Whats the largest army youve ever fielded?

Graeme the mad

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Aug 11, 2001
Just wondering how big an army youve ever fielded at one time because today I hit my all time high.
It was during a war with the persians in mid industrial ages - they occupied a sizable continent to the south of my larger northern one - split between me (iroquouis) and my american allies. A third continet was occupied by the French and Romans and the zulus had many colonies on it (they originating from a small island between the 3 continents).
This was a huge map (255 having edited up in 1.21) with a number of my edited rules - most importantly +5 hp for industrial and modern units (only +2 for ironclads though), lethal land artillery and lethal sea ships (4 rof) and ship movements tripled for industrial and modern age ships.
Becuase I had planted a spy I could see that the persians army consisted of - 164 infantry, 58 cavalry, 90 immortals and 40 artillery.
Becuase their entire island was connected by railroad I relised a huge force would be required so I devoted a sizable proportion of my troops to fighting against them and landed in one spot 56 infantry and 32 arillery making a total of 84 units on one spot - the largest army i'd ever fielded.
The persians however attacked with far more vigour than I've ever seen an AI use - they used their artillery to hound my troops, then threw their 4 and 3 hp immortals at them. After that came the infantry and by the end of the turn the stack had been defeated and 32 extra artillery were in their hands.

On top of this I noiced when checking the armies the next turn as I always do, the Americans had lost 50 odd infantry that turn (i can only presume they landed on the persian soil on that turn as well becuase no Us cities were taken) - this meant the Persians had wiped out a totla attacking force of 134 units in one turn :eek:

However after by 20 ironclads and 5 destoyers and the zulus 10 ironclads engaged and destroyed the 40 ironclad strong persian fleet that had been blockading and bombarding the island city on which my coal came from (who says the Ai dont use ships to blockade? - try incesing their movement points) the persian army was reduced to a meager total of 150 total - 72 of which were artillery and 16 of which were workers and an American forces started to make inroads on them. THen my far more repecatable force of 8 cavalry, 16 infantry and 8 artillery arrived and we finsihed them off - capturing back my artillerly as we went

However now the persians are gone their are some real huge armies left - especially as the romans and zulus finally colonise the far north of the eastern continet - my military power stands at 456 - the americans at 510 :eeK:
The zulus at 207 - but with a fleet 80 strong - compared to my 15 and the romans at 350. Looks like the game could get interesting (like it hasn't been already - wahoo for 1.21F!! :goodjob:
One thing to notice: They increased the tech-rate modifier on every map size, so research is considerably tougher now. This means that, as you probably noticed, everyone has a lot more time to produce military units (harder to research new improvements and wonders to build).
In one emperor game i played I had around 800 units at the peak. Ive thought of posting it for anyone interested because it had such a great war at one point with 8 of an original 16 civs pitted against the other remaining 5 ( the side i was on). All the civs had mod armor/mech inf etc and it was a fun war. :egypt:
As the Americans, preparing to go to war with the Iroqious and English, I built up (in addition to the defenders back home) about 80 modern armor, 30 elite tanks, 50 radar arty, 30 mech infanty. Along with 3 carriers, 12 battleships, 12 AEGIS, 7 nuke subs, 20 stealth bombers, 20 bombers and maybe 15 F-15s. I rode the Iroqious railraods and captured 20 cities in one turn (by letting their cultural borders fall back, exposing useable railroad).
i'm a shameless warmonger.
when tanks come by, i try to keep a force of above 250.
infantry that turns into mech infantry i try to keep at 140.
the biggest one spot event was 6 transports worth of modern armor and 4 carriers worth of bomber/fighter mix as the persians against the english. it was at emperor level so i really couldn't afford half-measures.

u can call that my normandy landing.
One of my games as the Egyptians on a large map i had a huge army.
194 mech infantry, 15 warriors :D, 5 swordsmen, 3 knights, about 23 cavalry, around 30 elite tanks, and 310 modern armor or so.
I also had 32 ICBMs, 4 tacticals, 4 nuclear subs, around 25 battleships, 4 destroyers, and about 10 transports. Also i think had 30-40 air units and ofcourse 3 war chariots.
I fought a few wars with them and disbanded most of them later.
My biggest army was also my first real game. After understanding most of the concepts by playing mock games in Cheiftain I started my first game with the Chinese.
I was off to a great start. Found two technology huts and a map hut. The map hut ended up showing me the location of the Roman capital. My first two Warriors killed his fortified Warrior and I took Rome in about 3000 BC.
From this point on I had peace with everyone except for the Romans, who I assumed had some puny city in the middle of a Jungle.
Within 1000 AD I made contact with the Germans and Indians. Seeing how weak Germany was and how each time I sent in a Worker Bismarck got mad, I pumped about 50 Riders and proceeded to take over his empire. Funnily enough, his capital was sticking out and the first city I took was Berlin.
I had a grand total of 121 Riders and 278 Cavalry vs. the 6 other comps (already killed one) right before the transition to the Industrial Age. When Industrial Age came, I quickly researched Steam Power and gathered my 200-strong Worker force to build Railroads all over.
Meanwhile, I engaged in war with Communist government between my nearest enemies, India and Egypt. The battles were quite amazing. I eradicated the Indians and destroyed half of Egypt. By this time I still had about 70 Riders and 250 Cavalry. Eager with success I proceeded to annihilate the hiding remnants of the Romans and then marched against the Japanese, Greeks, and English. After destroying each of these nations one by one, the only nation left was weak Egypt. I switched to Democracy and began rampant Tech Tree racing. When I hit Modern Armor I was forced to disband the now-obsolete Riders and Cavalry. Yep, all 200 or so of them. Hey, at least the Riders gave me a GA.
I rolled about 150 Modern armor across the Egyptian Railroads using their ROP. I surrounded each of their cities with 9 Mod. Armors and declared war. Destroyed all of Egypt in one turn :eek:
Originally posted by Graeme the mad

The persians however attacked with far more vigour than I've ever seen an AI use - they used their artillery to hound my troops, then threw their 4 and 3 hp immortals at them. After that came the infantry and by the end of the turn the stack had been defeated and 32 extra artillery were in their hands.

AI attacking with artillery! :eek:

A great improvement from 1.21 :goodjob:

Think I will download it.
Yeah 1.21 has been a *****, in a good way. I suffered at the hands of the Iroqious; they were tenacious b***ards.

But my biggest army so far has been the comparably peacenik force of 165 units. And I managed to launch a successful invasion with it. It's a point of principle for me to continue with a peacetime economy while I'm pillaging a helpless neighbor, so that the war turns out to be a boon for everyone in my tottering state.

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