What do u learn with CivIII???

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    Oct 15, 2003
    Here the list what I am learning in CivIII so far
    1. Never trust any government (they are polite, and in the next turn they might ally to fight against you).
    2. Business is businnes, try to sell tech in cash, and buy resource with gpt (unfortunately, in my current game, monarch, huge, ptw 1.27, germany and random, AI is willing to pay like 3xx gpt + all extra cash for modern tech, but doesnt wanna pay cash advance for my luxs. rep issue probably). When you do businness, always ask cash in advance!!
    3. Take over any luxuries. If you couldnt get it by cultural border just attack them. In my current game, AI try to sell a lux which cost me 200GPT :mad: They force me to attack them and take over their resources :( ) When I asked them for my lux, they just wanna pay at max 45GPT. Dont blame bush for attacking iraq, Oil is one of important issue, and apperantly bush is playing CivIII too (no offence :) )
    4. Dont worry about pollution issue, just chopped the tree and make the earth without tree (firaxis think the earth is cuter without tree if we see it from the moon:) )
    5. Dont teach your children about this game. They will be either addicted like you, or they will invaded your neighbour just for a lux.
    6. Ally with someone else if you are about to destroy your current business enemy. Let you play behind the scheme, and let your ally kill your enemy. Later, you might probably kill your ally
    :p Be sure, nobody know it, so your current rep is intact.
    7. If you wanna be a president, just irrigate all of your land and set 0% tax, lux 100%. Everybody will vote for u.
    8. WHen you lost the game, just remind yourself, this is just game... and game is for fun... so keep smiling and enjoy playing the game

    The list is probably would keep going, going and going

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