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[NFP] What's Your Favorite Civ and Why

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Sirsquier, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Republic of San Montuoso

    Republic of San Montuoso King

    Dec 1, 2017
    I made a list of my 12 favourites civs I like to play against and make some lore and roleplay with them:

    Kongo, Maoris, Mali, Canada, Mayas: I really love any assymetric gameplay. Anything that impairs you in a way is good for me, especially because it often comes with nice, unusual and strong bonuses. Morover:
    • I love to imagine my Kongolese eating artifacts, sculptures and relics for breakfast and making my museums really the powerhub of my cities;
    • Venice was my favourite Civ V civ so Mali automatically comes to mind;
    • Starting on the Ocean and the kind of "relaxed, ecofriendly" gameplay of Maoris reall forced you to change everything you thought about;
    • I find the Observatory much more engaging that the Seowong in term of alt-campus, and I usually spam farms in every game so here with the Mayas I really have the incentive to do it and rack massive bonuses;
    • I love making big strong cities in the Toundra where I'm left alone and nobody would attack me for my pacifists plays. Also, since I love spamming farm, having the ability to "dress" my tundra is of utmost satisfying.
    Hungary: from the civs interacting with city-States (Greece, Georgia and, to some extent, Sumer), Hungary is the one I found most satisfying. You really use the city-States, it's not just passive bonuses. Plus it forces me to have a more agressive gameplay, something I usually do not. And, as a city-planning slut, I love having my cities neatly developping around rivers. The thermal bath is also a nice addition and I love having to chase geothermal fissures, not for science, but for happiness.
    France as Eleonor: the snowballing game of capturing every city while avoiding every war is just so satisfying to pass upon. I loved my games where I disabled every victory condition except Domination and just went straight for culture, gobbling everyone and being very satisfying.
    Scotland: Having to gain science through happiness is for the best roleplay I did. One of my best victory was having seven cities, all in the perimeter of my Colossem, and just going thought science and production without any problem. I never use the LUA but Scottish Enlightment is just too good. I also find gold courses neats.
    Sweden: I pretty much always have Sweden in all of my games for the Nobel Prizes. Also, having science, culture, diplomacy and great people tied together make for a nice gameplay.
    Netherlands: If it wasn't for the polders, I would have choosen Dido for my coastal favourite civ. But, you have to admit, the way polders dress the coasts and lakes is incredibly satisfying and pretty much orgasmic. Plus Grote Rivieren is nice, especially for Theater Squares. It's usually difficult to go up for adjacency bonuses for them but you don't even need a Wonder to start racking the sweet, sweet culture...
    Arabia: I loved playing scientific and I loved how Saladin mixed religion and science. They may have been outclassed now by other civs, but they really have a sweet place in my heart.
    Incas: have I said I'm a city-planning slut? Have I said I love my polder-porn? Well, it's pretty much the same, but in mountains. Spamming terrace farms makes your empire looks so much cooler. And all the bonuses are always sooo strong. Also, one of my funniest play was playing the Incas and trying to discover the Wheel the latest possible (for stupid RP reasons of course). I made it to the Industrial or Modern era if I record correctly. Terribly fun.
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  2. Deadly Dog

    Deadly Dog Prince

    Feb 23, 2018
    Only recently have become a fan of Russia, which is now my fav civ from vanilla. Might not play them again for a while, but 3 fun victories with them.

    I've been a die-hard fan of Poundmaker since R+F. As a general, fast growing civ that likes phat cities spread out a bit more, totally suits my playstyle. I even like the Okitchitaw, a hardy scout that can defend, slip past camps to get the remote villages, and chase down stray barbarian scouts - though I've long since given up trying to get them all to level 4. Have a victory of every type with the Cree (except score) and they were my first win on deity. However I find now the inclusion of flood plains and volcanic soils limits the use of mekewaps, and somehow I just don't find the city sites with 4-5 camps/pastures anymore, which makes for a great trade hub if you know the Cree. Still my favourite but definitely slipping in the power list and some of the newer civs have mechanics that are much more enthralling.

