Wars and Governors


The Brick and The Rose
May 20, 2001

If we need military units for the war with rome I think military advisor should PM the governors about it and then the governors can include more units and less building in the polls, or maybe if we really need units we can start produsing units without any polls. I am not sure how this will work so any sucgestions are welcomed.
That sounds too much like skewing the polls. What I'd suggest is for the governors to post polls per usual, incl all the improvement and unit options and then the Military Advisor (or the governor as advised by the Mil Adv) shld add in a second post, to advise the people we need units to be built in this or that city for this or that war. ;)

Of course in a military emergency, the Prez or the Mil Adv shld decide on the spot to build/rush mil units. Or maybe hold a special emergency poll on it.
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