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May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
This is the forum for the multiplayer version of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for Beyond the Sword.

RFC MP It comes with a few changes that were needed in order to make it work.


• Download the mod from here
• If you already installed a previous version of the MP mod, you must delete it for ensuring compatibility
• Extract the files contained in the zip in ...your Civ4 folder...\BTS\Mods\
• Start Civilization, go to ADVANCED, then LOAD A MOD, select Rhye’s and Fall MP
• After the mod loads, choose MULTIPLAYER, PLAY A SCENARIO, and then you can choose your game mode


• A new starting point (800 BC) has been added to directly jump to classical civs
• You can jump to any other alive civ, any time. Including human players who may want to join a game that’s already started


• During the birth of civs, no popups show up. It is understood that the answer is yes (cities flip peacefully)
• Mercenaries mod component is not compatible with multiplayer, thus it has been disabled
• World Congresses have been disabled
• Exile event has been disabled
• Plague mechanics has been simplified


• Maximum 4 players. Unfortunately it has been proved that while the mod is perfectly playable in 2 and possibly in 3, it’s not always in 4 (just one slow connection may screw up the game), and in 5 or more it’s completely unplayable due to lag and to frequent OOS.
• Despite all the fixes, Out Of Synch (OOS) errors may still appear. In case it happens, the best solution is to quit, reload the game and all reconnect. In case of a single player showing different sync numbers from the rest, it’ll be enough if only him reconnects.
It has been reported that random events (which can be turned off on game setup) and the plague are possible causes, but while they rarely occur in 2 players, they will be more frequent as the number of players grows. You are warned!
• There is no autoplay, so it’s possible at the beginning to choose one of the 4 civs available in the start. Later switches are available as Takeover AI option (which in fact is hidden) is permanently enabled. Civs with a spawn date earlier than the starting point can be controlled after 250 AD in case of the 800 BC start (for example Egypt) or after 1400 AD in case of the 600 AD start (for example Carthage)
• The Carthaginian UP has been changed to the Power of Bargaining: +1 trade in every sea plot
• The French UP has been made more strong, considering that it will be useless on human players
• Stability star ratings in the financial advisors are reset to 3 anytime you load a saved game or switch a civ: the following turns stars will adjust gradually, but the permanent modifiers will be lost and the player should keep that in mind (comparing the actual values with the ones after the reset)
• If you can’t see any game listed in the lobby, it means that you (or the one who create the game) are using different game files. Even a single file renamed or moved, even if restored, will prevent the compatibility. In this case you should delete your mod folder, download the mod again and reinstall it.


Hotseat mode works with a few differences:
• Jumping to other civs is not possible, either by popup or (obviously) taking over an AI. But it’s possible to pick from the beginning civs that will spawn later: until then, their turn will be automatically skipped.
• There is no maximum number of players cap
• Stability star ratings in the financial advisors are not shown
Thanks Rhye, some good information here!
Could you please make a multiplayer version for Vanilla?
in reply to Kairob, yes.

For whichever scenario you choose, at least 1 human must play a civ that exists at the start of the scenario.
I always end up having Out of Sync errors in the mid to later game. I only ever play with two people. Once it starts happening, the person can rejoin and it works fine, but usually only for a few turns or less. It does this over and over again every few turns once it has started, making the game nearly unplayable. What could I do to help resolve the issue, or am I just screwed?
I just downloaded the multiplayer version and there is only one problem there are no scenarios. Rhye could u help me with this.
I have the folder and I installed it just like how I install all of the other mods and they work fine. Also the title screen looks like the one from the other RFC except it says multiplayer so that part is working fine. Should I try re-installing the mod?
whats ethiopia's new UP?

Hmm. The civopedia still says it's the "no city demand in congresses" UP.

Guess that should really be updated... Maybe all missionaries can explore rival terrain? (random idea that doesn't at all help with the UHV)

• During the birth of civs, no popups show up. It is understood that the answer is yes (cities flip peacefully)
• World Congresses have been disabled
• Exile event has been disabled
• Plague mechanics has been simplified
Is there any perticular reason for these things?
The (cities flip peacefully) thing is perticulary detremental. In SP, I would newer allow a new civ to make away with my teritory without war.
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