    GS I love Ottomans for aggressive games and Kupe for peaceful expansion.
    NFP I really love the ideas behind Bolivar's civ but until its a bit more balanced I probably won't get too attached. +1 movement is addictive but takes all the subtlety out of my play, tactics I'm quite proud of no longer apply. Love the city names list though, some cities I know and remember fondly.
  3. Left Field

    Left Field Chieftain

    Nov 29, 2018
    Canberra, ACT
    Australia. I'm an Aussie and the idea of Australia ruling the world is exciting. It's not going to happen in the real world, so I make it happen in the cyber world.
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  4. Kupe Navigator

    Kupe Navigator Emperor

    Apr 6, 2019
    Look at my avatar...
    it's Maori- (no duh) mainly because I am Korean-New Zealander and also because I find their ocean start to be very interesting.
    I also like Maya for its usually tall playstyle.
    yeah I like civs that are not very well known and have unique playstyle.
  5. Canadian Bluebeer

    Canadian Bluebeer Prince

    Dec 1, 2011
    Germany. production. stomp stomp stomp.
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  6. tiamats4esgares

    tiamats4esgares Warlord

    Jul 19, 2013
    When I first played Civ VI, none of the civs interested me so I stopped playing and went back to Civ V. Now that we have Maori, things are different. It's the only civ I actually like, and it's amazing.

    Free early-game science boost, mid-game culture boost, first city starts growing better, you can build your first settler faster than any other civ, very strong on water-heavy maps and decent even if not. Encouraged not to chop. All kinds of just great benefits overall.
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  7. huptiel

    huptiel Chieftain

    Jul 16, 2013
    Aztecs, its very satisfying to easily build districts with builder charges even late game when districts are very expensive. Makes even tundra/snow cities easy to get going with a quick harbor.
  8. Ziad

    Ziad Emperor

    Nov 11, 2013
    Phoenicia. :c5gold::c5gold::c5gold::c5gold::c5gold:
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  9. enKage

    enKage Follower of Zoamelgustar

    Aug 21, 2010
    Łódź, PL
    Cree. To the degree 8-9/10 of my games are played as Poundmaker

    It is a civ that is complete and everything works perfectly together without enforcing certain playstyle.
    The most worth part of Cree is ability to TURN OFF the most ANNOYING mechanisms, including:
    a) microengagement in cities
    b) housing limits and district limits
    c) mid and late game exploration
    d) freshwater settling
    e) uniques useful in one specific victory type
    f) city planning with farm triangles
    g) appeal issues with mines
    h) loyality pressure blocking good place for settling a city
    while still be highly above average in terms of production and leader or the 2nd in gold generation.
    Cree offers solid ancient/classical game, when other civs are forced to make significant decisions due to population limits, and in medieval Cree experience real explosion.
    And that mekewap... is just crazy
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2020
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  10. BenitoChavez

    BenitoChavez Whispering Walrus

    Dec 19, 2013
    Alpha Quadrant
    Japan - Tightly packed cities with super high adjacency districts is just really satisfying. Plus I love the Samurai sound effects *shwinng*
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  11. Francel

    Francel Madam Secretary

    Sep 19, 2018
    My favorite is Khymer. It's not just about the bonuses and unique attributes. I identify philosophically with the leader, at least as he is presented in the game. An end to suffering. Food and faith. Can't wait for those new buffed gudwaras.

    My other favorite is Egypt. I love to play disasters 4 and watch the flood plains accumulate incredible yields.
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  12. Dantesedge

    Dantesedge Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2020
    I don't have a "favorite" so to speak, but I love playing as Georgia (Post-Gathering Storm Georgia that is). I'm not saying they are the best, but of all the civs I've played, I enjoy going back to them the most.

    The biggest reason for that is that I've never played the same Georgia game twice. I used to say "well, I'll try a Religious game" or "I'll try a Cultural game" while staring at the Turn 1 load menu, but then I learned it was more fun to just play the map. Each time I play I have no idea what kind of game I'm getting into and that's rather exciting for me. I base my Georgia game entirely on what city states I meet on my home continent and with Tamar's envoy bonus go from there. I shoot for a religion and tailor it's beliefs to which city states I can easily keep under my control (I do always pick either Religious Unity or Papal Primacy as founder beliefs though for easier city state control) and base my victory conditions on that. No game I have played with them has ever felt the same as the one before; the only aspect that is similar to each one is I beeline a religion as fast as possible because while you can play Georgia without one, it's not very fun.

    The double-envoy bonus is powerful and is how I tailor my overall victory condition, and the post-GS Tsikhe is probably my favorite building in the game (the RF Tsikhe was admittedly terrible). The possibility of +16 faith and +9 tourism in a city center just from walls is great.

    In the end, I just enjoy not knowing what to expect when I start a Georgia game. For me, they really fit the bill of "playing the map" and I find the challenge - and it can be challenging - a lot of fun.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2020
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  13. Navelgazer

    Navelgazer King

    Jul 4, 2012
    Vanilla: Catherine. The spy focus just makes her games so uniquely enjoyable. Gorgo is also a go-to (I love that culture-from-kills mechanic, and in Civ V I'd always dip into Honor for just one civic in order to get it there.)

