's cavalry versus tanks; raw speed versus consistency. Who will win the land grab?

I get the first few cities, but Persia is not far behind, capturing most of Northern Rome. I made a particularly bad blunder by using my bombers after I attack Neapolis, successfully emptying it - only for Persia to swoop in and grab it.
I repeat the exact same mistake the very next turn, allowing China control of Pompeii. China wasn't even supposed to be a player! I guess that makes it a three-way race.

Fortunately - and just in time - my secret weapon arrives.

The steamroller is as fast as cavalry, and can carry up to 10 units with the right fuel. Used correctly, that's 5 whole turns of movement for my tanks! The animation actively hurts to watch, because it is so slow, which I suspect would matter in multiplayer. But, my opponent being an AI and laughably outnumbered, it's pure speed. This allows me to decisively capture Rome and Hispalis. Only one Roman city remains...


Wonderful. Malta is a one-tile island city, so the only way to break through is Marines. I only got these recently, but I've been planning an invasion here since turn one. I amass my army of - well, two marines. I deploy my - well, two bombers. And then I use my - well, two destroyers. I was otherwise occupied, alright? Land doesn't grab itself.
The invasion goes quite poorly, but I put India in a great position, should they ever decide to move in for the kill, by focusing on Bombers and Battleships. Blitz bombard is nothing to sneeze at. Actually, it's probably broken. Never got around to testing that one. War weariness is still an issue, so I sign a peace treaty with Rome. A mere formality, of course. They have no chance of recovering.

A few Indian scientists discover the fundamental nature of atoms. Despite their politicans' obsession with money, they have higher goals. They are miles ahead of their backwards peers in Germany, in Persia, even in China. With their technological prowess, India would come out on top in a world war. ...probably. They begin theorizing how to ensure their people survive. No matter what comes.

Oh hey, I got the funny blue tech line. Wonder what it's good for. Looks like only space parts, but isn't the point to win by Conquest? Weird.

I apologize for image quality this time around, I'm reviewing my obs stream for screenshots. I imagined multiplayer would go a bit too fast, so this was the best way for me to get everything.


  • 275 China - 295 India and China.SAV
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Jul 25, 2022
China has made peace with Rome and Germany.
India has clobbered Rome, but did China clobber Germany?

Of course, don't mind the tanks, Ollantaytambo held and even generated a leader!
Being the goofy goober I am, I didn't take any other screenshots not knowing I would do a post
To sum it up though, seeing that the session was 20 turns, I decide to hold a revolution, except I did it too late
What do you mean by too late? I mean China is still in revolution when the session ends
Meanwhile German matters, after a peace deal, they immediately invade again, causing a messy situation that eventually gets cleaned up after a few turns
However, in the Scramble of Roman Descent, noting the Indian blunder, I seize the opportunity and take Pompeii via blimp trickery

Meanwhile, in Aztecolzia and the Hangchow Peninsula, things didn't go so well, with the German air force pounding in those regions, it took a moment to realize what was causing this as the AI was moving everything so fast

But don't let that fool you, with our glorious army of ..? landships???
They were the only thing at full health, and I needed to kill the Germans ASAP
After they were dealt with though, and a bloodbath where my stack of artillery was almost lost and death to the leader, we had cut Germany in 2 pieces
Curse the input lag for suboptimal play

But Germany is in 2, I call this a success, albeit bloody
I then proceeded to sign peace with Germany because the AI would ruin the advantage
But Indias rise is concerning, watch out Persia
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