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What is your typical army organization ?


Sep 20, 2005
As Civ 5 ''vanilla'' enters it's twilight weeks, what was your favorite army organization (1)

After a lot of thinking on the matter, I ended up using mostly a ''division'' based scheme, a division being made of two melee units (or in earlier epochs, one melee and one range unit), two siege units, and one mounted unit. (later on, each division is backed by one air fleet, made of one fighter and two bombers) . Against big targets, two divisions are grouped into a corps : two or three corps are enough for virtually any challenge. (But it's an understatement that the tactic is not very subtle...)

And you ?

(1) The idea is that the strategy will change, massively, in Gods.
Not sure how this relates to IRL, but...

11 souped up stealth bombers, backing three Modern Armor, one Mech Inf and two Rocket Artilleries. Add more ground units if necessary, and a carrier battlegroup or two if naval map, but this is the ideal setup thus far. Maybe this would reflect the US's "Army of One"...?
Melee units, oh the benefits of playing on Chieftain.

However I did notice that in Hotseat I ended up adding Archer units, and occasionaly in SP i ended up getting some siege unit. but I rarely ever build units like Pikemen or any Horse units, Don't know why :/
Spam melee units, sometimes backed up with planes and or boats depending on the situation.
I'm also starting to use siege a lot more now.
I usually roleplay when I play so I try to have a good mixture of units with a fairly historical balance,

then of course it happens that I panic and start a melee spam until the panic attack is over ;)
I usually roleplay when I play so I try to have a good mixture of units with a fairly historical balance,

then of course it happens that I panic and start a melee spam until the panic attack is over ;)

If you got a decent PC I recommend roleplaying on Hotseat, no AI to screw you over.
I usually go for 3 melee, 2 siege, 1 archer and 1/2 cavalry as reinforcements or to take out opportunity targets.
70%-80% melee, 10-20% ranged, 0-10% mounted until medieval era.
40%-50% melee, 25%-35% ranged, 10-20% mounted for the ren. era.
20%-30% melee, 50%-60% ranged, 10%-20% mounted for the industrial era.

Modern era...well if i'm going domination it's already over.
Playing Japan on King level now. All you need is 4 samurais and a great general. Took 7 cities with those guys. Upgraded to riflemen now and are still kicking ass. Gave them all the healing promotion and while they can kill while damaged, as a team they are back into action really fast.

I am very proud of them.
Early game I usually have a 3:2 ratio of melee to ranged (archers and Xbowmen). Starting in the Renaissance I usually switch to 2 melee to 1 siege (with a few lancers / cavalry thrown in for good measure). In the modern era, it's usually 2 melee to 1 air, 1 tank, and 1 siege.

It all depends though on the Civ I'm playing, and the resources I have. Recently in a game as Persia I didn't have access to Iron until the Renaissance Era, so I relied almost entirely on Xbowmen and Pikemen. As Arabia, I typically have about 3 Camel Archers to 1 melee unit (because Camel Archers are just that damn good).
I try to get as many swordsmen/longswordsmen as possible, backed up with some siege units--these all depending on iron stock, of course--then start spamming spearmen/pikemen, and later gunpowder units. I don't churn out as many archers/crossbowmen units as I probably should, but I hate using them only to have to throw away so many of their promotions later when they switch over to riflemen. I also don't use a lot of mounted units, either. They're more expensive and most of my battles are for cities, so even if I do churn a few out it's usually only one or two.
Up till Industrial I have Melee units to act as a defensive screen for the ranged ones. Works well with Longbowmen. I'll throw in a couple siege units like cannon or what have you to take cities.

Sometimes I have non-promoted Warriors left over from early game (I forget sometimes)- I use them to suicide rush enemy siege units and archers.

After that it's just Arty and Infantry for a while before air and tanks come into play. It's a shame throwing away all those promotions for the ranged guys, but eh. What are you gonna do.

