Wasted Vote?

I watched part of the swearing-in ceremony for the Official Opposition yesterday.

It was strange to hear people swearing loyalty to King Charles III, rather than Queen Elizabeth II.
Shouldn't have to swear to either.
Shouldn't have to swear to either.

This is something that's in a bit of a transition here, with the anti-monarchists and some of the more recent immigrants holding the view that it's archaic to swear loyalty to someone they regard as foreign and irrelevant.

I expect that by the time William takes the throne, this part of the ceremony will probably be as optional as using a bible or other religious artifact and uttering the phrase "so help me god."

It's pretty obvious that our own Governor-General regards the Royal Family as irrelevant, given her shrug when she was asked about vandals who spraypainted a statue of Queen Elizabeth II - the Queen who the GG was supposed to be representing when she was alive. In my view, this attitude makes her unfit to hold her office. She can have whatever private opinions she pleases, but when you represent the monarch, you keep your mouth shut in public.
Making Indigenous parliamentarians swear allegiance to the monarchy is also pretty insulting. It's also a pretty big farce when the governing party is officially republican since 1991.

Canada despite being basically the same country as Australia in most structural particulars isn't quite as culturally republican, of course. But monarchy isn't good anywhere.
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