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  • Well maybe you could beg and plead with Leoreth to invite me into the Secret Testing group? I have some programming skills and am still a competitive player...

    JK, though it would be pretty awesome if that actually happened.
    I got called a capitalist, socialist, fascist, and communist, in turn. I was flabbergasted.
    I've read your signature. Is the 'capitalism is…' page serious or just a parody? I really can't tell.
    Feud IV:

    Pieter Strijdens, along with Pietr Alexandrov, you have become general of the << Holy Army >> of Allah. Do you accept the position?
    aah like that... just saw your...wacht... ik zag net je VM pas.

    Als je op een VM reageerd is het handig om dat bij de ander te doen ;) that way the other receives a notification about it :) I was wondering it for a while and when you knew about "Tijdverdrijf" well I made the assumption that you are Dutch :p

    (writing in English on CFC is still easier :p)
    Hey Strijder. Jij bent Nederlands, of niet? het moet wel!!! ;p

    Hey Strijder. you're Dutch, aren't you? you've got to be!!! ;p
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