As for Naval engagements, it's SOTL or Frigates with Targeting and Range- I gave up using naval bombardments to support my troops. If the game drags on to a point where I get Combustion (and it usually does) I'm a Destroyer-heavy person. With T1, T2, Range and Sun Never Sets UA/Commerce SP they are awesome to fight with.
No such organization, I send the troops wherever it is required, and to see the requirement, I usually use suicidal Knight,cavalry or scouts. It is kinda reckless but it works for me. However, I rely more on ranged units like cannon, artillery,crossbowman etc. than melee.
Usually, it is 2-3 ranged for every melee I create.
hmm... interesting...

early I'm about 75-80% melee...
gradually changing throughout the game
medieval/early renaissance about 50/50
to late modern/future, about 75-80% ranged.

works for me...
If I'm going to Domination victory,my organization is like this:

- 1 scout per city,for garrison(it can be replaced by lancers,if I can't build scouts anymore);
- between 3 or 5 mounted units for protecting captured cities with hostile city-state nearby(usually limited when my enemy is Rammy or Alexander,but it can applied to any other civ);

For front line,it's something like this:

- 70% meele units,half with drill promotion and the other half with shock promotion;
- 20% siege units;
- 10% mounted units;
Melee with heal+cover promotions and siege units with siege+march promotions, especially when you get to artillery + infantry. Cities don't stand a chance ... Melee in front of and at the sides of the siege units. In my last game, I rolled through an entire continent with 4 siege units. Lost some melee units (not a lot), but they're dispensable.
I usually like to have only a few range units, most of my forces are made up of Mechanized Infantry. I do have a few tanks (Maybe 1-3) and some artillery. And because I’m a Navy junky, I do have ships, the majority are destroyers with 1 or 2 battleships and 1-2 missile cruiser with at least 1 carrier (I made it so my carriers carry 12 planes). Also because I’m a Navy junky, I usually get into some minor wars with city states or other civilizations, and always get into permanent war with a city state to train my navy before the bigger wars. I have a standard of level 10 for all my ships before they’re going into the bogs wars. Level 10 so they have +1 range, heal at sea and have the 3 levels of damage to land and sea units.

My current game, I have 2 artillery pieces, one I believe is near level 10 while the other is possible level 11. I have 2 battleships (Haven’t researched missile cruisers yet), 4 destroyers and one destroyer in training.
All keshiks and one horseman?
I classify my land units based on their primary combat roles, and I've come up with three basic classifications (four if I count "Garrison" as a combat role).

Ranged/siege units are best at reducing city defenses and destroying enemy units without taking damage.

I use my melee units to screen my ranged units from enemy units. Melee units have a secondary role of capturing cities once ranged units have battered defenses down.

The movement points of mounted units makes them ideal for a role I like to call "active defense", that is, actively engaging enemy units that are freely roaming my territory in groups of two or less.

I've pictured Civ V units to be equivalents of US Army battalion/cavalry squadron sized units.

Thus, the organizations I use to seize cities are task forces that are roughly brigade sized.

I tend to use two organization schemes: one for the Mongolians, and one for everyone else.

For everyone except for the Mongolians, a typical task force TOE is:

1+ melee unit to soak up ranged fire and to prevent enemy melee units from destroying my ranged units and to seize the city once the defenses are down.
2+ ranged (pre Renaissance/no iron)/siege (with iron/post Renaissance) units to batter down city defenses.
1+ melee unit in reserve/healing
1 Great General

When I start reinforcing the base formation of five units (2 ranged, 2 melee, 1 Great General), I tend to use a ratio of 2 ranged units for each melee meat shield. I've found that my ranged/siege units are too exposed to counter assaults by enemy units if I have more than 2 ranged unit per melee meat shield.

Finally, I tend to attach additional Great Generals for every 5-7 non Great General units to ensure that every single unit in the task force has the Great General combat bonus.

Obviously, the Mongolians require a modified task force organization, given the unique abilities of the Keshik.

3+ Keshiks to batter down city defenses
1+ Mounted Melee unit (Horseman/CS gifted Knight/Cavalry) to grab the city once defenses are down.
1 Khan
Optional spotter melee unit

The skirmishing siege ability of the Keshik means that melee meat shields aren't required to prevent counterassaults, although spotters may be necessary, dependent on the terrain.

My pre armored mounted units are only attached to my task forces on an as needed basis, because I've found that tying them to forces task organized for city sieges needlessly wastes the one strength of mounted units: their mobility.

Naval combat is somewhat irregular for me, so I don't really use any organization for my ships. The same goes for my aerial units. Once upon a time, I tried to keep to an organization of three aerial units (squadrons) maximum per city to mirror the US Air Force 3 squadron/wing scheme, but I found it to be cumbersome to maintain.
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