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What's the Best Random Event so far?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Photi, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. George2816

    George2816 Emperor

    May 12, 2006
    -25% inflation, i think nothing is better then that (it was either that for like 500gp or -10% inflation for free)
  2. sourboy

    sourboy Awakening...

    Nov 25, 2001
    Research breakthru was my fav... especially since I was barely ahead of the pack, preparing to invade a neighbor... and I was researching gunpowder at the time!
  3. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    i had a Great Prophet, didn't know what to use it for, so i put it to rest,

    note i carried the holy city of hinduism. (only i was hindu though)

    Then i get a message that my Hindu Missionary's LOVE there jobs, and that Hinduism is spread to every city on the continent.

    AND the best part is that it was pangea! :lol:

    I then took the great prophet and built th holy shrine of hinduism! :lol: Mind you it was in 800 AD or so, i went on with +10-15 gold at 100% research for the rest of the game! :rotfl:
  4. 18lama

    18lama Warlord

    Aug 16, 2007
    I had this event about building 12 musketeers before inventing rifling or railroad. Achieving that also has a special bonus if you have Taj Mahal wonder built. So first I built the Taj mahal and had my first golden age (24 turns on Marathon) right at the onset of the invention of liberalism+free technology in this case - steel.

    So I produce 2 GPs during the first golden age and start building banks and markets all around for greater gold output. When the golden age finishes, I assign my heroic epic city to make 12 musketeers in ~24 turns. I finish the quest just one turn before I am going to invent Assembly line(which will make musketeers obsolete). I intentionally skip railroad and rifling techs. After finishing the quest I am given options about promoting all musketeers with pinch and combat-1 or let them push for a harsher tax regime which will add ~650 gold to the treasury and the third is ........ Start a golden age of muskets!!!

    Bam! just before I am going to start building factories in all my cities, I have started a golden age. By the time the second golden age ends I have not only invented railroad, rifling(useless IMHO) and biology...all of my cities now have factories!
  5. bonafide11

    bonafide11 Worker

    Jun 8, 2006
    In one game with Lincoln, I had two events that provided my melee units with additional promotions. All my melee units were starting with both Drill I AND Cover! Considering I was also charismatic, my melee units were near unstoppable. Unfortunately, I had such an easy time conquering foreign civs that I actually drained my economy through overexpansion. I was really upset at myself for screwing this dream game up because I doubt I'll ever play another game where I get BOTH of those upgrades, especially when I'm a charismatic leader! Jeez I wish I had another chance at that...

    Although it's two different events, not one, I don't think anyone can match that combination!
  6. Peng Qi

    Peng Qi Emperor

    Aug 19, 2007
    What I do if I'm risking overexpansion is make sure I get the tech that lets me build research in my cities. I'm still in trouble then, but not in quite as much trouble, haha.
  7. Tlalynet

    Tlalynet Emperor

    Aug 24, 2007
    Truffles, +1 Food and Gold permanently is nice.
    Unless Im geting them anyway ive been avoiding build X number of X units quests becasue twice I got screwd, the reward was Combat 1 to all units, But I always build Barracks and they already had Combat 1 so I got nothing, Sounds like it can turn out beter than that though.
    Kindness to Soliders can be a lifesaver if your in a double war and you really need one to end, Happened to me, I was blitzing one guy and my neighbor on the other side decided to take advantage of me.
    Got a free leadership on a warior once, I thought it was good cause that and Combat 6 are the only promotions I use GG's for, But he died as a Maceman milenia later...
    Never had a free golden age event, sounds awesome though.
    Reduced inflation, best one Ive ever had, My Gold per turn jumped permanently for the rest of the game.
  8. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    I just got one that basically pay ~150g and have 70% chance of +1 happyface for all cities. And it worked!
  9. Bocklin

    Bocklin Chieftain

    Mar 26, 2007
    Yes I received this quest and completed it two days ago. My big continent (which I had completely subdued with my early waves of Praetorians) was just south of a big chain of islands, so it was easy. The only drawback was the rising support costs for having so many cities.

    IIRC I had the choice between the following rewards:

    1) Spread your state religion to up to 20 of your own cities
    2) Get a free Temple of your state religion for each cities where that religion is present
    3) ???

    Don't remember what the third one was, but I think it was tied to me controlling a wonder I didn't have.

    I chose number 1 as I did not feel like building an army of missionaries (and to ship all of them on boats!).

    Note that the quest says that you have to do it before you reach Industrialism, BUT you also fail (without any mention of it) when you discover Astronomy. I realised that 200 years after discovering Astronomy and had to go back to an old save to see what I could get out of the quest... :-(

  10. Nay

    Nay Warlord

    Sep 1, 2006
    choose to

    .) decrease inflation by 25%
    .) decrease inflation by 50% for 440 gold


    harbors +1 commerce (as carthage on archipelago)


    plopping 2 commerce on an iron mine (again as carthage - financial - 3 commerce for super-hammer-goldtile)

    choose to

    .) convert 4 cities to *my own religion*
    .) convert 4 of mine and 2 other cities to *my religion* for some gold.
    .) convert 4 of mine and 4 other cites to *my religion* for some more gold.
  11. KaytieKat

    KaytieKat King

    Jul 29, 2007

    Well this wasn;t good as in making the game go easier or anything but it was good in a "coolies thats a new one to me" kinda thing hehe :)

    It was still VERY early in the game like about classical just got started and my scout was just wandering along scouting and got message that said something like "your scout has stepped in some sticky stuff and it seems to burn very hot" and then after that oil loctaions were revealed all over the map.

    My scout then said something bout wanting to load up the truck and move his family to Beverly but I pointed out how A) he was single and B) trucks werent invented yet so he just went back to scouting round after that :p.

  12. Palpster

    Palpster Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2006
    Federal Reserve one that cuts inflation has to be my favorite so far....has a pretty huge impact on economy in mid/late game.

    Starting a Golden Age is also pretty good, except for the fact that Musketmen aren't really my favorite units to build. Of course they can always be upgraded later, I guess.
  13. Kadasbrass

    Kadasbrass Warlord

    Feb 23, 2004
    Indiana: the state, not the country
    My personal favorite I experienced for first time recently. The last king died with no heirs (heriarchy rule). I had to choose how the new monarch was decided. Leading general via military coup (Free general specialist in capital), Let the nobles fight amoung themselves and the most cleaver one will emerge on top (free great merchant specialist in capitial), or Let the Priest use the old spiritualist guidelines to determine who has divine favor (free great priest specialist).

    Was sitting bull with stonehenge, vasslage, and theocracy, was building aton of 10 exp longbowmen for the purpose of upgrading them at a future time. Was hard to decide since choice B and C gave me extra gold to help upgrade but A would of gave some of them an extra xp boost when I did upgrade them...
  14. KMadCandy

    KMadCandy giggling permanoob

    Oct 16, 2005
    the great and powerful ori, my hero in so many ways, has posted a list of all the random events and quests. they're in spoiler boxes so you can preserve suspense if you want to (i do), but i did have to look up a quest reward once :mischief:. link to list the quests are in the last spoiler box, post #3.

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