    DLCs: Gitarja. The leader with the best shot at getting her first choice of pantheon is also the leader with one of the most lucrative uses of Earth Goddess, and can use that copious amount of faith to buy naval units, including their excellent UU, and I haven't even mentioned the Kampung, which lets them thrive in places others couldn't plausibly settle.

    R+F: Tamar. As others have been saying, Georgia isn't particularly strong (though they're much better now than they were before) but man they're fun to play.

    GS: Mansa Musa. I just love rolling in money and having more things to do with it. Dido is also fun and different (and rich.)

    NFP: Not sure yet. I havne't managed to get a worthwhile start for Lady Six Sky yet. Simón Bolívar is fun but not really my playstyle. Really curious to see what the future holds.
  14. Shibooyeah

    Shibooyeah Chieftain

    May 15, 2020
    Sweden. Culture culture everyone loves culture gimme those themed museums gimme those open air museums gimme those free diplo points yum
  15. agonistes

    agonistes wants his subs under ice!

    May 30, 2007
    Used to be Russia.

    Now I guess the Ottomans.

    I like huge empires, and both excel at making them. Otto has more amenities.
  16. tedhebert

    tedhebert Emperor

    Aug 6, 2016
    Montreal, Canada
    Hard to say. I honestly like playing most of them. I did get my 4 best scores (>3000) with Genghis, Poundmaker, Simon and Monty, but I wouldn't say they're my favorites.

    Cree probably fits the best with the kind of playing I enjoy and the kind of player that I am.
  17. Starwars

    Starwars Prince

    Oct 11, 2017
    Mongolia is probably my favorite warmonger civ. Very powerful of course, with some small interesting mechanics like the trading post being built right away and taking advantage of that combat bonus. Plus it's a civ that just works really well thematically as your horsemen soar across the plains with that sweet music in the background.

    Hungary is also up there. Focusing on leveraging city states makes for a fun, focused civ.

    I like Rome a lot. It's just a straight forward, strong civ. Very "vanilla" but in a good way. It just works.

    The Ottomans are also fun if you want to go warmongering. Also feels fairly unique to play with.
  18. Pure24

    Pure24 Warlord

    Jun 24, 2019
    Vanilla: Russia. Russia is the most fun I've had doing Religion, and top 3 for Cultural victory. It's such a cheese playing them, and that's why I like them! You can just sit back, relax, grab all the territory, grab all the faith, and grab all the GWAMs as well.

    DLCs: Macedon. My first love. When I picked up Civ6, it was with this DLC. I just clicked on the first Civ and started the game. I was hooked. I love him!

    R&F: Zulu. His abilities are amazing. And I love not having to build/buy some units to make corps and armies. He makes domination less tedious, and is pretty sweet!
    I must say, from Shaka and Genghis to Tamar and Poundmaker... R&F has the best music in Civ 6, no contest!

    Gathering Storm: Maori. Just. So. Unique.
    Crossing ocean tiles is OP. I once got a terra map, and found the City State island. I was Suzerain of all 14 City States, it felt so good.
    I also find the way you have to have a different approach to the game with them compelling. They have the best replay value of any Civ in my books

    NFP: ...
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  19. The Highwayman

    The Highwayman Prince

    Jul 21, 2016
    Dallas, TX
    Overall Japan and Greece are my favorites. Both are very powerful and flexible, especially when economizing during peaceful victories.

    I also like the revamped Egypt. The synergy between earth goddess and the Sphinx is quite good and involves some enjoyable city planning. All of my issues with the Chariot Archer have been eliminated; it's now a fairly strong unit that can defend your borders with ease. Iteru is decent but not great. The flood immunity can be a thing of beauty depending on rng.

    The Ottomans and Zulu are my go-tos when I need to relieve some stress.
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  20. dafunk10

    dafunk10 Chieftain

    Jul 17, 2002
    Nashville, TN, USA
    Rome by far for me. As others mentioned, it's all about flexibility in play style.

    Strong early UU means you don't necessarily have to spend early time/resources on settlers as you pick off neighboring cities. Legion ability to pillage/rebuild and chop support rush ability for growing you empire. Building forts allows you to fortify weak points in your empire with minimal units while you' off conquering elsewhere. Cheap Baths allow you to create tall cities to support science, production, and culture. Free roads make your empire immediately mobile for offense and defense and the increased gold from trading posts supports any play style throughout the game. Free early culture buildings give you a jump start towards governors, policies, and governments.

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